this is interesting and touches on something we have shared off and on here in OWA. we have said several times that those using islam to attack christianity will lose voice, and they will. there are some things ahead that they do not see. I am beginning to see it even more clearly … now, regarding the terrorist act...

terrorism has two faces: 
inner turmoil
organized crime

the first is borne out of an inner struggle, and one might call it terror borne out of terror … terror breeds terror: the offspring accomplice … like a son born to a mafia boss and the son feels a victim within his own world and feelings and eventually gives in and becomes one with the overbearing 'father' or 'brother'', depending on who/what is running things. within a loner is a mental mess up … things get all out of whack and the loner actually suffers from all sorts of fears … paranoias and … spirit warfare is what we call it. we see it in the woman tossing her infant out the window while her other children, naked, stand watching in horror (husband(s) and or father/dad to children is unseen accomplice). we see it in the man who enters a home uninvited and losing it on who/what is in the house, doing unspeakable atrocities. it comes in many shades and it comes in many faces. it is a terror brewing inside a person who feels barely a person and more a victim, something alien to those around him. he feels misunderstood, targeted, erupting … and in this state, victim feels himself being tormented. he might even believe himself the baby taken and ripped apart, as he can identify with something/someone other … and don't scoff or dismiss this, as this is an area of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE that is coming to a "theatre" near you …
and there are a multitude of situations throughout loner's life that convulse to cause the eruption turned terrorist act

the other, organized crime, is borne from premeditation, which can also harbor the linguistics of the loner terrorist. the organizer usually plans over a period of time, and entertains thoughts of murdering/hurting others (sometimes a wife or parent) and can be in league with others of his same teachings and beliefs (where a religion/belief system is in place). 

the man in the most recent event was likely experiencing a heightened fear. his focus on the pp building was because he was feeding in this recently and this was the most recent and relevant anguish he was experiencing. this is what I sense … this is what I see-hear, and the hearing on this comes from the feminine … the essence of Spirit. 

the white christian fundamentalist label feels off to me. I felt this from the start. 

cont ...

Religion News Service is engaging in the enabling of these religious extremists by continuing to give them platforms and this kind kind of nonsense from them needs to stop.

? say what? has the atheist lost his little mind? extremist? yes, it is definitely time to silence the extreme. 


lol, the author of the article will be neon's president one day :D :D :D thank you for the heads up, neon!


oh my … I just turned on the news … another shooting this time 3 gunman … a social service center 14 dead 14 wounded is what they say.  awful!

was trying to get info on the facility. found the following:

hmm … 3 shooters dressed to kill, and why this center … these workers …
*my own: hearing there was a situation that caused a flare-up. there is prejudice involved. a lot of anger. some of it borne of the blacklivesmatter expressing discontent? but not seeing these shooters as "white" but  … 

hmm … loss of freedom somewhere somehow … is what I hear. 

that's all for now :(


yes, it would be wise to hold off on the religion----"color" side of this until we gain a clearer understanding of the details of what came before the main suspect left the banquet (leaving his coat) returning to kill. several things come to mind like if he is muslim, which his father posted (as a muslim?), was he offended by alcohol at the gathering ... we would think he would be accustomed to the custom of alcohol at parties/banquets in america … as he was born in america (do you hear that atheist max? what was it you said about american muslims and terrorist acts? sometimes it is better to not say anything at all, but no, your disingenuous rants prove you what? but we wait on this, max, we wait to hear …), but I am not seeing the presence of alcohol as a factor, even if the main suspect was just coming into a stricter religious identity … having gone to saudi arabia and returned with a wife/fiance. 

so, the flare-up and the anger we shared last night? let's focus on this for now. 

*let me remind … the more 'society' uses one to attack another, disingenuously and dishonestly, in extremism and hatred, bigotry … for self-serving agendas … policy and (are you paying attention, obama, on the IMPARTIALITY?) you create an imbalance and it is of NATURE to try to correct that imbalance, or work against this … depending on the forces at work. we speak globally---within the world. maybe now, after all these years, both "believer" and nonbeliever will begin to come ALIVE in where and how spirit/Spirit is. and do not think for one moment that God Almighty did this attack as some sort of punishment. no. man does this to himself. he murders his own. 

allow us to share a horrible comment by what appears to be a staunch atheist:

hmm … seems rns moderators removed it. 

it was a typical hate comment on getting rid of  "the EVIL bible" … sue's words. okay, sue, one might ask the same about all the books that contain evil and all the movies that contain evil … where people get "ideas" to hurt others. you are being ignorant in your comment. EXECUTE THEM IN FRONT OF ME---Jesus+ONE OF ATHEIST MAX'S MOST FAMOUS POSTS--repeatedly. first, the the language was in aramaic … translated to what---where? how? for what purpose? by whom? the "atheists" of the world? those who hated one, desiring to eradicate all those not in compliance with its own ideology? its own system of beliefs? it was a business contract within a political field. know this! politics, max! POLITICS! religion was hardly even a system in that day … aside from customs and architecture. politics of the day … see it for what it is, folks and now … execute? and who/what is "them"? max twists to suit his hate agenda and he WILL pay for this malpractice … and it will be that others will fall with him because of his portrait. sad, but true. 

let's take the Jesus story … whether you believe it or not, it TEACHES us what happens when you what? he shows us both sides of that coin! or, one might say two coins … both coins. 

very simply:

1. if you call out hypocrisy/speak out on injustices in a system of belief that is trying to hide criminal activity and abuse you might very likely end up dead according to/depending on the punishment practices of the day---ITS LAW. 

2. I died for you to provide these Teachings that you might hear, so ... please don't hang around where you are not wanted because they will kill you … in their desire to remain in power … their fear … their ignorance … their LAWS and PARTIALITY. 

kick the dust from your feet and get the hell out of these institutions that murder and torture and lie and abuse and … DO NOT BE ALIGNED WITH WHAT DOES NOT RESPECT YOU, and "the execute them" that atheist max seems not to have a clue about has to do with that stinking rot in your own heads! the stuff that causes you to commit crimes … to hurt others … to murder and maim! the evil that coexists … 

ever hear of life and death coexisting? this is paramount heart course … 

and where are you in this stream?

*I will willingly rewrite the "bible" for you, sue, but it is very likely that your friends might try to kill me. put that in your sword and whirl it! oh, but you would not understand the silver man's code … would you? and btw, he is wrong about bernie sanders. seems like many liars (atheist max) he has the facts wrong. we shared in OWA some time ago that we watched AND LISTENED to an interview with him in NE and he said  I AM BLESSED, and he said of his health … THANK GOD … 
now, is this the words of an atheist? if so, he uses incorrectly? misleading viewers? or could it be that he simply does not belong to an INSTITUTION of religious Id? one with creeds and codes and DOCTRINE … but remember, his is socialist, a religion … 

you see, politics … two coins. 

>note the very last paragraph (no pp in that area) and how one ex wife says dear was zealous another says not zealous … also, there was a woman raped at knifepoint but there is no record of how this was handled … so, was this a case he he said she said or did law enforcement not arrest, try and sentence dear to serve time? why not? rape not a big deal in that area? holding up a woman with a knife and raping her not worth a conviction? this loner has been on the loose and reckless all this time and was never reported, or are we getting false info? how many out there like this, ready to pounce on you or someone you know?