what to make of this ... 
and obama wants to bring in how many immigrants?

it is not through the goodness of their hearts ... although, there are some people genuinely concerned and willing to care for these, but most of these concerned are not in the best place to care for the volume of immigrants/asylum seekers ... and can you trust the media to provide the truth about what's really going on ... or the politicians? look at the recent roman conquest that occurred this week in the US ... ALL BUSINESS-POLITICS but playing at care and concern for "what" ... and religionists had the audacity to compare this to Jesus---THE CHRIST? gracious sakes alive! what nonsense! clearly these folks haven't a clue on the message ... THE KNOWLEDGE+UNDERSTANDING of the WRITINGS ... as there must be A MARRIAGE WITHIN {THIS} TWO FOR ONE TO BE ... what?

we do not believe that any of this parading had anything to do with genuine care and concern for people-the poor or ... 

look at the doctrine
look at the teachings and practices
look at the teachers/leaders and what they SAY they value but look closely at HOW AND WHERE they do this (in Manilla or rome ___is preached ... in the US ___is noisily applauded) 
look at the 'groups' these tend to focus on
look at the rhetoric in partner with the actual duty, or acts (saying one thing doing another ... yada-yada)
look at how one uses another in contrasting parties or sects
look ...