and often pay for the crimes of many negligent housekeepers and … caretakers.

link provided by rns:

a child is born … into a home of "adult(s)" … and

trust … how can you trust a stranger with your child? but he is not a stranger, she exclaimed, he is my priest, my doctor, my counselor, my advisor … my-my-my … and where does the child fit into this very attentive relationship? he lured you into his realm of misdeeds (this being just a fraction of the attempts at seducing child … the many titleship auras give credence to the crimes)

so, the investigations begin … finally. you know, I was thinking about the scathing report coming from the UN not long ago and wondering what became of it. it just seemed to dissolve … like so many unanswered questions surrounding the big institution claiming itself god's mouthpiece, that INFALLIBLE bull. well, what happened? bartered? set a deal? wouldn't it be something BIG if someone really and truly aware spotlighted a story on the UN having made a deal with the roman catholic church that it would lay off the investigation IF the rcc would go along with THE ONE WORLD RELIGION solution that has been in the news not so of late. wow, now that would cause heads to roll … and my-my-my-my-my would the entitled get pulled from their seats. a one world religion under islam, or something of this 'house'. I mean, given the incidents these past two years it can easily be viewed in such a light---------------yes? the steerage is not so hard to witness. there is evidence in writing, photos, videos and … cardinal dolan of new york and the gods of the same color on long island … remember we posted this? and the pope and the "pace" initiative … with the muslim brotherhood, and SO much more … including president obama and co. what a hell of a story that would be. 

so, why did obama roll out the red carpet for the current roman pontiff … and the muslim clockmaker who is now suing the school system for 15 mil? or maybe it's his counselors doing the suing … I would imagine the boy is a pawn in the game. 

thanks guys for your continued reckless endangerment for the little boys and girls and … the vulnerable. you take the cake, and maybe, just maybe … you will taste its bile!

and thank you welby for helping to initiate this investigation of titles and institutions … maybe, just maybe it will take off in the USA … or around the world! one can only hope … in these dead waters :(

you know, folks, one CANNOT RESPECT WHAT DOES NOT RESPECT one … even one little one. you bring it on yourselves because you fail to understand the connection. if you would protect the meek and the vulnerable at the hands of man the way you protect your assets, you might find a very different world. climate might be of a differing pattern.

you dig?

oh, and welby---goddard … would that include investigating the movie industry as well for child/female/young male sex abuse?
one might say what goes around comes around

IOW, you reap what you sow


no matter what you think you can stop in the DNA "ethic" cleansing … there will be a round of new diseases fighting a war to survive … get it? history repeats but not exactly the same?


climate change will CREATE refugees? 
uh, no, prez … no. what creates refugees is derelict and diseased governments who care nothing for their own! IT takes care of ITS own assets and other derelict governments pay into and support the disease. simple match, dear. 

if you would pay more attention to those struggling in your own backyard, prez … you might find climate different. if you would EDUCATE on the excesses in lifestyle, and put a stop to the SALES of the damaging products … simple, prez … proper recycling, feeding, waste volume … gases … pesticides, fireworks (ugh!) … fracking, snacking, hacking and burning, boys … you might find a universe saying … ahhhhhhhhhhhh, finally … but you must first see to the abuses, prez … where --- how the evil breeds.


and one of the BIG concerns is that religious of all variety cannot see through the smoke and mirrors called PROPAGANDA … SALES PITCH … POSTER NUN and … even POSTER POPE, the current politico puppet for the rcc. and since these men and women refuse to acknowledge the disease … the overreach … the absolutions and abuse of title and 'order' … they do not bother to do their homework, which places their own in danger … 
people warn, but again … eyes shut, ears clogged … from all that smoke and …?'s+replacement+child+hands+burned

now, read salkin's understanding of what is good and honest and worthy of his trust:

I used to think teresa was a role model of saintliness until I saw that video and once I saw that video, I began researching her charity and her belief system and whoa! what I saw would shock any parent. she is a false prophet and the rcc used her as a poster nun to rake in the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and to make IT look "good". 

so, no thanks, old skins … you can have your old religious mindset. I will see to it that no child under MY WATCH enters through those deceptive doors. 

it was during this research that I began to see the religionist's plying methods. I have never trusted a religionist story again--ever, unless I see him speaking THE TRUTH without caring if people condemn and judge and call him heretic or heterodox or doing satan's work or …  boot him out of his title, order, club … institution … where I can see honesty rising above the smoke and mirrors, and all the whitewashing. you would be amazed at how much can be seen by stepping out of your boxed portraits and into the moving stream. 


hey, silk … where do you think the pop-up pope, your idol, gets his material to sound? lol! 

yah-yah-yah-yah-yah … 

saying and doing are two entirely different role models, silk … stealing the words of another to place self on a pedestal is a far cry from being honest about that material in question. shame on you for not doing your homework, and shame on the pope for all his theft.

so, when do you think the people realize the truth in all of this? me thinks it comes in NY time … ;) because, the liar is already caught in the act … but the truth hasn't hit the servers yet … but just think how the institution will look when the people find out the truth about what's been going on? oh my … they will look bad---very bad. cheap. ugly and as one commenter likes to say: a lying sack of sh**

from silk's article:

Asked about fundamentalism and Islam at his press conference on the flight home from the Central African Republic  yesterday, Pope Francis made sure to behold the beam in his own tradition’s eye. “Fundamentalism,” he said,

is a disease that exists in all religions. In the Catholic Church we have some – many – who believe they possess the absolute truth and they go on sullying others through slander and defamation and this is wrong. I say this because it is my Church. Religious fundamentalism must be combatted. It is not religious, God is lacking, it is idolatrous.

