under the influence of what?


people with causes recruit … the young without care. they live in a lawless initiative. they are force-feeding the youth, but not only the youth, the parents of youth, who then teach youth through product. causes sell products. what are YOU selling that causes death?

medicine sells … makes money on all sorts of things that kill. do those involved in these affairs care how drugs are used? most figure it's somebody else's job. 

in american democracy there is little to no accountability... when things go wrong. it takes too much from where we are in the world, says the democrat, to find the cause of the problem, so we will create new problems to hide our error and the fact that WE DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWERS TO MUCH OF WHAT IS BEING ASKED OF US and we must continue making money … for our cause: the liberalist, left leaching demoBRAT.

was at a wedding last summer and saw an adult smoking e-cigs  … inside the hall where the bride and groom were married and where the dancing would take place. she had her alcoholic drink and her cigarettes. I was just happy the thing did not explode and ruin the wedding for the couple and their families. 

there are places to take your vices that do not risk the lives of others. and as for driving … there should be LAWS. laws that cause democrats to be held accountable. why single out the democrat? a republic is WE the people in equal status with chosen representatives, not... I do what I want when I want and how I want to satisfy my desires.  

in a republic, "WE the people" do/does not specify GENDER … women are not second class citizens. america is not a republic and republicans are democratic in rule … not a republic, and may be WHY THEY ARE LOSING THEIR STATUS

 … have they learned nothing from their mistakes? 

are they not able to see, smell … take account of that trash heap they are sitting in? the democratic party is a whore for itself. it cannot tell you how to move. look at its leader! TAKE A GOOD, HARD LOOK! and they believe the nation will grow and improve and MOVE toward a healthy and sustainable living, a place of truth and justice? ha! you live in a disease. how will you cure yourselves? more drugs? more vices? more to whitewash your dishonesty?

I feel sorry for you.

you are a glutton for punishment if you are crying out for something and think voting in this same will make change in your situation. if you are a believer in the CHRIST then take up your mat and follow … not these same wardens who bail out wall street and create criminal minds. why are your cities and towns unsafe? democracy feeding itself not representatives in jurisdiction that SERVE in a manner FOR the people as a Body. look at hillary the queen of hypocrisy … the double H, we will call her: the BIG H … she drove money HER way for most of her economy in politics. democracy done the clinton establishment way. how can any little person get a foot in that with those massive bail outs? they carved out a THRONE for themselves and left you to feed on the crumbs and when the crumbs became more and more scarce … crimes and mental instability went on the rise to try to reach for something stable … but they were without arms. the institution had chopped them off! you have no voice but your own two feet so walk out of THEIR democracy and tell them NO MORE! NO MORE of their lies, false promises and fake ID!

they put on a show for you … a FACE to lure you into their archives then leave you to grovel. you become their servants without equal pay. 

I know the power WE have. if I stepped onto that podium american democracy would become a gnat on the rug of instability. the people would rise up and destroy the thrones of deception and ignorance. one hand is all it would take and I contemplate this every day … two hands make that fall less harsh. 

what say you … because IT IS GOING DOWN< either way. 

NEVER underestimate the POWER of the Spirit!


this woman does not answer the question? why? because she is dishonest. it matters not to us what the newt says, WE ARE LOOKING TO SEE WHAT SHE SAYS. and what has she said that we don't already know about men like trump? she does little to nothing FOR female, but does everything FOR the ignorance of institution, which is about product, not truth. if she is UNWILLING to address the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, she will lose that seat period! We have no use for con jobs.

she is one that jumps ship when it starts to leak. she cares not for those on board her ship … she takes the rope to hoist herself to the other side which is no better … it, too, is full of holes, but its decay is masked by predators and pipe dreams, denial and insignificant parts, that will not keep the ship afloat and … in the process, she basks in the glory of her brother's demise. a CHEAP shot for her own deals. but did she help create that demise? isn't she also responsible for that ignorance and destitute state?

this isn't a forced FAIRY TALE … this is the REAL DEAL! she will lose everything she worked so hard for. why? because it was built on sand. when that pendulum swings … the tables turn … those promoting … FEEDING this monstrosity will wish they had been reborn … instead of lying in their ignorances.


for every one of their big heads killed dozens of civilians die. where does this ring a bell in democracy?

and it says, if the civil government won't do the job it's supposed to, they will use the youth to remove the evil?

hmm … some say toe-may-toe and some say toe-ma-toe.

