was shown david would be writing something pertinent and of serious value. I waited … and there it is. thanks for the honesty. now, folks, what say you? still willing to sit on your a ………………………….. menities.


found the interview interesting on many levels. take a listen and understand how this speaks on society, religion, politics and ...

early in the conversation, lucas mentions a gap. he speaks of the artist and the technical skill and filling a gap. in gnosis … there is an awareness that there is a gap between man and humanity and a great need to bridge this gap … that will allow the body of people to move from mankind to an awareness within human being. listen to all the areas lucas addresses in the interview. he is speaking on the places man marries into for worth, for style and idea … achievement, success … what man understands as success. where he believes.

although I have enjoyed Star Wars and was 'wowed' when it first came out … and I remember it well … I have grown weary of what I call crash and burn movies. movies that are predominately made up of a lot of fighting, things getting blown up … lots of people/creatures dying. war-war-war. and yet, we are always at war … interestingly, man is at war with and within himself ---always. always … and often unaware that he is at war with himself. is this a bad thing? not if he addresses it in a manner that allows him movement for light in understanding what he is and … where he could be. where society should be. 

now, if a storyteller/filmmaker can move from relying on guns and lasers to entertain myth and reality and … to address the systemic illness of man in his methods of creating his ideals … where and how he does this … (tarkovsky had a way into this but, he, too, was limited in his band) … he would begin to bridge that gap (think about what people feed on and where and how they are influenced---esp the youth). can the preacher/paster/priest bridge the gap? can RELIGION and POLITICS bridge the gap? 

in OPHELIA In the Beyond … there are no guns and no crash and burn. the storyteller is engaging in harmonious indwelling. the war she depicts is showing the piercing. maybe it is time for lucas to move out of being "the 60s kind of guy" and engage his mind in … something truly unseen but definitely heard … should man desire this. 


the atheist … the liberalist … accuse religions of the wars of mankind, but is it not the case through historians recording events that all men choose to fightchoose to solve violence with violence? how liberating is this mindset? look at what is in evidence today! when we spoke of the catholic mindset we spoke of the system of beliefs and practices that initiated the wars despite the TEACHING---where it infiltrated the Writings. the Teaching teaches to not murder another. where and how did man decide to torture and murder? who/what set up the law of the land that demands man go to war and kill for country, pride, himself and the parties he believes are correct? many innocents die at the laws … the hands… the penmanship … of mankind. is government forcing the hands of innocents to murder … to pay into and murder others? the system was in motion long before democracy but in reality, it has never changed and … man missed the message of the cross. he missed the message of THE CHRIST. who is responsible for setting the stage on these misunderstandings? and yet man continues to praise the elitists of governance and blame christianity. okay, if man decides that christianity is a source of man murdering man then get out of its domain! move to where killing another is not a requirement---a demand by caesar. 

and it is folly to listen to the likes of the militants calling themselves atheist. what do they know of the unseen? they spend a lot of time bitching about what they can't see while loving the movies filled with death … murders … hate spewing. they rally around the freedom to infiltrate society with awful images that influence the poor and destitute, the vulnerable and the depressed … the young … as if they desire this … then turn to the religionist of christianity and other religions and blame him for a bloodied image of Jesus on the cross. LOOK WHAT YOUR GOD DID TO HIS OWN SON! HE IS A SICK AND UGLY GOD! they rant over and over and over … as they eat their popcorn inside the dark theaters of their own minds. 

my-my … what a cheeky thing to do. we are not fooled by these antics. if they want to KNOW the Truth about the Writings they must go to the source of the Writing. roman catholic claims he wrote the bible … jews claim authorship of the penmanship … so, go to the archives … the vaults and demand TO SEE (as this is what they demand) authorship! 

we will be waiting for your responses on this. *sigh* … and do remember, like the storytellers and poets of 2,000+ years ago, it was sometimes necessary to write in parable … a language 'unseen' in order to share HUMAN BEING, a non murderous light … a life of the Living … in order to keep from being silenced altogether. huh, militant atheist, have you not recognized your own misdeeds? politician and lawmakers, have you not recognized your own breeds?