As for Islam:

Dialogue is possible, they have many values and these values are constructive…You cannot wipe out a religion just because there are some or a number of groups of fundamentalists at one moment in history. It is true, there have always been wars between faiths and we too need to ask for forgiveness: Catherine de’ Medici was no saint and that war that lasted 30 years, St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre…

- See more at:

what the pope does not quite get is that people are beginning to say: 

hey, if you are so anti-fundie, why are you still pushing roman catholic creed? credential and self-indulgaging theory? 

hmm … you see, pope does not wear this well. and neither does obama, given his recent presentations, but we already shared on the "in the name of Christ" in SPIR … he should have been careful and more accurate saying, [specific to his point] in the name of rome catholic dogma, or the roman catholic church or in the name of _____. to use "Christ" in the way he did is … SPIRITUAL ignorance … if you know the Christ. just a simple tap on the shoulder correction but … 

here comes roman pontiff … speaking with a forked tongue. spit it out, jorge! are you with the disease or aren't you? stop pretending … that color looks bad on you. 

they must have gotten OUR message: removal of the hierarchy …the roman catholic church. else he would not have said what he said. sneaky snide and slippery … those vatic ants . ha-ha. here is a guy warning about gnosis … seriously … warning about gnostic. warning about "theology" differing from his own … and yet, he is okie-dokie with sharia law? that's telling, but hey, this serves the purpose of the vatican in that it keeps female in the dark ages along with a host of other maladies. common pope, stop playing the people for fools … or are they? getting all whipped up like mark silk, adoring the split tongue antics of his god and savior, pope jorge. 

pope must think himself free of sin because he works in the cloth of another name: francis. sorry, jorgie-porgie, those manipulative props do not work with SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD.

have you noticed this, folks? that is how roman hierarchy operates. they believe titles, and those they saint, are free of the indulgences … the sins of their actions because … they walk in the "name" of another. tricky, sticky, nauseating bullsh**, but true. check it out … has jorge actually used SCRIPTURE proper while hiding behind those coattails? follow the tracks, people, don't be daft! in this you will begin to hear how spirit differs from SPIRIT of the Living God … because evil cannot do what? it has no power where? I implore you to research this … go ahead! they flat out lie to your face and the faces of billions while hiding behind the garb of another, one they seated to suit their own agendas and this … by GOD … is a serious THREAT to the youth … to anyone not aware. it has been going on so long the people are numb to it … they haven't a clue. they take a name and play a part … and the people bow to this and think it holy. it is eery---freakish and not well. like a poor boy abused by the rc clergy (movie SPOTLIGHT): how do you say no to god? 

and is WHY they refuse to do what is necessary to rid the institutions of this very sick mindset that these men AND women indulge in. they think themselves above the law of life, and will do whatever keeps rc doctrine infallible_GOD. 

can you trust these with your children? 

think about it … say a catholic is given the name junipero serra now that they so cleverly sainted this psychopath and newly ordained thinks himself worthy of these same acts (of serra) and he behaves in a manner consistent with this name … 

evil knows how to recruit

check out the contradictions, too! if you are saying the actions of people like serra and his henchman are wicked … from long ago … why the hell are you canonizing him!!! because you want this evil to take root …
 :O !

betty's comment shows the current pontiff saying: not true defenders of the doctrine
so, mark and co. , which DOCTRINE is jorge refrying for his large estate? F-U-N-D-A-M-E-N-T-A-L-I-S-T doctrine? why are you acting like jorge is not one of the same ones you decry as ….. …….. seriously! serra style defenders? hmm, silk? is this the marching orders the pope is signaling to his staff? well, it looks a heck of a lot like TERRORISM! if you are on the other side of that obsessive doctrine that puts men in position of control demanding obedience at all cost, playing parts through other men they deem holy then wow! they have themselves an frickin' army! and those on the opposing side get what? in the case of serra, look what happened. a primarily gathering native peoples were forced into roman catholic garb … FORCED … abused, terrorized, raped, tortured, murdered for roma, NOT Christ … not in the name of Christ, but FOR a Dynasty run by psychopaths, and is WHY the hierarchy of roma must be removed. canonizing this man serra? they haven't learned a thing in hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. sheesh … men in gowns walking around playing with people's lives …  seriously unhealthy? I find it difficult to believe that in this day there are people still obsessed with this mantle. these men are not well that they should demand allegiance to doctrine abusive, partial and dangerous to the health and wellbeing of our youth.

ANd governance that bows to this WILL BE REMOVED. you can count on it.

