I read on a comment board from an atheist that POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is a fantasy. hmm … think on this a moment. if you want someone to believe that your lawless character is proper edict, what do you create about what you are? you try to silence and destroy any form of law---right? law that might threaten your position. if there is no law then you can do and say anything without being called out on it. you are free to destroy a person's reputation if you disagree with a person's views, beliefs and practices. this particular atheist is not without the desire for law, but his law is of one dimension: his. it is not a BODY of impartial being. it is his own biased  … flat grid plane … of understanding. this particular atheist (and please note that I did not say all atheists but this part … ) ...this particular atheist denies the consequence of society acting lawlessly. some might say he refuses to admit there is an elephant in the room. 
he is anti-christian. somewhere in his mind is an eroded character, having digressed to the place of insignificant parts. he does not act in the better of the Body as a whole. he does not love his hand the way he loves his foot. he will kick the christian until he bleeds, but he won't stop writing lies about himself. political correctness is his mantra … if it serves his hatred. 

but why political correctness? because it is lawless and serves the agenda of those acting partially. it serves THE ORDER of the day.

anyone with the ability to UNDERSTAND history knows that without luther's INITIAL  efforts against the roman catholic church … atheist's democracy in america would not exist. this is pretty much fact for those WILLING to read history. if you lose christianity as Christ or significant part IN {this} you lose all sense of BODY. 

now … from what I have read from this atheist, islam and judaism are not criticized, but especially judaism. he will not call out the disparity within these two religions. he will not admit wrongdoing on the part of these two religions … within america, esp. his is a partial, NOT IMPARTIAL, place of thought. his "utopia" is anyone can come into america and do as he pleases, but a business must sell its product to anyone who comes into the store or calls on the phone and asks for something the business sells. a baker must bake that cake for the gay couple. the photographer must do business with the marrieds of same sex. business is not permitted to turn away any customer. am I understanding this correctly?  which means … a gun shop can sell a gun to anyone coming into his shop. he cannot turn away … say, a muslim/islamist, or, say, one known for anti-jew beliefs and practices. he may be required by law to check the customer's ID for this or that but he cannot turn away that customer. how many extremist groups use innocents and youth to get guns and other weapons? which groups are known for recruiting the young?

elephant in the room, atheist? 

where does political correctness have its way in lawless societies? when it denies theirs is a very LARGE elephant in the room, dressed as an angel of light. the atheist is often his own worst enemy because he denies the obvious about himself. he tries to play the angel of light without admitting the elephant is much too large for a room. is it the elephant's fault or the man who put him there? and who cages an elephant, denying him what he needs to survive, healthy.

but wait, what does a religion need to survive? it depends on the religion. right? if of a caliphate order, a mission of wide-ranging, wide sweeping focus with beliefs and practices that demand it grow big, fat, using female to build its numbers and children are recruited for the work … powerful in polities and properties then … would atheist be accepting of this? would this not force him to become much smaller? would this not force him to leave that room? no room for him, right? no room in that inn. or is it he creates an extension of himself?


a neighbor told me of a man in our town. he never married, no children, he lived alone for a while until he had to sell his house. the house was becoming run down because he did nothing to it or for it, and it appeared as if he had no job or maybe he did and left it. I don't know.. but the house is nice looking,   an old federal style, brick … with a nice property. my neighbor said that as a child this person, owning this house, would not stop eating. she said that whatever you placed in front of him he would eat and he would keep eating. it was as if he did not know when to quit, or how to quit or that he should quit. of course this is a problem, and not healthy for him or his mother who had to feed him. but all she really needed to do was stop feeding him so much and tell him to go out and play, or maybe get a job as a paper boy or whatever. but what if he had a problem and others refused to play with him or … his ways were different and others had difficulty getting along with him. maybe he did not play well with others … I do not know. I only saw him in his yard and walking. after a while I saw that someone bought his house and put a lot of time and money into it, cleaning it up and repairing it. as a matter of fact, I noticed a few people in town repairing old homes and yards and upgrading and making them look nice. and interestingly (much to the dismay of some youth I know personally) these put up trump signs on their properties … and twice I heard from the youth, "how can so many in our town support trump?"