making good on a campaign promise? hmm … so NOW they make good on their promises? 

on blacklivesmatter initiatives … a "white" young female said to me recently (regarding the mishandling of cases involving blacks and the poor livelihoods ) … "we are to blame!" we? I asked; I am not to blame for what is going on in the lives of the blacks. where do you tell me, a female older than you having gone through discrimination and silencing and one having paid my way through whatever choices I have made in life that I am to blame? just because my skin is not as dark as michael brown's skin, or many of the others shot and killed by police … does not make me to blame. 

liberal even liberal socialist society has many of the youth confused about who and what they are. the young woman is no more to blame for brown's demise than brown himself. have things gone awry in the law enforcement? absolutely. did some officers overreact or react according to experience and or beliefs … maybe even how and where they had been taught? I have no doubt that this is true in cases. was this young woman taught to be white? no. was she brought up in a manner that made her ignore the plight of the blacks? no. has she had her own challenges in life? yes. is she responsible for the crimes of man in his trigger happy environment or his fear or his avarice? only if she is paying into and supporting these … through institution, party, law … education or lack of education … ignorance … 

this is not her fight! this is not her place of carriage. why? not because she has lighter skin but because she is an independent voter ;) and a student of literature. please do not strangle new growth, folks. you damn them before they have had the chance to step out for fresh air … and bigger seas. in many of these arenas … the only change to come is when he sees the war within himself and acts on this … desiring change. I once told a catholic of confused beliefs: I cannot force you … to understand. you must see this for yourself. 


what do you make of this academic? think about if it was your child being influenced by him. some might say: but his beliefs and practices should be allowed; he cannot bring it into the classroom. the "classroom" is no longer that confined space called class, and recall what has been going on in these places undetected for centuries … and what the children have had to endure? vulnerable, afraid … too young to have voice, to understand right from wrong child can become victim  … and if parents set poor examples and cannot properly care for child, child can easily become VICTIM. and now … classroom is social media in every form.

did Jesus not warn of "the teachers" and who/what should not be called teacher? call no one teacher … 

if child is not taught to be aware and to not fall for the manipulations of a diseased man desiring sex with child … and liberalists say: give him his freedoms! and religionists say: give him his freedoms! and roman clerics say: and what is wrong with teacher and sex with child; he wanted it. 
do you blame parents for wanting their children learning in environments less loopy? less anything goes? less liberal and unseeing? desiring instead a place of better management and less POLITICALLY ENDOWED BEING SERVED BY CONSTITUTION OF LAW? who/what is the law that would permit this man these beliefs? I would not want that man anywhere near my child … not even on social media! :D

which makes one ask if islam's prophet is influencing more openly that child sex is an agreeable practice of belief. 


when violence is involved … do you allow a man his freedom? if a man abuses a woman or a child, do you trust that he of the mind to be of his own freedom? what of the safety of the citizens? 

I would not be surprised in the least if barack obama ended up in a cell. there are some things the public refuses to believe …

and that munich refugee camp where women and girls are sex trafficked? merkel does NOT want anyone to know of this. now, at what cost do you accept the word of your priests and politicians?

why do we not see this woman voicing on religious news sites? is this muslim woman not valid in her efforts? are her facts off? what keeps this information silenced and not a credible witness? agenda? if agenda, whose agenda and for what purpose? votes? votes for the democrats? liberalist's agendas? seriously, it gets maddening to be viewed as an idiot! and we are no idiots … 

take care what you invite into your houses. 

and for obama to say that 99.9% of muslims  ... not radical is horribly misleading … much like his lie of 97% of the world being in favor of his iran deal? … really? he behaves as if 99.9% of the world owe him their lives! no, obama, you are not being honest in your endeavors. 


liberals, you will get your asses kicked on this … you will be voted out and you will be crawling under a rock … in america. shame on you for wearing your charlatan clothes to work. you sell america---your own children--- to communist agendas? good grief! 

and there is this ongoing …
and the pope tells the media to post more "good" news? depends on your version of good I suppose. and of course he would like all those researching and investigating his organization for criminal activity and inappropriate behavior and the dishonesty … to be quiet  …