from the Gospel of Philip:

Light and Darkness, like life and death, and right and left are siblings of one another, and inseparable. For this reason the good are not good, the bad are not bad, life is not life, and death is not death. Each will dissolve into its original nature, but what is superior to the world cannot be dissolved, for it is eternal.

the above is of a Spiritual Wisdom that man cannot see. his mind cannot taste its Person. Heart is of the Essence of the Spirit. it houses the portent to acquiesce in a place of mirth, but this can only penetrate the realm of darkness if it ascends to the place of kinsman … mind … a visionary manifest in … deeds, looking … appearances … it is through this ascension crying out that the darkness is lifted to hear Truth, companion to Wisdom. 

TRUTH AND WISDOM ARE MADE ONE. this is to know God, and to be known by God.

how does this cry out in the world of men? in the houses of the ancient wisdom seekers, guns are of death. guns and explosives and all instruments that seek justice through military means is beneath the realm of the Spirit. to go the way of these streams is to reside in darkness. it is barbarism to those of Sophia. it is a betrayal of Mother. a canopy lost. 

what made its appearance yesterday in paris was of death, but one would be surprised at the number that would disagree … as they too seek justice in the form of military use. allow us to give an example …

recently we saw play out in this nation a celebration of this death. it is called the canonization of juniper serra. the leader of a band of men entered the territory of a gathering people, a people of the Earth. gatherers mostly; the native people had their own customs, beliefs and their own practices. they ate the foods provided by their means of gathering. serra and his band entered and forced the people to change their customs … their dress and their ways, and their beliefs. the leadership and its followers of this method of forced obedience praised serra then and now ... for this near catastrophic attack on the native people. this is barbarism to one of gnosis. it is of darkness, even illness. the native people are an innocent people. their growth and maturity should have come in measured steps through the sharing of ideas … not force. 

today the governments of the world praise these canonizations. we are offended by these decrees. they have betrayed Israel, our mother … the Spiritual Essence in Truth.  

what PHILIP speaks on is impartiality. GOD IS IMPARTIAL in {this} moving of waters. water being the symbolic of regenerating of LIFE. man loves his war. he believes himself right and worthy of murdering for his own ideas … and commands. other men agree and push these self-serving agendas. they want change, but they want it their way---how they SEE it should be. the HEARING is not a factor as "looks" speak louder to these men. legacy and pride are comrades in arms. death is at a premium. this is darkness … a walking "blind". 

there are religious/political leaders telling man to not allow the ascent. they fear gnosis and gnostics because it removes their power in a world of spiritually immature. they want kin embedded in deeds---the "good" deed-doers, but through their practices and beliefs. this lacks wisdom … for, if wisdom signals catastrophe … man would not know as he is caught up in darkness---the errancy of man's ego. religious madcaps desire power. they need the poor of Spirit to survive in their legacies. they use the poor of Spirit to fight their wars and to bleed and die for them. martyrs and saints they call them, if they even bother to know their names at all, but they will not hesitate to USE a name if it suits their agenda, and creates for them the revolution they desire ... to keep their headship in place and practicing, and in finance and control. 

man is indeed at the four square crossing we shared in SPIR some time ago. PETER's vision found in Acts. 

we enter the East … what say you?


Chapter 13 KIMBER VAN PRISON,  Book One OPHELIA  In the Beyond

after locating Argus, known as Her Pet, the hellenic hound that had traveled to Cain with Ophelia and was stolen and forced to work as a slave at the prison for the brothers, Kimber and Van … Willem sees the mistreatment but experiences something more …

Watching them for a brief moment, Willem turned an angry gaze toward Mosstoe. "Are you the one responsible for this?" he asked, pointing at the injured hound.

Terrified, Mosstoe backed away.

Willem glared for a moment then charged at him, picking him up by the scruff of the neck. "You will pay!" he growled. In a rage, he swept to the edge of the pit and dangled Mosstoe over the deep hole.

 "Please, no!" screamed Mosstoe. "Don't throw me in, please!"

His eyes blazing with revenge, Willem loosened his grip on the back of Mosstoe's neck, ready to let him drop.

"No!" begged the small creature.

Willem was just about to let him fall when he noticed something in Mosstoe's eyes, something that caused him to tighten his grip. He then quickly pulled him away from the pit and placed him carefully on the ground. Confused by his own behavior, Willem stood and stared wonderingly at the miserable creature that had instantly fallen to his knees, thanking him for not dropping him into the deep hole. 

Willem saw hurt in Mosstoe's eyes, not unlike the hurt that he witnessed in seeing Argus lying helpless in the dirt. Instantly Willem changed his tune. Mosstoe had done to Argus what had been done to him. It was evident by the marks on the creature's body that he had endured years of beatings. The scars on him were many. Some were old and some not so old; some were long and thin like those resulting from whippings with a strap; others were short and thick and rose above Mosstoe's skin like bits of small, knotted vines. Mosstoe had suffered greatly at the hands of others and those who had beaten Mosstoe had been beaten themselves. It was a vicious, never-ending cycle. Willem made the move to change all that …


this should not surprise anyone … you'll find them stationed all over the world 

was listening to the man who started the following being interviewed on a local radio station …

we posted this a few posts back:

"we will share something important ...

