there is no mention of the crimes ... the victims ... in this review, other than to say in basic terms what the Spotlight crew was investigating, which became a theme throughout the world. it's all about the investigative reporting. this alarmed me from the start, but I knew there was more, because I do not trust journalists---those reporting on events, crimes ... there is biases so thick it's disease ... a disease of epic proportions; it's an epidemic. which brings us back to investigative reporting :) 

when you have questions, some obvious, key questions ... and there is no mention of these in the journalist's, reporter's even essayist's ... commentary ... you can bet there was a pre-report, censored and or copy pasted from another's agenda or poor reportage. news hits the channels ... but there is obvious override. I see it on national news every day! wait a minute, how come he hasn't said anything about ___ and ___ ? whoa, why didn't they say that ___  was involved in this? sometimes if you read comments to the articles online you will see where someone was actually there and they will say, the article did not mention ___. I was there; I saw it with my own eyes! or ... I grew up in that parish and left as fast as I could when I was of the age because ... that bishop is a crook, and the priests just pawns. 

pawns in their game. the article is too basic for my taste, but I do appreciate that its content is direct and to the point and not sugary or melodramatic and ... and I am very much for INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING ... more thorough investigations ... which leads to more information and this leads to an ability to make safer choices ... in the long run.

let's take the current roman pontiff's "recent" comments about gnosticism ...  

“A second temptation is the gnosticism that leads us to place our trust in logical and clear reasoning that, however, loses the tenderness of our brother's flesh. … The difference between Christian transcendence and any other form of gnostic spiritualism resides in the mystery of the Incarnation. Not putting into practice, not leading the Word to reality, means building on sand, remaining in the pure idea and degenerating into intimisms that do not bear fruit, that render its dynamism sterile”.---pope francis

and the following article is from JUNE 15, 2013

and suddenly it's news again? same verbiage? gnosticism is ____ being a gnostic is ____ "loses the tenderness of our BROTHER's FLESH ...?" hmm ... 

seems the pontiff hasn't learned anything "new" ... in two years ... so, imagine what the roman catholic church having put its stamp on CHRIST, claiming itself INFALLIBLE, THE MOTHER CHURCH and THE MOUTHPIECE OF AND FOR GOD
... in the dark ages of its inception with all that patriarchal domination and fascist interest and ... and torture, destruction, through forced obedience---and murder ... hiding .. covering up some of the most horrendous crimes ... john paul II's delight and obsession with maciel of the legionaries of christ ... juniper serra, their very recent MENTOR's zealotry that caused near decimation of a native people through force, rape, abuses galore ...  

so, many questions? one can start with ... if we inserted hinduism, islam, buddhism, or JUDAISM  in the place of gnosticism, imagine how the public would react. think about this. hmm? it's okay to say gnosticism is .... (read his/their commentary-quotes)

how would the ROMAN PONTIFF know what is gnosticism ... as this is varied. how would the roman pontiff know what is GNOSTIC OR OF GNOSIS so insulated as a roman patriarch? these are important questions and WHY isn't anyone asking them? why are the catholics and ... still BELIEVING the same men having covered up, even aiding the horrendous crimes to children and ...? DO THESE PEOPLE EVER LEARN? seems they like being denied and in return they deny, and do they ever wonder why their institution is NOT in accord with the Writings? why their higher ups are now saying, gee, we need to pay more attention to the Gospel ...? could it be that the rcc was never interested in GNOSIS and therefore denied the ESSENSE OF THE SPIRITUALITY OF CHRIST?

how is it that a religious zealot-poltician can speak on gnosis or gnostics ---WHICH HE IS NOT---and be received? obeyed? taken seriously?

will you catholics continue to indulge in copy-paste popes? "pope, their holy father"  is of archaic reason ... born from  
a desire for power and control ... hence the politicking ...


from the catholic article

Gnosticism is an artificial separation of the physical world and the spiritual world....leading to a shunning of the physical world and an embracing of the spiritual world

What the Pope is getting at is that God the Son embraced the physical world, he "pitched his tent" in the middle of our physical world, and he taught his followers to incarnate his love among the physical poor.  Christianity is a mud-on-the-boots religion, a down-to-earth practice, not a pie-in-the-sky theory

the catholic article is incorrect. the pope is incorrect ... as a gnostic, I would know ;). are there members of a sect claiming gnosticism that believe what the article posers pasted? sure. somewhere. I am not of gnosticism but I can tell you most ardently and with exceptional astuteness and clarity of hearing that ... GNOSIS/GNOSTICS are not all the same. gee, what a revelation! :D do all catholics believe what pope frannie or any of the previous touted? especially the ingrates of long ago meddling in things so invasive and so deathly ... one can easily understand the break. yes? maybe what the pope is saying is that he fears his own martyrs. hmm ... what you believe may be what you receive. when you are playing hand jive with the dead you get added to its list ... do you know what I mean? do you know what this is saying? if you do then you understand how and where the pope manifesto is out of touch with reality. what their 'church' daddies of long ago wanted was power and control---OBEDIENCE! and they went about it in some very VERY questionable ways and ... it does come back to haunt (so to speak), but the reality of {this} is why are you praying to dead men and women? your institution does not know the day or the hour and knows not of this place and ... where in the Writings does JESUS the CHRIST ever speak of purgatory? it is in THIS day that you acclimate and acquiesce ... not in some toaster freeze. how many times I have read catholics-former roman catholics say they were never taught from the "bible" ... they have never even heard half the stories! it was catechism and sacraments ... hardly anything more but for some there came folks like thomas merton, who pushed the button  and ignited the New Age circuit. this was never his intent, but what was borne from his gnosis ... came forth a necessary romp. a coming out  ... movement. not complete or absolute or even all that pandemic ... but useful in ways, and so, what does the current pontiff say about merton? ego-lust? too spiritual? out of touch with reality? what is out of touch with reality is a pope gone viral with a history of abuse ... and blood ... on ... his ... 

