so, he "can't care" about JESUS as he kicks back by his gold and silver tree with a cup of hot cocoa in his bunker. okay, then why does the militant atheist spend every day for years bashing JESUS he can't care? ;)

 atheist max of THE GAME OF TROLLS is a religious sycophant … in troll land. 

if you are wondering where that came from (the kicking back, cocoa, silver and gold tree and Jesus he can't care)  … it came from a comment @ rns, one of the atheist's trolling pads. his bunker is where he feels he can best demean and degrade 'something' he can't care … so, why copy paste unintelligent babble day in and day out? if you can't care then you don't know what it is you debase and are therefore unintelligent in what it is that you write. you do not KNOW the words and the words do not know you, so … trying to wield these in a way that you believe can best serve your purpose is … ? that only makes you look … unintelligent? cruel, bullying and unstable … imbalanced. your comments are those comments that incite hatred, because we hate that you use something you do not care about. we do not use the sacred texts of other religions in this manner? we might question on occasion, but never do we repeat and repeat and repeat doggedly, twisting the words to incite hatred---to offend and undermine. if you do not care about it, atheist, why use it? you are a liar and a fraud … hiding behind a name. you use the name much the way your teachers taught you. isn't that right? you are the spitting image of your education. a fake name provides for you the cover you need to not be caught in your lies. odd don't you think that you should attack exactly in the same manner your councilors attacked gnosis … the gnostic … so many years ago, even in this day … your pope 'teaches' to not listen to the gnostic. once a catholic always a catholic, atheist max? 

from our vantage point atheist max shifted seats in the same, dark room … staring at his keyboard like the zombie that he is. hanging in his bunker with his drug called "jesus I can't care", but instead of his rosary he uses words he does not know. hmm … the rosary … words unknown? words that teach what? where in the Writings does it teach to pray rosaries in a zombie-like manner? the devout catholic hollers> how dare you! you offend me more than the atheist! and we say, of course you would say that … what works in and through you is taught to attack one of gnosis. 

you see, one of gnosis is brought into ignition. he challenges the sleep to wake, and if atheist max must be there, we will use him in this work. it matters not that devout catholic spits at us, because we are in the place of removing stumbling blocks where INSTITUTION CLAIMING TO BE THE MOUTHPIECE OF CHRIST has masterminded a cult to keep people from waking. we questioned this catholic on truth and he was silent as he had no words. did he think God could know him in the cave? wrapped in a rosary? hmm … how the institution's curriculum conjured up many blocks to keep the people from asking questions of their authority. yes, the time has come to look deep into that festering wound, the one that the institution is desperately trying to wrap in a white bandage … without cleaning it … without trying to understand the source of the infection … and they definitely do not want the world to see the wound for what it is. 

the pus out there is being put under the microscope and those of science will be researching it. 

the truth is we do not care about the rosary. it is not the Word, the Writings, The Christ or what Jesus represented (this work), but we have every right to share with atheist having used a rosary and found not Gd but a life of trolling and using copy-pasted words he uses to demean one of gnosis because he does not care. in this, HE DEMEANS believer in Sprit much the way a white supremacist that hates blacks demeans and disparages, and GOVERNMENT needs to get on the stick and DEAL this deal … soon. in careless atheist's rage, or even in in what he thinks is funny cuts, he cuts and bleeds the believer in Spirit. we hate that he does this carelessly. without care and concern for those he cuts. a child slashing about with a kitchen knife? yes, but a religious child swinging the weapon about.

SPIRIT of the Living does not need rosary items to be known. if one should use it like a stress ball or komboloi beads … well, that is for one that cannot walk to reason. he sits at a desk or in a cafe, perhaps, and his hands do the walking while his mind worries on things. Gd is in the air that we breathe. and so is evil … 

which would you choose to breathe?

an atheist posted recently that in the NT, I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH … does not help … in the confusion about how to address the fundamentalism as … disease (see silk's commentary). it is clear to us and is why we are here that much of the world was taught that roma by way of the catholic church is God. it is not. this would be like saying, roman catholic church is the way, the truth and the life. it is NOT what JESUS was teaching. in gnosis, and one must enter within this; I AM is a place of movement. Jesus represents this place, and {this} is not an institution, or even a man claiming authority, any man, or woman. I AM is understood as a realm of coming into Life … understanding of our Being. it is truly sad what religionists have done with these words … with THE WORD. it is sad what has been misinterpreted, mistranslated and misrepresented by men claiming full knowledge and forcing their belief system on so many. it is sad how many reside in darkness on the Writings. it is truly, truly sad. 


