you vote in a liar you get a liar. does it matter which one?


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yada-yada …
now here's the rub … it's not over yet. no? 

are you ready to listen? I have known for a while that the republicans would win this term. hey, it is what it is … it would take too long to explain it all but … what the democratic party is now up against is, well, unconstitutional. no? you may see it later if you don't see it now. how could this happen, they moan, after all we did? (and did not do) … won't go into it all, again. the DNC has to make a move and fast, but will they? they could have won the white house with bernie sanders, but they are deep set in leftovers (smells bad … so why eat it? how long was it in the cold, cold, stinky frig? gasp!). couldn't you see---HEAR---that it was time to turn the page on this government? so what will the LIBERAL want to do? 

will it use hillary and co as a scapegoat? like … hey, why didn't THEY (finger-point, again) reveal what they had seen in those emails?! could there be something in there that disqualifies hillary clinton? and the process must begin again (a much shorter process. say 2 months) trying to now use bernie the proper way this time? but … bernie is not looking so good having climbed on board the cheat train. yes? was he a part of the clinton and co malpractice? he did wrong in our view to do as he did, abandon the youth and climb into the house of dishonesty---going against what we understand as CONSCIENCE. but maybe bernie like so many politicians did not understand the importance of staying true to something expressed that gained him promotion in the first place, that gave him his lift. if you are wrong about what you believed then come out and say it, and if you have strong convictions regarding establishment behavior as in error then stick to it. don't jump ship out of fear. but the bottom line on bernie is he may have silenced himself. a dark shadow may now be cast on him should hillary and co be used as a scapegoat of misdemeanor. the liberal isn't ready to turn its wealth over to trump or any other republican … they want it all, they've gotten used to being the big head and the loudest vote (much like the catholic),  but it failed them. that "ring" betrayed them. hmm … essentially, what you believe is what you receive? eh, where have you heard that before?

so … we said jill stein and a familiar face would go at it, some time ago. who is that familiar face? trump fed his ego. would he be willing to turn over that ring to … another, one he respects and one much better at debating and speaking in public? hmm? 

how about them apples?

oh, and I did not vote last night as I originally thought ... then shown not to. I had planned to go in and be the very last vote in my town, for jill stein … but like I shared previously, I was shown not to. something is up. 


setting fire to downtown? is this what you like … how you act to get your way? okay … you will receive more fires. fairly simple methodology,yes?


hurry, get your tokes in because that's all going to change.


the demo party is going to be even more stunned when they realize where that onfo has been coming from.

which brings me to something that needs to be addressed before it gets even more saturated with contaminated waters. the emotions today for many youth I understand were solemn, some very upset about trump's win, but has anyone bothered to mention to them that many people voted for trump not much different from their family members … the same family members they sometimes sit down to dinner with, buy their school clothes from or share rides with for sports activities or parties? these are people much like them, but with different views on how things ought to be or … having different experiences under an obama administration. many upset were upset because they felt betrayed somehow and worried that under trump bad things might happen or … that they would lose certain freedoms. what kind of bad things are happening in america today where people of all ages have lost lives? and where crime is rising in non crime areas and people dying … in places no one ever thought could happen? and where and how has obama lied, not kept his promises and betrayed the citizens? what about wall street bail outs? big establishment corruption. and those clinton/DNC emails that were shuffled under the rug because trump's acrid words were the menu of the day and yes, THE MEDIA UNDER DEMOCRATIC DIRECTION FED THE YOUTH DAY IN AND DAY OUT WHAT THEY WANTED THEM TO READ, to believe and to inhale and not think or evaluate in a more reasonable manner …
and hillary clinton's big money agendas, her connection to places like qatar and saudi arabia … two nations the youth might be upset with if they are taught the realities of … oppression, silencing, injustice, discrimination and treating others, like female, as second class citizens… but the media in democrat land wanted to create a dichotomy that was vitriolic … unparalleled and premature. no different from their adversary. they are not without guilt. they are very much to blame for the level of hurt I witnessed today. 

how do you feel today biased media? so proud of your work? 

 or … how about government under the obama and clinton admins not doing anything on child sex abuse in institutions? and what about bill clinton's raping of women? the SILENCING OF SO MANY QUESTIONABLES NOT PERMITTED QUESTIONING by power-hoarding democrats. the children were not permitted info on so very many things regarding the clintons … the emails … the shady dealings … it was all about how terrible and racist and sexist and rude trump is and today they cried when they found out something about the world of politics that has been around since the beginning of man. their own people are guilty on that front, too. they just don't know it yet ...because … the media is biased. but will be blamed for the mess coming. oh yes … the big, awful mess coming. media, you suck … because you refused to be impartial and you denied the youth important information to help them weigh out what was and is really going on. you told them WHAT TO THINK, you arrogant ___. and you will pay for your deeds … as all must.

how is that for starters? 



clintoon said to give trump a chance to … whatever. I don't much listen to her because of her tactics and a history of silencing victims. but a wiseman will look at the mexico wall thing differently from a goat herder (cynical context, not an actual animal herding expert who understands how to contain his business and his family feeding affairs).

if a president (government) does not know how to CARE for his people, does not serve them well … does not protect them … does not know how to govern, is essentially, corrupt and or ill-suited to lead a country … how does one get him to do the right thing FOR THE PEOPLE? not just his people but other people?

