I agree with you, Christopher, and my deleted post alluded to loving each other…..while not expecting that all of man’s whimsies be blessed as true and moral. The Catholic Church lives in this world, but is not of this world. In essence, it is the voice of God.
rns comment

but not of this world? if anyone has ever bothered to read the history of this novice organization and how it demanded itself be the church of God ... stole from other religious sects  ... to build ITSELF as empire elite calling itself God's mouthpiece ... they would cringe and flee from its obviously desperate and degrading ways. 

it is a fascist organization trying inhumanly to appear holy and compatible with Christ. the synod was another scripted attempt to make the roman pontiff appear the magic man. the greatest politician ... the humanist god for all the world. but has one single lapdog posted their 'holy father's' credentials? those from ARGENTINA ... you know ... don't cry for me  ... ?

we as a country of people in the US are currently deciding on a president .... endless hours are spent on THE HISTORY of each candidate ... what he has accomplished ... where he has missed the mark in serving the citizens of the United States. what had jorge done in Argentina? 

are you who continue to glaze AFRAID to show the world the truth? or are you taught in your catechisms that it is better to hide these sins than to call out the hypocrisy ... the abuse, the torture and the murder? being in the SPOTLIGHT means being in the heat and baby, you are soon to be under a glare so fierce you will beg for mercy ... and pope what's his name will not be able to do a damn thing to assist in your misguidedness.

they are coming for you ... the big question: what did the catholic church do? they won't remember the good ... they will see THE BAD-THE BAD-THE EVIL ... one might say, well, the time for the catholic church is here. that manmade institution full of Spiritually Illiterate diseased men of arcane thought will finally be recognized for its irresolute ways.

ah, but you have been warned ... and all the play by play to make jorge a master of sorts only shows the mastery of their deception. 

what you believe will be what you receive ... you crucified the CHRIST, you dogma loving bastards. so, what will you receive? what did Jesus say to Nathanael? (recall Nathanael saying: Rabbi, YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD! YOU ARE THE KING OF ISRAEL! hmm ... yes, it was Nathanael ... ) and Jesus answered and said:

Because I said to you, 'I saw you under the fig tree,' do you believe? You will see greater things than these." And He said to him, "Most assuredly, I say to you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man."

what type of angel was Jesus referring to? have you ever asked yourselves this in your dogmatic state?



comment on rns silk's politico yo-yo

samuel johnston


” Pursuit of truth is sullied by misinformation or distraction.”
Pursuit of truth is not very high on the Christian agenda. Pursuit of truth requires that one does not prejudge. Faith before understanding is St. Paul’s Christian requirement. The two goals are not compatible. Socretes said, you must follow the argument wherever it leads. If it leads away from Christianity, then what?

- See more at: http://marksilk.religionnews.com/2015/10/23/trump-losing-carson-gaining-evangelicals/#sthash.d8OmMMEv.dpuf

I do love a quest, otherwise I am somewhat bored ... do you get bored with the same yo-yoing that is EVIDENCE of christianity and its many sects? the pedestaling of ancient creed and the chaos its manufactures? ka-boom! ya ... walk with me

on this one post pasted above. pursuit of truth IS sullied by misinformation and distraction, but the commenter that samuel responded to may not have heard carson's most recent policy for the US: banning all abortions, meaning ... even in the case of incest and rape. carson is a misogynist. borne from the creeds of MAN. would you ---AS A FEMALE---or a compassionate man with daughters, possibly a wife ... nieces ... granddaughters want a man who would allow a raped youngster or family member of yours to die because HE REFUSES A LIFE SAVING ABORTION? Christ Almighty, please get him off the stage and OUT of that operating room ... or whatever it is he says he does. He is not fit to serve HUMANKIND. and so it shall be done. Carson --- gone ... out, but in time ... he may see the error of his credential. 

Samuel's response and commentary begs us to QUESTION, and this is always a good thing because IT IS of the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ. Samuel is not unaware of the cultish manifesto ... seeking should always be the character preeminent, not title or brand name as these more often hold self to pride-filled totalitarian culture and belief. 


Do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world will be judged by you, dare you unworthy to judge the smallest matters? and 3.Do you not know that WE shall judge the angels?

the one truly seeing asks, who are the saints according to these Writings? who are the angels according to these Writings? inquiring minds want to know---yes? one cannot follow what he does not see. THIS IS the paramount manifesto of the new testament teaching. but what happens when man's vision is overshadowed by misinformation and misogynistic ways and means? what if man is misdirected by manipulating and or ignorant callers? they do exist in all manner of form. recall it says: even satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

the key word in this is himself ... there is a marriage in this that man misses in the TEACHING ON TRUTH. a co-habitating of him and self that removes man from the solemn vows of the chosen IN Christ. evil wants desperately to diminish female worthiness ... on SPIRITUAL GROUND. this has been a man thing from the very beginning. it is wearisome. but we speak in Spiritual Language here ... what is the FEMININE DIVINE, which much of christendom neglects and downright denies. no wonder he misses the mark on what is truth. he misunderstood the Writings and as he grew, he grew every which way in a snarly rooted manner, snuffing out the other roots trying to grow upright and pure. 

Faith in Paul's treaty exists as a common bond of truth ... not as a separate entity. as we have shared several times in SPIR, UNDERSTANDING is PEACE. it is a state of wellbeing in the character of Knowledge. the character of Knowledge borne from of "the Christly" Witness ... "the" being a premier, salient archetype. "example: the archetype faith IS abraham" this is SYMBOLIC REASONING always IN QUEST for truth within the foundation of understanding. so, in order to understand (to be of Love), the composite of faith (spoken of by Paul) must be present. easily seen as a necessary portent for truth to be heard (truth about a matter---truth existing ...). if you have no faith that there is truth or a truth or the ability to reason within the seeking then you lack what is needed to understand what Paul is 'seasoning' in his work. and it IS a seasoning ... PREPARING for food verse ... (recall the milk verse?)

cont ... 


Rev. Dr. Bob Salt


Dominic, your faith in the revealed word of God is yours to have. But you speak of it as an undeniable truth. After much reading of the Bible, and other sacred texts of other religions, I do not reach the same conclusion. Sacred texts are written by human beings who have their own understandings of truth. The bishops are struggling with this issue because they are trying to discern the highest truths, not just those based on a traditional reading of certain human created texts. Love trumps all. In my opinion, any text that is inconsistent with that conclusion is either false on the face of it, or being misinterpreted. I stand with Francis on seeing the big picture and ministering with love. In my view, that is not contrary to God’s will or changing ultimate truth.

this reads like a plant promoting the whitewashing. and do know they are everywhere like invasive weeds ... propaganda ... promoting pope agenda which is ... ? ROMAN CATHOLICISM, so salt man is really pretending at love. isn't he? if he KNEW the truth about jorge, would he say jorge (pope calling HIMSELF francis) was a messenger of love? no ... allowing abusive clergy and staff? and the many other misdemeanors? seriously ... when do these people get the message? it's bull that will be revealed to the world for what it is. if you are of a FAITH AND BELIEF within the BEATITUDES OF THE CHRIST, YOU ARE NOT ENCOURAGING LIES AND DECEPTION, promoting whitewashing, the stonehenge caliphate of rome. 

period. no more needing to be said on this ... GROW UP!