had a brief discussion with a twenty-something female over the weekend on "free the nipple"

we agreed on the idea that women should be free to nurse their children openly, even show their breasts without being looked at something shameful ... because men are free to show their breasts and they have nipples---yes?

and we agreed that man is childish ... IMMATURE where he views the female breast as a sex object, much like he does women in general ... SOCIETY'S ENTERTAINMENT PREFERENCES SHOW US THIS---where mankind (including women) feeds heavily in this and WE AS A BODY JUST CAN'T SEEM TO GET BEYOND THIS TRADE AND THIS PROSTITUTION ... can we?

where she and I disagreed was where she believed the kardashian (and the like) continuous flaunting of body parts-particularly the female breast---is empowering women where I felt it demeans female BECAUSE man is not where he needs to be. he must first move from where he is for the female to BE in any place of empowerment ... all she does at present is continue to feed the lusting appetites and these women and men know this ... MAKE MONEY off of this and is why they do it ... from our vantage point these keep the people immature ... so, if you want change ... stop paying into this bull! stop LOOKING at them ... feeding on the fat inducing crispy cremes and grow up!

it's whoremongering ... bad art from our view ... 
and it assists in creating that dangerous atmosphere for the female ... even the children