YOU PUT THE SPOTLIGHT ON HIM IN A WAY THAT MAKES HIM SQUIRM. and you keep the spotlight on him until he does the right thing. you do your research and you find the evidence where and how the 'leader' is bogus and or distant from the people he promised to serve to get into office. this is true of every HEAD  …even the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, having masterminded superiority, adjunct worship and arrogance in dear mexico for a very long time, keeping the people undernourished … desperate. 

so, where is your LIGHT? where is your anger? where is your fortitude? 

you may not like what trump is saying, but in your tantrums you are sending the message to the HEAD(s) in seats of power all over the world that their behavior is accepted by you rather ... that you are appalled, repulsed and angry at their careless and indecent leadership. 

would it be that you can help mexico and other people of hurting nations best by keeping the light on? what? you have run out of oil for your lamps?

we tried to tell you one way but you did not hear so now we show you another way. we gave you evidence and you still denied its truth. now we give you a reason to be truly upset and we see what you will do. will you continue to pay the packhorse with kibbles? or will you become aware of your own parenting? 

have you checked recently where most of the heroin has come from in the past decade? talk to any victim of drug abuse or any parent having lost a family member to drug abuse ---and BTW, THESE ARE OUR JUST PART OF OUR SILENCED VICTIMS--- and they will tell you something you have not been willing to hear. the liberal's denial, which begs every nation to ask of you, what is your drug of choice? 

if you call yourself a liberal you better be prepared to explain the following to the youth crying yesterday, the youth who don't know the full story:

when the youth are finally allowed the truth. you better pray they don't decide to take their anger out on you.

while some sit in their influential AND POWERFUL seats playing god … others without title and big bonuses are dying. real people are dying, the hidden war … the war covered up by government accomplice … the silent victims made up of men, women and children ...when eldership of dull attribute, liberalist agenda and selfish biases hold them caged …against their own desires to do better, to become more and soon … they succumb to ignorance, denial, anguish, mental illnesses … drugs …while the entitled feast in halls of dementia. 

some pastors/professors say it's fun to predict things. I don't predict; I warn. let us tell you something … the liberal will be a hated demographic in three years time. if found guilty on the bribery and indecent acts … he will become the paper burned in the halls of injustice. 

and allow us a glimpse of your carriage, liberalist … I will PERSONALLY (let's get personal here, shall we?) burn your ass with the lamps you gave them WITHOUT the oil to light them with!  how strange a thing to give people empty houses? fancy though they might be … whitewashed as the years go by … but without proper content? without the means … to SEE what stumbling blocks lie ahead … what lurks in the dark that attacks, and drags one to his death. while liberalist sits feeding his habits... on the backs of the bruised. you will KNOW CHRIST, liberal, oh yes … when the youth wake to what you have done to the doe. 

and RNS will be the first to be shut out. by its own temptress? … huh, imagine that :o


I did not read the article …. maybe later. but I did read floydee's comment and although I often disagreed with him in areas, he truly has a critical point on the blacks being taken advantage of by clinton. this is exactly what we warned, repeatedly. taking advantage of others for party agenda without understanding for party wins---for party power. AND SO MANY LIBERALS BELIEVE THIS TO BE EXEMPLARY … the ways things are done. but this can only get politicians---religious so far. at some point their time is up. nope, no more of it … if people cannot see what you are doing they become as sheep to the slaughter and something has to be done to stop the methods of mass destruction. and interestingly, I was just thinking of how obama had taken advantage of so many hard working americans then I read floydee's comment. wow. it is true. the methodology---mindset of these folks is wired to use, often abuse … much like roman catholic marriages (church and state) … to gain power, money and those influential seats. I am so often surprised at how so few see this. to us it is glaringly obvious … to the democrat? … of very weak intuition (what we would be more incline to call SENSE and REASON: the Marriage of Two)? or … of some serious mental depravity, these take for granted many things and live day to day in darkness. sure the republican does, too, as he is often of catholic mindset … and it is of roman catholic/catholic upbringing that breeds this continuum. not understanding how headship rules over hardship---is overbearing even when it appears light and sincere, grand and humble but continues a legacy of denial and abuse. if you are privy to the facts and read books like thomas franks most recent … you begin to understand where and how people like the obamas and the clintons fare and how so many others are left in the unfair. it is very clear to me now how obama never picked up a hoe. he like so many he had chosen for his admin … lack the necessary credential for wisdom. maybe prison will stop the arrogant nature that provides those of denial. if you are soft on crime maybe it is crime you need to witness.

I am not in mourning because I know what comes. I am at the ready to spring … when signaled.


now … how does one redirect the power of the trump … in a suite that is better suited to his temperament and his talents? you give him an offer he can't refuse ;) …..just make sure it's not in poor taste. and jews, you better keep both eyes on jersey joe. your pope is not all about ecumenical nuance.