people may be wondering why I would vote for a staunch critic of israel. a jew, against the nation of israel … in agreement with the BDS movement. only a movement can start a movement. 

luther was a catholic against roman catholicism. it was SHE that led him to violate the terms of doctrine. man's law. not GOD's law but Man acting as god. but what is She? one does not pass through to the Heavenly Host without Her. RCs have it wrong. tis a shame … all those stilted lines of make believe. a fairy tale of a god. the pope pleasers. one does NOT enter into the Spirit of the Living without HER. this is fact.

A CHILD IS NOT BORN OF A MAN. but it takes the seed of one to …

agree in that Marriage FOR Truth (story of Ruth).

I could take down an obsessive, abusive, deceptive  institution… with one hand … but I would rather use two. that way, when it falls … it will not fall so hard. you see? I cast no stone. the RCC had the richest MYSTICAL TRADITION in all the world and now? ffftst. fizzled out because … of lies. stagnant hierarchy. ignorance. politics. denial. pedigree. misogyny. sexual AND SPIRITUAL abuses of its members and those struggling …under offensive and piggy cult governments in bed with obese religion. too few would speak out against the hypocrisy. live in denial you die denied. 

you either move or be removed. a diseased branch bears no fruit and endangers the tree and the surrounding growth. 




occasionally in my research I come across a line stating that the "jews own the banks" and the "jews run wall street".so … I look to see if this is true. I like to see facts and evidence in worldly matters as much as the next man, or woman. 


I have heard from democrats  … yes, semi-conservative democrats that obama bailed out the big banks … wall street. essentially he said … here are the keys to the world of american  finance … in light of the evidence of the crimes … what does this act tell you? and we know hillary/the clinton establishment has been best buds in these affairs for ages. trump has benefited from these actions though admitting he was once greedy but is changed? of course, we wait to see the results. 

we read that wells fargo did bad things under obi's admin. it's all over the news.  those keys gave them the right? big business establishments are caught daily having done really bad stuff. look at what happened with VA support and assistance? who-what was seeing to these affairs? the citizen fighting the government's wars are suffering under bad government … government poorly trained---poorly taught and poorly advised. who are their advisors? somewhere their is a big head calling the shots and I can assure you that it is not SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD. so … where is the jew in this muck? 

which jew? should be the question. which christian? which indian? which greek? and so on … who---WHAT is feeding poorly, neglectfully, carelessly, recklessly? who makes millions while you bust your arse just trying to survive UNDER big heads?

don't you want this all to stop? don't you want to move out of these affairs that BETRAY YOU?

okay, let's try to answer that first question: which jew?



now … NOW … if you are one in these corrupt institutions, dishonest, hogging all the fare, denying, silencing … illicit, UNJUST+ abusive to the people … you have this one time to COME OUT … admit your wrongdoing, call out the administration in error and do the right thing, as Finn would say (like fish fin but with an extra letter) … or …you will be counted among the diseased. this is the final WORD, jew, greek, european white, black, green, orange or grey … are you reading this? because ...YOU DO NOT, and I repeat, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH ARKIMNEL.


all I can say is this: 

things will be bad, but if clinton or trump wins that seat … things will be 100X worse. this is no scare tactic; it is REALITY. you have created a web beyond your wildest dreams. kinda like … "just because you can does not mean you should" (remember the mathematician in jurassic park?) and things take on a MIND of its own, breeding grounds beyond anything you can imagine from where you are. but as it stands right now, things will be bad, but if trump or clinton gain that seat … . 

believers … you state yourself a believer? do you even know who your father is? it's not like … wait till your father gets home … oh, no … this is not like that. you must first answer to Mother. if you do not first pass the test … on WORTHINESS … esp in your seat of power and influence and money-money-money … laws, bedroom antics … TEACHINGS, parenting … those many helpings of pie, again and again and again.

well, here's to you robinson, jESUS loves you more than you will know … and here's to you robinson, HEAVEN holds a place for those who pray … but hey,

do you even know WHO YOUR FATHER IS? or What is Love? 




here is something :


the article says the GENDER of the child has not been released. hmm … this is unusual,  the news usually has no problem stating the gender. when I heard it, I assumed it was a girl because these things happen so often … and I am forever shocked that the US GOVERNMENT ALMOST NEVER MENTIONS THESE HORRIFIC CRIMES … it's almost as if it doesn't even know these happen regularly … like for every sip of water the lawmaker takes from his glass sitting on those expensive wooden tables while in those expensive seats … a child is sexually violated, beaten, often murdered … same for women,  but the US government seems oblivious to these horrors. it is far removed from the realities of the lives of its citizens. it plays pretend master in its high chair thinking it serves … the people of the nation.  but if it is unaware of the horrors, in denial that this is and has been a terrifying problem, one that is increasing … how can it serve efficiently … effectively … ? now, if it turns out that the child raped is a boy …