how many verses in the Writings state that CHRIST IS WITHIN ... 

the nonbeliever says, prove that Christ is within

if you are a believer, how could you prove to a highly intelligent nonbeliever that Christ is within

as one of gnosis, I say ... walk with me
I watched you from afar ... or I saw you from a distance ... coming ... listening ... seeking, wondering ... 

what if Jesus is a Myth? what if instead of manna falling from the sky there came leaves and written on these is one sentence: Jesus is a Myth. what would you as a believer think? would you cease believing? would you give up everything and walk ... follow some path you had never before seen? and leave what you were caught up in ... say, a paved road rolling along rapidly, perhaps ... insulated ... caught up in this or that ... but now ... now things look entirely different?

God IS Prophet. the PROPHET(S) of GOD remain ... these never leave 'what is God"
why? because a prophet ON truth ( on this rock I will build my church) is there---within

don't believe me? try me

I don't worry about the avenues of man. I don't need to parade self carrying scripts drawn up by an institution head made up of old men wearing caps and collars ... dressed in expensive cloth while I wear a hand-me-down flannel shirt and work pants ... and my loose slip-on Acorns (quilted top/color purple) because this afternoon my foot got caught under a wheelbarrow carrying dirt :) ... and I thought I broke several toes, but no ... my foot is just really, really sore ... and I need loose shoes right now ... 

anyhow ... if a believer says, God told me to run for president ... I have no reason to doubt he heard this. I may not agree on what is his god, but whatever his god ... whatever his source of hearing ... he believes he is to run for president and so, he may run for president. in the US ... he can. another may say, God told me to run for president, too. and another ... and another, but can they all be president? not according to US law, so ... one wins and all others lose ... but do they really lose? not if they value the experience ... only sore losers spit shards of glass at the winner and blame others

so, when atheists say things like: people who believe in a sky fairy are delusional or idiots or ... I say, what IN HELL are you talking about? what sky fairy? are you referring to Angels? are you referring to God ... Christ ... that same CHRIST the Writings state as within? hey, just because you are without does not mean others are of this same ... that is your choice, not mine ... are we not permitted our EXPERIENCES? do you desire to condemn all believers as delusional because you are without? do you desire to destroy all reputations of believers because you do not experience SPIRIT within? whatever SKY FAIRY you preach about is nonexistent to me ... as CHRIST IS WITHIN ... for me.