the recent statement by ben carson has caused a lot of commentary and as we knew would be ... the topic of abortion is not the sole topic. it is no longer being used as an us against them in the secular. finally, we get to the deeper more profitable context of these stances (policy/agenda). we have been waiting for this moment because to use abortion alone to try to understand the praxis is ... insufficient. it has not moved man ... anywhere really. and things were remaining cloudy with the kingpin pope audience swirling about in their lappity-lap sugar-coating. point: has anybody bothered to ask the roman catholic's current pope if he bans abortion even in cases of rape and incest? (I want to laugh here but the crimes are too horrendous to) ... 

the average catholic does not want to know the truth---does he? he would rather rely on pope hope to save those many lives, but from our vantage point (and we shared this before) theirs is a trail of blood flowing ... pope(s). have you not noticed it? it started way back to the days of bowing to roman pontiff and his regime. many died and continue to die ... in terrible ways ... because ... because there has been little to no change within the caliber of roman catholic mindset. 

ask: who/what reigns where these women and young women are left to die? and they do die! if not at the onslaught ... they die in the horrors of their enslaving---at the hands of their captors. you can bitch about carson all you want but why do you praise pope jorge? he is of this same mindset is he not? he has NOT changed his mind on this that we have heard and speaking of all that love but doing NOTHING to solve the murders is ... well, bullcrap, smells real bad and is very, very bad ... some might say ...

murderously EVIL. but hey, we warned ... 

to continue ... where it says, I saw you under the fig tree ... I SAW YOU ... Nathanael (God is given) is telling us WHERE this will lead. it will lead to the removal of the hierarchies ... and ...


As a Catholic it is my responsibility to accept the teachings of the Faith as beyond debate. My conclusions of Scripture or the equal rationale of Sacred Tradition can never trump the two thousand years of study and knowledge that the Church Fathers have carefully safeguarded. God spoke with one voice, not a cacophony of voices to be interpreted as we please. Loving each other is the core of God’s Word, and love includes discipline and truth. Humans wrote the Word of God, yet under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That’s why a study o the times they were written and the message the writer intended to deliver is critical to its understanding.
The Church is the teacher, guided by God to be inerrant. The Church cannot submit to the Protestant heresy of Luther just to be more “ecumenical”. It must lead them back to the Faith of the Apostles and never consider that all religions are equal..

and did GOD TELL ROME TO FORM A REGIME TO TORTURE AND MURDER THOSE NOT "THINKING" AND "EXPERIENCING" THE SAME AS YOUR FATHERS, DOMINIC? your god is a murderer in the form of dogma; THE ALMIGHTY GOD IS NO SUCH THING! you errant snob! your church, claiming itself God's mouthpiece, is a lying, manipulative cult-----and has caused much bloodshed and confusion. IT WILL BE REMOVED!

there is coming the day that the catholic church will be viewed as a great evil.

like we said ... catholics will attack and be attacked (repeating history? what else is new?) ... and the people will see the truth about this institution. you bring it on yourselves. 

many will flee from "the church" as they begin to wake from the papal drug.

people may say, "dominic is a roman zealot; he does not speak for all of us. he glorifies credential! he thinks himself the elite." hmm ... you would be surprised how many think like dominic but do not say it aloud. why else would they breed as they do? why else would they serve where they serve and bow to what they do? idolatry? 

how many times in the Writings do we read that GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS ...? HE SHOWS NO PARTIALITY ... DO NOT SWEAR OATHS ... CALL NO ONE YOUR FATHER ... and I speak in gnostic verse here, folks, not splitting hairs as some may think. Paul even says he shares milk not solid food ... WHY? why does Paul share MILK VERSE? people say a lot about Paul not knowing a damn thing about what he did-------------------his worth, and he was of gnosis, not a misogynist like the gods of the roman church and those like it; its offspring and some. 

rome set up a deluge ... but NATURE finds a way to rid itself of the insolence. God does not care about your darn titles! your name brand's bull! DOES HE EVEN KNOW YOU while you are slaving within dogma? stumbling blocks? you priests and bishops are whores for the great pimp of all time---rome! what comes will shatter the glass and reveal this deluge. and sadly, people will not remember the good ... they will react to the bad. 

you think I talk anal? hmm ... no ... I am already hearing the beginnings of the dissatisfaction with the fixture called the roman catholic church, so ... where and how is pope jorge relevant? sure, people use him still to try to build their credential ... but people are struggling, fearful ... 

young woman drives car into a crowd of university patrons and ... no alcohol? mentally ill? a two-year-old dies along with 3 others. a man goes into library with a knife to slash to death children ... here there people going AWOL in the mind? a lot of loose gooses out there, and not just in the US ... sweden and belgium got hit recently and it will INCREASE ... yes, and what can dear old jorge do about this after sticking his nose into the politics when he should have been focusing on the CLERGY/STAFF CHILD/STAFF SEX ABUSES AND THE LIARS IN HIS INSTITUTION. he has a house to clean INSIDE ... not whitewash the outside and smokescreen to hide the filth within. ah, but what comes will remove the incest and reveal the truth about these seats. 

that polish priest is fortunate to have been rejected. it was good that he came forth and told the truth ... and life will change for him ... but he is most definitely fortunate to be out of that seat. 

dissenters are ill at ease



another driver loses consciousness? and kaboom?