a couple of years ago I was seeing the islamists of aligned sects begin to quarrel among themselves (and killing each other). history is obvious that way … you could have an entire nation with the exception of a few, heatedly immersed in a belief system... then along comes a luther, saying, no, this just isn't right! and he has followers. ISIL is under a similar dilemma. it is quarreling and finding that its methods have generated a few dead ends. as people become more interested in who/what is paying for the terror, the funds stop … get redirected and others get their hands on the dough or … the dough just isn't coming out their way. this forces them to behave in atrocious ways (which we have seen) … then you see a little leniency here and there (minimal mind you) … governments put on a show (as if they weren't indirectly and even directly involved in the terror) of power toward those they judge guilty of serious infractions and deem them a threat to their power structure … and the orcs of the universe begin to realize through a mastermind of another creed (saruman) that a more powerful arm is necessary, and this involves religious politics less marauding and more calculating … more systematically calculating … more theologically mesmerizing or immersing. 

we posted a link in the previous post on erodgan of turkey advocating a hitler type government. I just happened to go back to reread it and found it could not be opened. I googled and found a retraction, which I posted under the old, but what we see in this media address is a tempting. the government involved was throwing a seed in gruff soil to see where and how it would take root (the Mary Doctrine of the rcc came about similarly: trying it to see what comes of it). nothing new under the sun, folks? 

will it take root? it already has.

now … let's take ireneaus, a father of the church of rome and other sects … he is most famous for AGAINST HERESIES … in other words, had I been a gnostic in his day, his rhetoric … creed … dogma … belief system … would have gotten me killed. I am not so sure he would have advocated the killing, but his words do bloody his hands. I do not sense he was an evil man; however, he was indoctrinated much like the islamists we see today … the islamists like the martyrs of islam and … like the roman catholics of the system of roma (the roman hierarchy). somewhere in all of their marauding they believe a virgin awaits them in the after life. they even claim celibacy for this virgin ;)  … but are these men and women truly virginal? not in the eyes of one of gnosis, and we are not even talking about their sexual exploits---their infractions. one of gnosis does not believe in an "after" life. his is OF LIFE … now, today and always, AMAN> one of gnosis believes that your worth must be of your hands now  … and the Living GOD is. you are known or you are not known. recall: away from me you of lawlessness … I never knew you …? 

we believe had ireneaus been of this day he would have seen his error. first of all, we do not advocate the gnosticism he dispraises. but do understand that Jesus, Paul, Thomas, James, John, Philip, Andrew and others were gnostic … were engaging in gnosis, and the gospels/revelations, as they are called, show the cleavage. you can hear {this} voice. 

cont …

there is some question on the authorship of the following:


if it was ireneaus then ireneaus was essentially saying he is god … striving for godliness? this is gnostic material (whoops),  and the roman catholic church knows it and is playing dumb … or, they simply do not understand it :D I will go with: the vatican, papal see … RCC, however you desire to frame this, throughout history, beginning with its inception, views itself as God, author and truth of what mankind understands as Supreme Being. it designed a megaphone through various streams of ideology and force … forced obedience … many tentacles, increasing and adding arms which of course include military and the politician … to overwhelm the people. they left little to no choice, keeping the people suffering, and keep those of their ilk applauded and pedestaled, excessively fed and idolized, and still …still they retard themselves, and by retarding themselves they retard billions and billions … and one does not have to be roman catholic to be caught in this annunciation of excess.

man missed the message of the cross.

early in we shared The Philokalia. look it up. non violent---non military exercises on the inner brain. for us, it requires the ascent of the heart to the mind. theophan the recluse saw this a descent of the mind to the heart, and I know of some protestants who have shared similarly but … we do not advocate eradication of gift … and that descent can and does bury this.

cont …

a commenter made a valid point … those using … are they paying into and supporting these cartels that destroy any form of democracy, that kill and maim innocence … that stunt proper and necessary growth? those that like their weed, and some of the other stuff they use, do they ever consider where and how it was made? who/what suffers because america likes to use?

blood on their hands?

what does america teach in its schools? "just say no" isn't enough! it might even be the green light to rebel. what don't they want me to know? they wonder. they are stodgy old farts stuck in religion, they scoff. they don't know what's what, they chant. both love and hate is wasted on "the youth" ;) *will get into this later today---hopefully. maybe the curriculums should be updated to include the facts---THE REAL STORIES … and the details on the trades.