hmm …  

is this a fantasy? a family or a couple helping the town by making his own house and property look nice? it may be done because he likes it that way and it has nothing to do with the town or the community as a whole, but it looks nice. does he use products that are better for the environment? if looking more closely one might be able to tell … does he use chemical fertilizer on his lawn which IS bad for the environment and the animals, children … (direct from SOLU-CALusa:
MAY CAUSE CANCER. MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO ORGANS (lungs) THROUGH PROLONGED OR REPEATED USE. DO NOT HANDLE UNTIL ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS HAVE BEEN READ AND UNDERSTOOD. DO NOT BREATH DUST. … and the list continues …) … only where I see it used and have questioned it and why I have the info I share with you (and people wonder why cancer is on the rise in children?) the fact is these people are real and where they live and how they live is real. what he does behind closed doors I do not know. does the man beat his wife and kids? is he an alcoholic? a drug addict? sometimes you can tell where houses are run down that the owners are not interested in putting money into keeping a place well kept. this does not make them drug addicts it just makes them absentee owners. where they put their money … if they have money … is their business. yes?

unless a lot of money is going to things that are dangerous. and where you live in a politically correct mindset, where self-serving agenda of a PART-icular political face is the value of the day.


we see the elephant in that room. it's so big … we can only surmise that those who don't see it are calculating a dictatorship. they are of a fascist mindset and industry. is this what you want? is this what you want for your children? how do you even know what your children will feed on or where they will feed? they may see the egg on your face and join ISIS, believing the lawless state under american government is a false ideal. are you trying to force a mindset on them? because it will not work. evidence has shown this leads to destructive initiatives, either way. what are you voting in to control YOUR ASSETS, will not work.  a rather ignorant and limiting mindset?  and if you create a society of danger, the chances of your child getting sick increases and increases, including STDs, opioid use, and other addictive products … FOR each candidate plying his trade in dishonest measure. and your pastors, rabbis, priests, popes, patriarchs and plagiarizing peoples PREACH dishonesty. by voting hillary clinton you tell your children that voting for what it represents is right. a smart candidate using dishonestly, lawlessly and … destructively and YOU allow IT to grow and become the mold that degrades humanity. huge numbers don't want trump and are making it clear that they do not want their children becoming like trump. and yet they look the other way when women and children are defiled in their institutions. huh, the hypocritical oath. this is lawless society and opens doors wide for ISIS. you want to know why ISIL has become sooooo large? democracy. 


atheists often say god is a sky fairy and the believer delusional. whatever. they don't KNOW my Spirit. but they cannot deny that religion is a fact of life. but whose religion? what religion? and how is this manifested in time?

the answer to resurfacing the lutheran school playground is really not all that difficult to decide. please, folks … use your noodles! if the playground is open to the community and the community uses it, the community can be PARTLY responsible for its upkeep. but do understand, lutherans, if something happens there, like a child injuring himself or a priest molesting a child there or a gang member sells a drug there and a person using that drug overdoses … who then is responsible? and here lies many of the problems of the US democracy. no one is held accountable. the state looks the other way on the crimes, unless directly caught … but even then, the state in cahoots with the bishop … finds loopholes. 

so if lutheran decides to keep it a gated school for these and other reasons, this is not to be snarled at, but lutheran must be responsible for the upkeep … but who then is responsible for keeping the child safe from molesting lutherans? the state? ha, don't hold your breath. IT MUST BE THE MEMBERS IN HOLY CONTRIBUTION WITH SPIRITUAL WELLBEING … but are they? are they letting it be known that they are good parents? 


people seem to think the pope or the RCC speaks for christians. this is absurd. and why did government/state foot the bill for pope george to crusade america? it did not seem to have a difficult time favoring a religion in that pass. 

democracy, the HYPOCRITE of the ages?;)


never even heard of these until I started collaborating with alf on Brother Cobweb. I would see people write "chick flicks" or something like that on forums and I had no idea what they were talking about. never in my life did I encounter any of this, but as a child I did encounter holier than thou catholics. as a protestant I was labeled, and as a protestant I was not considered a true believer. I guess I was not part of the "right" with God sect, which was a bit of surprise to me when I first learned this through my two out of my three closets buds ( we were very young---first grade-ish). "what? NOT catholic? oh, then you're a protestant" like I said, I thought protestants were people who believed in God but did not have a church.