Betty Clermont


“Sullying others through slander and defamation and this is wrong.” The pope is not removing the beam from his own eye. On Oct. 24, Pope Francis accused traditionalist bishops of having “closed hearts,” “blinkered viewpoints,” judging “sometimes with superiority and superficiality” and not being “the true defenders of doctrine.” Commonweal Magazine responded: “It was a [condescending] address lacking in generosity and even fairness. He failed to acknowledge that those who disagree with him might be acting in good faith, that they might be wrong but not pharisaic. Christian unity … rules out ad hominem attacks in the name of mercy, exclusion in the name of inclusion. It rules out partisanship and stigmatizing,”

- See more at:


thx for this article

INVESTIGATE THE CHARITIES AND AGENCIES LIKE THIS---ALL OF THOSE CLAIMING THEY ARE ASSISTING THE POOR AND DOWNTRODDEN and the refugee BEFORE allowing these families to come in and the stunning reports will change they way man looks at these institutions. 

I trust not a one of these institutions … 

and where does all this money come from? who pays for all of this? meanwhile, our cities and towns have homeless everywhere that our government pretty much ignores! and hilary is promising how much for infrastructure? right----promises-promises… 

truth is, individual families THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED could be taking in ORPHANS from syria right now … without all the excess. I have seen what giving money to charitable organizations do … such a small amount actually went to the child/children/service in need … and I watched the organization eating like kings, traveling everywhere, buying new cars … not good. not right. these religious institutions just want to look credible in a dying arena. no, we do not trust them. that is our take … so, take it or leave it. look at how much went into teresa of calcutta's tourism industry? how much is spent on those in need? I read where the native peoples wanted to give the sisters tomatoes to can and teresa refused, told the workers to go beg in the streets. now that is an unkept mind!

note: samuel's comment on silk's article

seems even the ATHEIST is fooled. ah, no surprise … the atheist has never been a threat to the vatican. one question for the applauding samuel … 

a pope canonizing a man that terrorized an entire native people then tells his members to BE TRUE DEFENDERS OF THE DOCTRINE  … and you applaud these 1/2 steps? HE IS LYING TO YOU, SAMUEL! TO THE WORLD! PLAYING A PART OF A SAINT HE THINKS HE CAN LIVE THROUGH AND NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS DISHONESTY … can you not see his game? the manner in which they operate? it is a disease! why do you think he refuses to have the vatican investigated? how can you applaud a man sentencing to prison others trying to tell the ugly truths about this institution? HE DOES NOT WANT ANYONE QUESTIONING THEIR MOTIVES … HE wants to make YOU think that revealing the lies, or TALKING ABOUT-SHARING OR INVESTIGATING THESE is worse than the acts---the abuses---the carnage … the awful truth about what they are really doing, and that my dear atheist was one of teresa's tricks … to hide the abuses … and what the rcc has used in the abuse and scandals … ongoing. 

whatever … your choice. 


read another article on the above (we posted this in a previous) .. and I read a few of the comments. there was one women that just couldn't believe "jews" would do this. you could tell she was stunned. I still do not know the sect of judaism these jews are from and if this had anything to do with the crime, but the fact that she struggled with the idea of these JEWISH youth murdering a boy is telling. what it tells us is she has an "image" of what a jew is (according to judaism?) and that crimes of this nature are outside this image. now, think how many roman catholics are in denial, still in denial, on the clergy/staff child sex abuse AND the fact that their "holy chosen" are engaging in sodomy and other sex acts, with women, children and other men … and never are they properly schooled in the fact that their institution was founded on forced obedience and that men actually committed murder and abuse to get to the establishment it is and has been with little change in doctrine … and how the practices were installed to keep the people OBEDIENT … maybe even fearful. would these people be able to know someone is evil, someone within their religious group? would they know if there is danger lurking in their schools and parishes if the image they have is not capable of these acts? even after being shown the scale and volume of the abuses and the scandals? would they even know what to look for? obviously one can't accuse every catholic or every ordained priest or bishop of abusing children, or of the crime of covering up the abuse but think … they rely on these men to tell them right from wrong … but what if these men are incapable of knowing right from wrong? what if their teaching and lifestyle grooms them to lie for their belief system … not even conscious they are lying? think about the purgatory state … the absolutions at the confessional with members of the mafia… and the many other teachings that do not really hold them accountable in a society that is requiring of accountability … in some form. this is not a state of reality. if these men and their parishioners are incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong in speaking up about abuse … crimes on children … and are taught that is is a greater sin to speak against the church, the doctrine, the pope, priest or bishop, how is society at large safe from this state of thinking? men shuffling around in orders living rather protected lives while people believe them to be god's chosen and not capable of these types of crimes … imagine how much power plays into their titles and their plans, and this includes politics … 

i have seen and experienced first hand their willingness to lie for their church … i was a bit stunned … so, yes … it is a very strange atmosphere and i do not trust anyone embedded in these cult type organizations that require obedience above truth.

the roman pontiff is using an old trick and he was caught … watch what comes forth now


was just shown malingering.