he's right:

no one is saying honestly what a big challenge this is

if you have a responsibility to keep X number of people safe, with jobs, fed ... properly educated and cared for .. and struggle with this already ... AS EVERY SINGLE CITY, PROVINCE ... NATION  ... DOES STRUGGLE WITH THIS ... to take in mass numbers without admitting that this is and will be a challenge that is and will overwhelm the existing ... and will change the people/job/culture dynamics so significantly ... is sheer ignorance, or a deception of integration ... likely both.


the man wanted her to abort the child ... fought about custody payments ... and mom allows daughter to spend time with a man who does not want her---does not love her?

at some point, folks, people need to gain vision that avoids these horrendous outcomes ... 

if we have to go back to the beginning to understand the basics ... we will, and no amount of university education AS WE HAVE SEEN FROM ST PAUL'S RAPE BEHAVIOR AND MANY OTHER "CLUBS" ... WILL TEACH THIS ... no matter how smart a man or woman is ... it is no substitute for LIFE ... LOVE


keep looking ... boyfriend blames  ... mom blames ... keep looking ... 

and our government agencies and religious agencies are what---where? 

oh yeah ... FIGHTING!

abusing their own ...  and NEGLIGENT!