was raking leaves in the side yard and noticed what looked like doggy doo-doo, but it wasn't. I noticed a few days earlier something similar but not quite the same. it looked less like dog and more like hog. but anyway, I realized what was going on. the coyotes had come hunting for prey in my yard. this is unusual. I hear them in the distance early in the night when its dark, but never have I seen them anywhere in my yard. but it puzzled me why they would be roaming near my cedar fence … where the gate is located. after three days I was shown the reason. my dog is older and as I shared already, has lost most of her hearing … and she has recently taken to making a distressed bark when she wants back in the house. it is clearly a bark signaling distress. she has to see me and when she does not see me she gets a bit panicked. as it gets dark, she will do the same and I know the coyotes have heard it too. a weak or wounded animal? small enough to take down? yes. wild animals know things. they know … they need to to survive. my snowplow person lost one of his little dogs to them a few years ago and he said his pit bull tried to save it but … he said he was on the couch for three days, crying. so sad. part of my yard is fenced and gracie is not outside that fence unless on a leash with me at the other end. but will the fence save her in the dark? can the coyotes find a way in to get her? she can't hear them but has smelled them … she has been especially interested in smelling near the gate and now I understand why. I went out to get her two nights ago because I am beginning to grow increasingly nervous about her safety … and I heard something in the leaves by that gate. I could not see outside the fence in that part of the yard because it is pitch black there. I now go out with gracie when it's dark and I carry a large flashlight, and I make myself visible with it, while following little gracie. I do not dislike the coyote, but there is no way I am going to let them feed on my dog. if I HAVE TO MAKE AN ADJUSTMENT IN THE WAY I DO THINGS … I will, and I have. 

but what is the coyote metaphorically? the wolf is mentioned in the Writings and many have viewed this as an evil, but this is not so. they misunderstand what it means. I am black wolf and I am blue dog… metaphorically, of course ;)

the coyote symbolizes the tax collector. 


whoring from the big Store

BIG H … her own personal TREASURY for her own personal needs, not yours.

what would be the final death blow on this? time is an issue here. obama and Big H have had enough time to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth … and so far they can only blame others, and you are not capable of making sound choices it seems, at least most of you voting BIG H … so … is it time for this to end? 

we think it is time.


the banker's brood?

what sickness lies in these feedings?

___ just heard on the news, again (twice in less than a week) that the coyote is an opportunistic feeder. I watched them in the morning in this man's yard try to get to his penned in chickens. I thought they worked primarily at night, but the video (news) showed them in the day trying to figure out how to get inside the pen. hmm … now I am wondering about letting gracie out during the day now that they know she is out there … alone sometimes, but not for long> I tend to keep an eye out and she usually wants in fairly quickly, especially when it gets cold. 


was interested to learn of this:

what do you think? turn the tables and see if it changes the sentencing. that kind of silencing makes me uncomfortable. here's one example:

take the gnostic in the day of the roman catholic church and its mission to take over the world. take the inquisition. the gnostic was a forbidden place, a forbidden belief … I would not have been allowed to QUESTION the RCC's stance, doctrine, practices … to speak in opposition on anything they decided, in their position as AUTHORITY BOTH CHURCH AND STATE. WHAT THEY PERCEIVED WAS A THREAT TO THEIR POWER> I would have been killed for speaking in contrast---in opposition ...  to what the RCC preached as the law of the land. I would not have been allowed to even question their authority on any topic of viable substance without some form of harassment or attack on me, my character, my reputation, my family. they would have silenced me. a forced silencing

think Galileo and others who were obviously skilled in areas and could share.

TO THIS DAY CHRISTENDOM REGARDS THE GNOSTIC AS APOSTATE AND MANY THINK ME EVIL without ever having CONSIDERED MY PLACE, MY BELIEF, my faith. it is a common belief in most christian circles that the gnostic is of gnosticism, not true. and the gnostic is in error on the Story of Jesus Christ. not true. because a political system married itself to a group of self-indulging men long, long ago and man has held to it like a baby blanket … fearing someone might take it away, there is little to no movement in MINDSET regarding the Christ. but these are just men! I say over and over … men who thought that women were lesser people … so how could they possibly know God as God desires? those first called christians in antioch are not the same as you see today and were certainly not the same as the big industry of the RCC or any other christian establishment of that magnitude … claiming authority. the RCC believed steadfastly that they were in the right and believed it was GOD's LAW that they execute those that denied what they preached. now that kind of mindset is forbidden in the Kingdom of the Living. but we know there are many stories in those times. many stories. many not so black and white as rome wanted people to believe. 