added: these posts are glimpses … mere observations and certainly not a fully formed body of work. the SPIR essays have more inner wealth … 

but allow me to share in something important for society. we have let it be known that we are no fan of the ideology of the orthodox jew---the hasidic and … and even some of the partiality of the jew or any ethnic pride apart from the folk art and designs and dance, music … you know, the arts of each where it is a voice for all and not of a favoritism making itself a burden to the people … making its god a burden, or an excessive parlaying to keep itself pedestaled ( like roma---via the rcc and other means) but … sometimes it is the case where a 'religion as nation' where it is not militant, although not perfect and certainly not of the fuller truth, keeps a worse situation from happening. we look at the parenting of the nations to see how these 'fathers'  … mothers … sons and daughters … are caring for their own under itself … the treatment, the justice system, the decisions … vision … we listen to their heart, should they have one. what we hear are many confused about what the nation of israel is in this day, both physically and symbolically. many complain of apartheid. they view israel as the oppressor. hmm … do not be so naive, people. what stands on the other side of that line is not something you want in your backyard … your schools … your houses. do not behave the fool in these waters, thinking you can swim the frigid seas without LIFE support. the youth view themselves invincible. and remember, the enemy is the poor parenting made up of an unjust and hypocritical system---a system of disease. now ask yourselves which diseases cause rabid epidemic under poor treatment and poor care.

an example of poor care of its people? that fatherless tribe?

people so often seek a savior that they see, that they want to believe is freeing them to do the will of God, but the reverse is in fashion. the opposite is underway. the 'agreement' this pontiff is engaging in is nothing more than the muslim brotherhood alliance. this pontiff has changed nothing in the rc doctrine … instead, allying itself with more of the same law. this is and has always been its goal: world order … a UNIVERSAL ---ONE WORLD RELIGION UNDER CALIPHATE INTERNSHIP … of course, roman-islamic stable. what has the pope changed? he tries to grow his numbers! increase his weight and add strength to his army … 
so, what don't go get about this agenda, folks? his pretty rhetoric does not show peace nor does it shower the people with the element of LIFE-SUSTAINING truth. he is a liar and a fraud. pretending at freedom for women and men equally … freedom of state and freedom of choice. what don't you get about this? 

it is nearly unbelievable to us that so many fail to see this deity---what it stands for---what it is. but we do know these are in the dark. they live in darkness. ask this pontiff candidly what he and his henchies are planning. are you even able to ask candid questions without his support team---his groupies---rallying round to keep this pontiff from telling the world in honesty how he is being used as a political puppet? and the Us of A is quite involved in this derelict parenting. they twist to whitewash and feed the public misinformation … leading them to the edge of the pit where they will push-push-push many to their …. 

so … what don't you understand about the theologies of this brotherhood?

added: honor thy father and thy mother that your days may be long … 

a person of unbelief says, but my father was a wicked man. he beat me, my mother … lied, stole, and abused the people of our church. he was a tyrant, and why I do not belief in God is because of this nonsense and so much more written in your "holy" books!

we ask, so, this was your God? who you thought was your God and why you cannot believe in God? hmm … who/what taught you this is God? judaism? christianity? the roman catholic church? your dad using the doctrine of these---their interpretations taught to him?  

at ground level the gnostic says: you experienced hardship at the hands of your dad. you wanted from him what he was not capable of giving. he failed you as a father when you were young but as you grew, you saw that you did not want to be like him as you believed in its failure---you believed in its wickedness (that it is wicked) and you hopefully amended your ways to not be like him. you learned through these experiences what not to do … right from wrong in treatment of child and mother of child and even members of congregation. through his demise you learned a truth about right and wrong in behavior toward others. but did you understand that he was not a well man? what was he feeding on that allowed him to behave so violently? look deeper … go back a bit more … how was he treated by his dad? what had he learned from his parents and what had they been feeding within? 

they all believed in the same God! he replies, but my grandparents were kind. 

we then ask if grandparents chastised son in a manner that taught him to respect others and not be violent. also, what had your dad gone through that might have caused his militant and abusive behavior? a war? a rough and bullying neighborhood? teachers that were strict and unforgiving? or maybe loose and careless … how about a life of so much excess (drink, drugs … raping young women in college and … ) that it bore within child a character of power and brutality? how about the marriage to a wife that never had the ability to stand up to the abuse---a fear-filled woman-your own mom? one of second class citizenry? one that refused to speak out about the abuse that it might not only save you from this but others, including your dad? to help him overcome his insolence and lack of love? and what of your love of him now? what do you understand of this having gone deeper into the ink? 

looking up from the ink one of gnosis says: father and mother of the Writings that you so despise is truth … truth about parenting … truth about proper and respectful behavior IN HINDSIGHT. the Way is {this} … honoring what IS the wisdom of this understanding … a LOVE undefined … a Love not denied. therefore, I AM (of I am the way) is why you choose within truth in the right and wrong of this. 

what are you? god of denial or GOD OF SENSE AND REASON?

cont …