intent is a venerable thing. intent can make or break. allow us a story ... 

about five years ago I found myself in a brief email dialogue with a young pastor. I asked him what he thought of the number of books in his bible verses the number of books in, say, the greek orthodox bible. I was told he was fluent in greek and theologically schooled (where and how I do not know). he responded with (I know I have shared this at least twice before): it's not the number of words (books) but how you use them. excellent. I told him I was looking forward to meeting him. that summer I went with one of my brothers to the small start-up church for service. it was in a rough part of pittsburgh. my brother and I went early ... why? he told me he like to "clean" things up a bit before the start of the service ... should there be anything  ... to clean. we approached the small warehouse building and on the ground in front of the glass window were shotgun shells scattered about. he starts gathering up the empty shells. sometimes there is broken glass, he says ... and other things. I started looking around for someone with a shotgun aimed at my head ;) but no, that would have been at night ... in the darkness ... that the criminals were usually out ... this day it was bright and sunny, but to my disappointment, there were few attendees. my brother told me that attendance dropped because they stopped serving food. we realized people came just for the food and not the message, he said. ah ... yep, I've seen that in churches, at social hour. sadly, the church closed not too long after. what is interesting about this is that my brother had a vision three years prior to the start of that church that there would be a church in that very building. he told me he was driving by that place one day and had a vision of a start up church. he had no idea he would be a part of it, but through a family member, he found himself there helping in several ways. prayer being one of them---the way they pray. 

so, what happened? the vision went bust? first of all there were young children attending the church and the area was not the place for them, even though there are people with young children living in that area. why build a church in an area unkept? that church, despite the word(s), and the genuine intent of the young pastor his wife and young kids, and the others involved, with young children ... was not pliable for growth in the health and wellbeing of truth. why? the groundskeepers were not willing. the community leaders were not willing. the politicians in place were not willing. this "body" was not in accord with what was/is necessary to amend. continuing ...

> Can there be heresies in the secular/atheistic world of the 21st century?

Of course there can be. And I don’t even have to be Hiumpty Dumpty to say that. One definition of heresy is “dissent or deviation from a dominant theory, opinion, or practice”. People who are proud of their political incorrectness are proud heretics, by definition.

I’m not sure what point you’re making since, even if we somehow eliminated all belief in god, there would still be unorthodox thinkers.

- See more at:

take this comment above ... from silk's article on the pope paling the heresy card

dissent or deviation from a DOMINANT THEORY. whose dominant theory? based on whose words---GOD OR MAN? institution or SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE?

and this post from the same commenter:

> I’m going to continue thinking and believing that I have to consider the consequences of my actions.

I’m pretty sure the Pope isn’t calling your exercise of self-control “hard” or “controlling”. Instead, he’s referring (as Jesus did) to those who apply their rules to other people while ignoring “weightier matters”.

- See more at:

this commenter may need to do some very serious research about the pope he sounds as if he is speaking for ... what is weightier than your clergy/staff sexually abusing children and you hiding and covering up the abuse ... DENYING those COMING TO YOU FOR HELP! and all that money spent on propping of that "holy father" to look "good"

pope stumbles three times in three days? ... what he needs to do is be honest, along with his select-men.


But the Church that Christ founded on Peter should avoid becoming a loose confederacy of warring regional ecclesial jurisdictions.--jacob Luciber, I mean lubcofer ... i need to look it up ... sorry 'bout that.

the rcc? the church  that CHRIST founded on PETER? says who? the rcc? good grief, what do they teach kids in theology classes these days ... oh, wait ... that's right, it's all catholic. sorry, Jews, looks like you lose  ... according to the catholics. you are not catholic and not part of that Church, which means what? guess you will have  to convert to catholicism to be "saved" ;) saved from what one can only imagine

do people ever think before they assign credential  ... as if it is GOD's WORD? jacob must think God one hell of a nasty bastard to think that roma is THE CHURCH FOUNDED ON CHRIST. *sigh*

ADDED and with much sadness  ...
actually I just turned on the tv news and read at least 35 dead 

go back a post or two here in OWA and tell us what you see ... maybe, just maybe people will start LISTENING.

added: here it is from two posts ago, just under chesler's commentary ...

as we shared some time ago in SPIR: it will get worse before it gets better. France ...  *sigh* brace yourselves, folks ... 

it's 5:47 PM now, and about 6 hrs ago (lunch time here in NE) ... I took gracie out for a walk. it was a little sunny and just breezy. while out the wind suddenly kicked up something fierce. I was wondering if my little dog would make it back alright. it was like something from a movie ... but I heard something which I cannot share here ... and I knew something was afoot, and so, here it is.  


yes, al-Qaeda ... there is another ... I hear there is another ... another what? bomb ... another bomb ... my phone is ringing,  sorry, I do not know ... I am so sorry ... 

the language is not what man understands 

ah, 11:32 PM ... that "bomb" is Life Support ... that will 'destroy' the ring