it is up to the CHRISTIAN today to stop the perception of one of gnosis as … wrong. in error. evil. false. the Christian is so busy escalating his own affairs in gay this and abortion that, relations with muslims and the worship of its god, etc… he has not allowed room in his Body for the reality of the Writings. he is stuck in worldly acclaim, cloning in old wineskin. political correctness and trying to redefine something he has yet to actually question. kind of like jumping into a swimming pool blindfolded without first finding out if there is even water in it. even water ;_

the jew must be the one to denounce this sentencing. otherwise it shows him to be unjust. as if he cannot stand up on his own two feet and answer the questions on what happened, or why it happened. why did it happen? how? where were the minds of men that this should come to pass? in this Day, but not to make it about jew as if he is as jill stein questions: what makes him more special …
than others? people are feeling the drain, folks. I have sensed this for some time. and for political parties to USE minority or group, to elevate their status without recognizing that very large elephant … is … systemically paralyzing.

it seems germany and france have learned little from their revolutions. and they will suffer from the weight of their denial. but I would not want to be counted among those in denial and I would not want to be responsible for keeping people wrapped in their blankets … so tattered and forlorn … because I thought my account above others? there is a difference between educating and force-feeding … please understand where it is that you teach. 

there is a dualism at play here where jew hinders nation and nation hinders jew … which breeds contempt for both.

read the comments. the atheist calling himself spud die is in denial on his own fascist tendency and if the jew does not see it the jew just might end up reliving the horrors. the atheist cannot and will not save the jew from these … from what is coming. because he lives in denial, and any jew claiming he is just while silent on the sentencing in both france and germany on these matters (while praising the freedoms of charlie hebdo? so long as it isn't drawing cartoons of jewish custom?) is unjust, thinking himself above … truth? the law? hmm … the elephant is bloated now and reeks so bad it SUFFOCATES THE YOUNG trying to come into some form of understanding. trying to make sense of what went down---what is going on. he isn't caught up in the holocaust and he does not want to be told what to think and how to feel. he has his own experiences and is beginning to RESENT the forced feeding by anyone on these topics. the youth are learning there are OTHER VICTIMS of man's ideologies. that there have been many holocausts throughout history and even today---HIS DAY---there is mass destruction of life all over the world, not just the jew… and this atheist calling itself spud die s a LIBERTY DENIER if there ever was one. it is written all over his comments. and he helps to promote the resentment the youth are beginning to feel and he helps to promote hatred of christian  ...and ISIL knows how to recruit in these waters. evil watches the reactions and takes out a lease. beware what YOU FEED.

if the atheist and his ilk think himself the law on who is allowed to share/speak and who isn't then he is in for a huge lesson, a HARD lesson, one he has never known in his lifetime of his Day. how is he good for the nation? how is this DEMOCRATIC view a freedom in a land of liberty and justice? this is not just. this is hypocrisy.

and if you call him out on it … it's like megyn to newt labeling trump a sex predator then denying she labeled him a sex predator. LISTEN TO THAT EXCHANGE WHICH IS ALL OVER THE NEWS! how anyone did not hear this and call it out …  is really and truly … a biased nation of deniers.

and this is what you feed on? this is your teaching and what you teach your children? to be of hypocritical belief and practice. I do feel sorry for you. the nation you lead will know horror like its never known horror. and who-what will you thank/blame for this? 

the jew? 

why share on megyn's comment that trump is a sex predator and matters concerning the holocaust? it is not the holocaust that is the matter … it is the gross neglect of institution (both church and state) that is the matter. its illegalities and its double standards. is megyn now just waking up to the reality of what institution has allowed, even glorified in the world? the question: was jack kennedy and bill clinton also sex predators? was MLK a sex predator? he used women for sex. his closet friend said so in his bio. another form of preying on women for sex?  tracking down a woman for sex … but isn't tracking a women for sex a form of preying on her? isn't the ENTERTAINMENT industry not just sex predators but also child predators?  these questions are not permitted because … the jew says these are not permitted? because the atheists say these questions are not permitted? because the democratic nation says these questions are not permitted … to be asked AND ANSWERED. it might take money away from their vaults. it might lose votes for party this or party that. it might not be politically correct? political correctness is no fantasy, folks. it is a reality having made its bed in much of the nation. it is so forced at this point it's like a disease---an epidemic … a sex predator.

labeling someone a sex predator opens a door so wide … you can see many platforms, industries, institutions … ideals … self-serving initiatives.

