this is of interest

on forum and in SPIR I posted that I will not vote for a roman catholic for president of the US. Prejudice? Not at all ... 

here's why? unlike ben carson, I do not belong to and adhere to and pay into and support a belief system---willingly---that is partial. the US constitution is not perfect, but as a US citizen, I am required to follow the laws of the state of mass.

where else can I go?  

it's not easy sometimes ... because I am aware that the US government uses taxpayer dollars for things I do not approve of---that goes against Conscience.

but roman catholicism? or even islam and other religions like it ... ? it's the theology---belief system---I see in conflict with me. a gnostic? one of gnosis? :D seriously ... do you think any of those religionists would vote for one like me? ha-ha! they tried to wipe us off the face of the earth ... thank GOD we know how to swim ... 


when I see one moving out of rome ... this mindset ... then he/she will have my vote