I saw that "banned books" is a topic this week. this brought me to BC, The Trilogy. oh wow. I had not thought of the possibility of this being banned for some time. I know it is controversial, but ... banned? hmm ... 

the research is exhaustive ... and not without endurance ... and recently I saw how much more is needed in this novel of three persons that I wondered if I would ever finish it before I leave the flesh existence. a publisher or 2 wanted to dull it down, remove its essence ... that much came out from having these look at one of the books. same old same old ... they did not understand it because it is written in a way that has not been born in the form of man's institutions---these formulas

it won't be banned, at least not in civilized countries ... but it will not be understood ... not for a while. people will be able to relate, especially the abused ... that much I am certain of ... only those denying they abused and abuse will be cranky about it, but I do not fear these ... poof.

yes, it is time for SPIRITUAL SYMBOLOGY to come out to play ... it is its Time.



tribunal? what tribunal?

business as usual

and did RNS in all their drunk on papa jorge ... post this bit of news? nah ... neither did they post the roman pontiff's ordination of barros in chili (look it up) ... 

some writers are paid to cherry pick ... as they pay into and support what?

hey, the abuse of these CHILDREN is now on their hands ... quite literally------------------yes?