read a comment which included: "the Saviour's body was eaten by dogs" (a theorist's claim not the commenter's belief)

this is interesting because a gnostic like me might view a statement like the above in a highly symbolic manner: the Christ was devoured by the visionary (the visionary being one with the gift of prophesy)

take, for instance, THE BOOK OF TOBIT. it has the dog with Tobias and Archangel Raphael going on a journey. we have shared on this already (SPIR) ... the dog represents the Visionary. the angel of God is the inspiration and protection, but the dog is the 'one' seeing ahead and rectifying the prose ... but dog can not move without the Spirit of the most high (think of it this way: GOD+DOG, a reverse or 'turning it' in order to understand ... recall the turning of the tables in the temple court). there is a process---a journey---that each 'one' must take. in the story of Tobias, recall there were 6 men that died trying to achieve what? the 7th, Tobias, with the ADVOCATE and what is understood as the PROPHET (the dog) moves him to the appropriate  marriage: the saving. the female in the story represents wisdom: the wisdom of the ONE. it is an amazing little story full of immense spiritual symbolism. 

I had a great vision of a black dog with very large ears and no eyes. and do note that the dog is the 'tamed' version of the wolf and is very important in the history of man ... and is why I often include the black dog/wolf in my Spirrealism paintings.

why man just does not admit that he misinterpreted the Writings and start anew ... using some of what he has already cleaned ... much like the starter for the making of bread ;) ... is really to be questioned and studied. 



a staunch roman catholic's comment:

"Communing with nature is an absurd idea, and Wiccans are merely a group of people seeking attention."

guess he does not agree with all the stories about his saint francis :D neither do I, TBH, but "communion in NATURe" is paramount to the UNDERSTANDING on WHAT IS GOD and is an essential element to belief in the supremacy of Truth. if you believe in the "spirit form" you can reasonably make sense of the first man and the complex yet miraculous journey of his form and make. without this the character of man is like ether ... a non visible liquid/vapor of indistinct features, potent but colorless. man (not all seen by men, or seen as men) was once of a creature unlike what he is today in physical form. yes, this is true! not as man may think or how he may think ... but this is true ... and is not to lessen GOD's magnifying Presence in any way. man misunderstands what is meant by "made in the image of God". we shared on this in SPIR. one would first need to understand what is God in order to understand what the image might be---how and where. he assumes God looks just like him ... and please note we wrote "him" ... ;) I have seen/experienced enough to know that angels do NOT look anything like how people portray them and is why the iconography of the orthodox is very different from the icons of other sects. like roman catholicism. much symbolism in the form of teaching, which IS the ESSENCE OF THE SPIRITUALITY OF CHRIST and IS in the Feminine Divine Understanding as WISDOM, our Sophia, is a "she", but then many orthodox will tell you that all God's angels are male. no, not true ... but what is true is that the male and the female of the Spirit is not as man thinks. it is in the hearing that we begin to realize the magnitude of G-D: in the beginning was the word ...  

watch video 
the republican party does have something up their sleeve. 

but what we want to engage here is the back and forth dialogue and how man views his freedoms. if man believes through his doctrine and faith that female should die in a catholic hospital because he cannot go against his conscience to abort the unborn even to save the life of the mother ... which side is of a the higher moral/ethical conscience? if a child born to a dad of abusive practice, a man who rapes his wife, impregnating her---repeatedly---which is the moral/ethical conscience on this? aborting the unborn to save it from an abusive life with a degenerate dad, having to witness abuse, be abused and possibly moving into a life of repeating the same behavior of abuse ... how is this a safe and healthy stream on conscience in society? esp if people not catholic are raped and abused by this single aspect of catholic doctrine? it is a higher risk to society to allow the disease to proliferate----yes? it makes NO SENSE to accommodate these doctrines without some understanding of the disease (behaviors) and the manner in which it spreads ... not advocating a definitive way to address them. feeding society more disease is feeding society more suffering, not saving lives. now, if charity of said organization is actively involved in remedying/treating the disease and the numbers of abuses, even murders, are shown to be decreasing then it might make sense to accommodate these religious freedoms ... but crime in all manner of sickness is on the rise (see a prev post OWA). women and children are an object of abuse for all types of sicknesses (includes businesses). 

the charities/faith practices and beliefs must be investigated in order to understand where and how these are actually a safe and healthy SERVICE to ALL society ... and not just serving policy and mandate, or recruitment which may very well lead to a continuation of the diseases.

mitch ... hmm ... smarty words but the faith is unclear. the purpose is without remedy ... or we would see its WITNESS.

and of course there is the clergy/staff child sex abuse which we KNOW the catholic church covered up ... shuffling priests ... so, mitch, one might ask:


also, do not expect CIVIL-MINDED HUMANITARIAN BELIEVERS IN SPIRIT to respect the catholic church in these behaviors, or the mother teresa syndromes of hide the abuses to protect the clergy and the institution ... and don't expect us to respect muslims that believe it their contractual duty to hit their wives and daughters ... are you just pandering without regard for the health and wellbeing of society? you better be careful, mitch o'connell ... they will be coming for you, too ... how much of your life do you want the world to know? or to destroy? or to fabricate? you walk precariously close to that edge and satan says: jump! jump! your religious god called "my religious freedom" will save you! 

and the catholics had the audacity to say I was doing satan's work because I dared to question how "celibates" could know of what it is like to be married and raising children ... ?

good grief! sicknesses abound ... are YOU of this same sickness, mitch?

hiding---covering up the abuse of children ... paying to keep the lid on it, or supporting these illnesses and crimes does NOT make for a very safe ... decent ...honest candidate, now ... does it mitch-------republican part?

it really is a sad affair when these sects claim GOD'S MOUTHPIECE OR THE VOICE OF GOD all the while sodomizing children ... raping women and young girls. hiding the abuses, shuffling clergy to abuse more ... lying, MANIPULATING to keep things hidden and USING people to self-serve ... all for those damned religious freedoms. huh, what are you if you are not doing all in your power to serve the poor ... to lift the hardship and the weight ... not add more of your bull to it ... doing all in your power to PREVENT THE RAPING ... THE MOLESTATIONS ... THE SEDUCTIONS ... THE HIDEOUS CRIMES OF HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING AND CHILD PORNOGRAPHY ... did the josef wesolowski go unnoticed by the republican parties as much as it did in the democratic parties? seems so ... not a peep from anyone  ... oh, but they could not sully the roman pontiff's image before and after his visit---eh? isn't that right, you lawmakers and lawbreakers and ADVERTISERS OF RELIGIOUS CREED?

who can believe any of you when you break the laws you have sworn to uphold? and worse ... allow the crimes to produce its own brand of devastation. 

I spy a very big lie ... time to reveal its headship


What good has it religion done to politics in the middle east? We need decency and respect in our politics.

Decency is doing what is right no matter what you are told.
Religion is doing what your told no matter what is right.

max of wax, no ... may sound spiffy but you are not getting away with this. maybe you did what they told you to in the rcc (and btw, did that include hiding/denying the clergy/staff sex abuse for 46 years? looking the other way? what did you know but sat silent?) who was your teacher, max? who told you to say what you did ... and what you did not say but should have said? 

whether you sit at a desk in public school run by atheists watching one kid bully another kid or a "religious" class watching the same ... BOTH make a decision to speak or not to speak! is RELIGION the culprit in all the wrongdoing or is it the pride of institution? ANY INSTITUTION! including ATHEISM ... 
do I really have to point this out? again? and where are all those critical thinkers making this point to a-max?