I guess it depends on where you are. but as we grew and became our own culture as youth, in a bob dylan-joni mitchell-cat stevens-CSN&Y, dan fogelberg (a number of others), and later, springsteen world … religion became something to joke about, and let me tell you, the roman catholics were THE number one group to make fun of their practices, their priests and their popes. some of it I can imagine was just too good to pass up. I had a few funny stories, but nothing relating to the pastors. but much like what salkin describes in his encounter with those chick cartoons …  in writing about the pentecostalism of alf's youth … I was intrigued. now that was some serious stuff. very peculiar, rough … mean-spirited behavior and strange views. sort of like the roman catholic church but without the inquisition. 

now, pray tell, why is it that the patriarchal religions/religious still get a free pass in america?

but you have said you hate roman catholicism and islam? someone may say. and I reply>yep. I hate hypocrisy. so shouldn't you include all hypocritical religions? I thought I was ;) … 

what it really comes down to is the view and treatment of The Christ. none of them can speak for one like Me so why does government continue to roll out the red carpet for big, fat patriarchal religions? religions that UNDENIABLY DENY FEMALE, place her as a second class citizen? maybe because government is full of patriarchal religious? maybe because democracy is PATRIARCHAL? and people wonder why I would never vote for a muslim (islamist) or a roman catholic for president? come on people! even where these candidates play themselves against their own doctrine they still pay into and support ignorance and … bad behavior and … behavior, choices that UNDERMINE FEMALE

where do we see clear evidence of these roman catholic candidates going after their criminal bishops?

or jews going after their jews of wall street and big banks or … anyone calling out the big elephant in that small room? chick flicks … hmm, was that supposed to be chick tracts? oops. 

women, do not fall for their ignorance. do not sell yourself to their industries that USE you for sex--LOOKS to sell their movies, their podiums of male dominion … or sell your wombs for their war-mongering or their power-mongering … or entitlement enterprises. THINK MORE HIGHLY OF YOURSELVES, PLEASE …   men don't know when to stop eating … they lust for things that puts so many women and children in danger. please. do not feed them and feed them and feed them … what you should KNOW by now is not helping to save lives. 

I recall an incident while in my early twenties. I went to an art teacher's house for a class. he showed us a framed drawing on his wall done by one of his high school students. he turned the frame pc around to show us the cover of playboy (or one of those mags) where one of his high school students was a model, modeling without clothes. and he was so proud of this accomplishment and seemed to really enjoy that she had achieved this great success … so much that he framed one of her drawings and included the magazine with her naked. huh. and to make matters worse, he called me at my place of work and asked me out. he was a married man. ick. I felt sorry for him and certainly never go out with him. but why the booming business in these affairs? why didn't the priests, pastors, bishops, imams … rabbis … stop this? shame these who likely behaved just like donald trump? because they are feeding on it themselves, along with the naked children or … they just don't care as they have been ALLOWED, PERMITTED, EVEN PROMOTED to not take women seriously. democracy is a male dominion, remember?  looks at the EVIDENCE … it's ALL AROUND YOU!

those voting clinton and her obama democrat team are H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S. they are no more progressive than jack chick was in his cartooning. they use a theology call it god's word and make a shit load of money off of it,

when will you people ever learn?


where does demagoguery go from here? it can only go down.

the kind of blasphemy that provokes violence … is the exactly the right kind needed?

hmm …


is religion a fantasy?

any person interested in knowing the fuller truth about anything need only ask. if group ___ refuses to answer then you KNOW there is a reason for it, a reason worth pursuing. and I do not apologize for desiring a fuller TRUTH! if your world is one where you believe drugs will solve all form of disease and care little for HOW you penetrate society with your beliefs and practices then … are you really a decent and just member of your community? are you truly a LOVER of neighbor? do you care about the health and wellbeing of that BODY?

doesn't anyone find it odd that democrats do not mention the dead elephant stinking up the room? poor thing. they seem hardly the choice for the Environment and its Inhabitants.

justice souter:

“What I worry about is, when problems are not addressed and the people do not know who is responsible … some one person will come forward and say, ‘Give me total power and I will solve this problem,’” he said. “That is how the Roman Republic fell.”

“That is the way democracy dies,” he added.