we have written on this numerous times (SPIR and OWA)

but how is {this} different from ... say, the Adventists? and others believing Jesus Christ will return and "take care of things"?

allow us to share again a few passages:

I do not write these things to shame you, but as my beloved children I warn you. For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel, Therefore I urge you, imitate me.

PROPHESY is not bound to dogma for it has no purpose if man is evolving. evolving demands it BE KATHARTIKOS (cleansing). the writings are of GNOSTIC APPEAL which renders them RELEVANT and ENDURING no matter what comes. another religion claiming truth? no matter ... the Writings endure. not manmade doctrine---the Writings, where----how these climax. 

gnosis is not a derelict portent. it is a processing of fruit. a continuous, ongoing ... AGREEMENT in and through the Christ. that rome tried to destroy this place of portent is laughable. nothing can destroy GOD, or God Relevance. no atheist ... no doctrine ... no party policy ... no ecumenical rah-rah ... nothing. no title or imperialistic brand can destroy "what is Truth". Truth abides. It reveals .. all things. 

TRUTH IS SUPREME BEING. {this} does not hide its wares. IT IS cataclysmic in opulence. 

man is man in need of kathartikos in order to become. in order to move into what is understood as humanity. honest, enlightened, delivering believer---one of gnosis---understands he is not born until humanity is, or has become within Light. so, no one is in heaven that is not born. read 1 corinthians and KNOW its portent! each prophet on truth knows he must carry the weight of many. he is only in it for self in where and how he loves neighbor therefore he, imitates "me" ... as Paul recommends. 

The REturn is a manifestation of revival. nowhere in the Writings do we actually read "the return". history does repeat and in this we come into something that was ... In the beginning WAS the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God ... we return to what was, and what was IS ... whatever this becomes ... but as history repeats we know we enter THE EAST. this will involve ORTHODOXY but the Orthodox will evolve----they must, if they desire Truth. what I have been shown is that they will learn from the mistakes of the roman catholic church and move differently. they must. they tread slowly and carefully ... their industry is not like rome's industry. they are young in the united states. they must take care in how they feed ... but many will seek their jurisdiction. the question lingers:

how will they parent? mentor? RECEIVE ... 

but you may be wondering, where does this place those claiming judaism? judaism is seeing not a rise but a fall. excessive breeding in the highly dogmatic means nothing in the EVOLVING ... what is relevant is where and how those of this sect (judaism) embrace the new? Jesus showed us {this} ... and MOVEMENT BEGAN .. and those of judaism are part of {this}. one has only to look and see the strides. this is not saying "ecumenism" nor is it claiming ideology a con job. a gnostic sees through the rubble. the babble ... the baseless. 


lol ... went to rns to scan the article comments and noticed that the author's comment to posters was deleted. must be magic ... :D i figure that either someone found her article incorrect on something and clicked "report abuse" and or misleading the reader on something and clicked "report abuse". once they do a censor of article they will see it.

anyhow ... what were we saying? THE RETURN ...


bringing the (Judaism) message to the Gentile world? 

GOD SHOWS NO PARTIALITY tells us that jew and gentile in the Writings is not what the rabbi thinks. maybe if he listened to what is being said by those not of religion, he might hear something surprising. I am not at all surprised by the decline. huh. 


I just learned this  ... one of the attacked was originally from MA. these attacks are so awful!

oh, now I see it online (the other was local news tv) ... maybe obama needs to see this