the question at the ready: but are YOU wearing a blindfold?


industry has its way with female. the nation has its way … it takes, grabs, gropes, steals … innocence. there is no where we can go without seeing the industry (institution under democracy) USING female as a sex item, selling something. it's not even about the product … but the use of female body being used to sell product. even many women doing the news … they wear clothes that say hey, look at me … not HEAR the news. false eyelashes and bleached out hair, low-cut, tight, short dresses and the highest heels and a voice that mimics something not quite credible. we are like … IS THAT WHAT YOUTH ARE TO DESIRE FOR SOME FORM OF SUCCESS? is this success for the young if a female? what happened to a news story being about news … not about a woman luring in viewers. with the exception of a few, they look like clowns playing at something.

t is all over the place and megyn is just a product of that institution until she sees her own arrogance and denial. 


here is a story for the NEW reader. I have shared this twice already, once on an amazon discussion board and I think once in SPIR. I signed up for a class on poetry my freshman year of college. I was required to buy two poetry books with yeats and the like, but what did the professor do in class? he showed video footage of the holocaust. we spent very little time on the poetry and a lot of time on the holocaust. why didn't any of us report that professor? like I said, after two and one half years I left college because I was not getting my money's worth. 

now … it wasn't that I was a holocaust denier … the holocaust was not the topic I was paying to learn. if the laws of any institution cannot stick to their constitution/manifesto … what are they? if an institution cannot see that the members are abiding by just means and staying true to what it advertises about itself---its ideals and practices … what is that institution AND those paying into and supporting it? 

what has the american media been up to? what has the democratic party been doing? what has democracy been force feeding you and your children? 

are you getting what you pay for? will you end up getting what you are paying for? will you receive what you believe? if betrayal and ignorance and hypocrisy, dishonesty and denial are your fare and YOUR IDEA OF FAIR … right back atcha!

and I hear daily on the news: how can this happen in our little town?! this kind of stuff doesn't happen here? how can this happen to our kids! our schools our families our neighborhoods … ???????? 

ask your democracy what product they sell that spurs and ignites ingrates and illicit desires.

have you heard what was written in this predator's notebook? it wasn't poetry---or was it? 

it is 2016 … what the fuck are you people breeding?


saw this on the nightly news last night. what the---?! if democrat can make a law for marriage equality he can surely make a law for pay equality unless he is … abusing female. wants to use and abuse female. desires female be less than a man. the BIG H  and her followers have had plenty of time to do THE RIGHT THING … so ask yourselves and your institutionalizers which institutions and those institutionalizing society … view and treat women as second class citizens? who-what denies female in its professions/vocations? who makes marriage a contract forbidding female the same status and the same opportunities with the same pay and proposals as the male?

remove them! or face the worst scrutiny you have ever known … 

and remember, muhammad lured men in by using and abusing girls and women. do not ever allow an islamist to tell you it was LOVE of Truth. it was lust and it was theft and it is deception.

so now … what has your president of 8 years been doing to female in america by denying there are still plenty of institutions denying female HER RIGHTS and … by setting up ANOTHER PATRIARCHAL POLITICAL_RELIGIOUS ORDER THAT TREATS THE GENDER FEMALE AS SECOND CLASS?  that does not rule with her but rules over her

the biggest, fattest bloated elephant that never EFFING left his room. 


Well, we have to keep picking at the scabs and keep the holocaust alive, or else we can't draw attention to the fact that we're a special people chosen by God to be an example to the nations. We've never understood that mission, but we love staying tied to the acts of hatred from the past, rather than opening up new avenues for loving in the present. We'd rather be objects of pity, than to be the strong examples of what a people might grow to be, once they've shed their dependence on the past.

___the idea, sabelotodo2 is that their democrat wishes to ANNIHILATE the right. look at RNS in full regalia. it's almost a joke if not severely dangerous for the jew. the jew does not know what's coming. he thinks his ally is democracy in america in its present state through the clinton admin and obama's lethargy and dangerous deal-making,  but what comes will be a membrane of what came before. and destroying the one thing that will defend him is playing hooky with the past. eventually he has to face his acts, his choices. america will be at war with iran and iran's allies___ALL OUT WAR. but it's not that black and white … oh, no … it will be brother against brother, because there IS a rising dislike of israel in america, and it will worsen. the nation will be split with more fighting for palestine's initiative and less for israel. ya, see … history does repeat … not exactly the same. and sadly, who will be blamed for the deaths of so many young? the jew.