do understand the teachers out there … what they preach on … and where they hide. why must one have an enormous institution with cultish practices that demand obedience, demeaning and insulting those not like them … picking and choosing texts to suit agenda, discriminating against female … housing itself in the most expensive rooms and … claiming itself infallible and spokesperson for Spirit … to know Gd? this is dangerous feed. why does man continue to pay into and support these artilleries? distilleries and make deals with these? the hierarchies must be removed if man wants to move forward civilly … artistically … to learn of the divide … the breeding of evil. there are things currently in place that refuse to allow this. can you see what these are? 

it is not JESUS he should be attacking, or God … unless god manifests in the form of man demanding obedience, or an institution presenting itself as the know-it-all on truth, and politics use him to mastermind their own policies. where in this is justice for those not of these streams? man has yet to come into knowledge let alone understanding on Gd or man … where he breeds. evil suitors do not want to be discovered for what it breeds … know this … and institutions acting as big heads only cultivate confusion on the fight to understand the tirades, the outbursts or rage and the mental instability. the arts have been showing man and Gd for centuries but the sciences have yet to taste this metal. when it does, look out rcc and all those demanding obedience. 

it is no secret that this current pope is warning of the gnostics. he FEARS this stream. his establishment has always feared this stream. I am not of gnosticism because I am not of any religion, and do not align with man's doctrine within these, but there is coming a day where gnosticism will reign strong and man will be eroding. it will be of another place, and what I see here is that many of the atheists will be of this … having realized there is SPIRIT … and they will desire knowledge in this realm. atheism will be history but where will the roman catholic be standing? will he even exist? man does not prepare himself for the changing climate … the changing landscape. he acts like mud-wrestlers in a pen, and people stand around watching the spectacle. does he come any closer to understanding the war? the warring? the real reasons why there is warring? too many hide behind titles and large institutions unwilling to fess up to their part in the play. 


we see through these trends. we know of this in between stage and where people are … and prepare the platform for what's ahead … significant change, which does come in stages. the youth will be the ones taking up the cross. not like the religionists of these mega churches. our cross is not of these. will there be poor? you will always have your poor. and epidemics will collide with the work. i cannot share all i see … people would not understand, and there is evil that would attempt to usurp information and use it for its own gain. and the militancy of sects are always a threat to the new.

these mega churches are much like entertainment centers. people attend a show a couple of times a month :) and is why this refugee problem is of such interest to many of these organizers. they are always looking for ways to keep people walking through their doors, and contributing money because, let's face it … they do need money to pay these contractors and pastors and choirs and performers of all stripes. yes, lots of money goes to these and yes, they need jobs like anyone else. what is the purpose of these? one could always say it is a job, right? it pays the bills, but the one paying into or for these must understand where their money is going---how much of a 1,000, for instance, actually goes to help a refugee find a home and something to eat.



why do you not see them for where they are? because it is the way of one of gnosis to continue in {this}. will he meet with idolators spies and those who demean … yes, and excommunication is of the way. know this. receive its wine and remain within the bold colors of its fruit.


catholicism had one of the richest mystical traditions. where is it now? mystics are born from the ashes of disease. yep. sounds strange but this is true. where there had been carnage and people regrouped to find some measure of healing, a mystic is born to help move them through till sunrise. mystics are a quirky bunch, also intense and richly fed … but they are almost always used then abused by high tower religionists. hierarchy either silences them or uses them in an obscene way, a way that Spirit finds illicit. it is a constant battle.

when people slip into a lull … even something like politics, TV, partying and the day-to-day rituals, consuming the mind and heart of a believer … a darkness slips in and there is a cloud obscuring that mountain, the mountain we are called to understand. one cannot "move" the mountain if one cannot see it …. right? mystics are not born in clouds. mystics are born at the light of day. but what brings forth light? and what keeps a mystic from falling prey to the hierarchies? 

I have my eye on a "protestant" beginning to feel his first stirring within mysticism. I know why he is feeling this, and I sense where he has been feeding that is drawing him to these waters. he is warmed by some writing from a writer who is more a new ager in expression (articulation), not particularly educated in the field of gnosis, but a step or maybe a 1/2 step in where one begins to process truth … but the "protestant" is just ruminating in the writing. his gift does not rest in this denomination nor does it find itself in what we call playing with self mode. he is not a monastic, more a mystic. monastics are not mystics despite what many are taught to believe. many monastics like to believe they are mystics but what they are often caught up in is a self-playing existence. it is not hard to get caught up in this if you are inclined toward seeking within knowledge. where the mystic differs is where he acclimates … but he may only be in this new climate for a short time. tommy merton was a mystic on the move. he could easily toss aside his earlier work because he found himself foraging in the new … constantly. we shared in SPIR that he was on his way into eastern orthodoxy when he got zapped in the tub. I won't share on that incident, but I will say that the protestant will find his way to eastern orthodoxy where he will take on our dear old vladimir lossky. I look forward to this day :D just remember, david, lossky had the essence and energy reversed ;) if you can see your way through to this revelation … gift will be the hungry 'ghosts'.