I have not read this until just a few minutes ago, and only part of it.

the purpose of this sharing is to show you a glimpse of what will be. recall we shared on forums, in SPIR and OWA that the face of christianity will change as will the landscape of religion? zionism is this change. christianity will emerge faceless as it should be ... it will be ISRAEL in the seat of jurisdiction ... not religion. this was not to be forced. it was to come forth through the power of the holy Spirit ... in its day of Resolution. we enter the EAST. "

okay … what do we mean by this … 
it is necessary to step out of your current manifestos to recognize the dilemma we face. we can carry on as barbarians and continue killing for revenge and 'safety' … protection, but what are we really protecting ourselves from? governments are riddled with corruption and dishonesty, even among what we think is honest and well meaning societies. democracy is run on what? media  … ? media owned and operated by …? people getting snowed all the time? the big money is where being used how? the chants on things like blacklivesmatter if not militant is like so many chants that came before. history repeats with new cases. that many "black" women or women in general lining up in this could be an important step for women, esp, black and minority women having been overthrown by patriarchal diseases. male abundant sickness. men abusive and treating women irreverently and ignorantly. it's out there no reason denying it. the news has been full of even the athlete and the comedian --- the famous--- behaving badly, so … yes, these smaller movements make and shape society at large for badly needed change and is why we were immensely annoyed by the grandiose promenading of a patriarchal figure by our government and our public servants, and the MONEY SPENT … and it was silencing the voices needing to be heard. shame on you vatican and roman catholics … your leader represents hierarchal dominion and the silencing of the female. he is not representative of our values in america---is he? hmm … something to strongly consider if truly DESIRING CHANGE … change where and how … for us, it emerges as HEALING, not more drugs or more careless freedoms or more religions … and their wants. 

but do the research! know what it is that you are paying into but even more importantly … at this stage, KNOW WHAT IT IS THAT YOUR RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL HEADSHIP IS PAYING INTO … and WHERE this leaves you and your families. no, you are not being protected. no matter how many die on those battlefields … you and yours are NOT protected if you are relying on the present jurisdiction … 
which leads us to the above posted: zionism … what do you mean by this?

what we mean is protection of those moving---in motion … working for change that is not arbitrary but enlightening. a rabbi stated that the jew is not race … one might view this in two ways. there is the jew not of a homeland as he is scattered all over the world. he is not like the italian or the greek or the french or the polish … having been born and raised within the state of these nations, and remaining within allegiance to this place of devotion: pride of. we personally do not have this kind of, and we speak of the political and religious manifesto here not cultural foods and … (pride: I do not). once you begin to see this you begin to understand what is of the jew spoken of in the Writings. and if we go way back, are we not all from jew? well, if you believed the holy books in their historical literacy, you might think so, but no … not all are truly born of this same imminence … but the quest is constant either way, or should be. and, of course, there is the jew of judaism. this would be like the "jew" of italy or france … practicing or not, in a religion, as there are now many dominations with many deeds and creeds …

and ISRAEL now both literally and symbolically hangs in the balance. 

continued … 

the atheist blaming all the offenses on religion is only fooling himself. he is partner to the corruption as much as his brother religion … he pays into the neglect and the disease as much as any other. so no, we do not view religion as the sole culprit of these extremist attacks … we see the industry in all its avarice. BUSINESS. al-Qaeda is a BUSINESS. Roman Catholicism is business AND education, whether you agree with its teachings is another matter. each is a matter of dark and light. can light arise to the opulence that dark can be redeeming? anyone can take anything and use it in a destructive and deficient way. hitler was honed in roman catholic strategy … along with the religionists of his era (many sects) he masterminded a regime to destroy many many lives. he was at war with ISRAEL … he was a patriarchal maniac, but what he saw was his own small-minded housing. this is not gnosis. a bastard strain … and many hopped on board, atheists, too … hard to imagine but what are we watching play out now? the business of finding and fighting policy. it is an industry run by a lot of insulated archetypes, molding into a uniform what? a role model of what? but the truth is … in america we cannot have everyman's belief and practice in the manner he desires. you give an inch and it is within him to take a mile! YOU CANNOT INVITE 100,000 OF ONE VERY STRICT SECT THAT RUNS CONTRARY TO AN EMANCIPATED SOCIETY AND EXPECT IT TO RUN SMOOTHLY  … but is america truly an emancipated society? to some, very much … to others, not so. many women still feel enslaved. the role model is what? a stigma? in some circles and religions and even in the area of education, business and politics … still not equal. and what desires to keep her out? pregnant … overpopulating while climate is … in question … while environmentalists are saying, whoa on those babies, you big breeders! 

anyhow, where were we … 

democracy is a "figure" of man's imagination: his dreams. but it all depends on the deeds of who is really running the show, and we know where and how the big money industries play into this. many people simply do not know and are naive in their choices. how do you inform in a society that silences to save face, reputation … industry? there is no real element of truism in his deeds if he is partial to … 

man must keep moving to keep from becoming altruistic through his devotion to these "democratic" dreams. he squats and lives the life of a squatter hoarding his accomplishments … but for what purpose? and this includes his religious relationship (his relationship with religion which is not God, btw :) .. if he is not seeing the demand and the death … and the injustices through HIS hierarchies … he is dead to the life on LOVE: supreme kind. 

the democrats in america are in denial if they think they can hoist every person's dream and make it an icon of a healthy and safe place. politicians of every stripe make absurd promises. and to try to bring in yet another demand from religious/political person(s), one desiring their tarmac be unhindered is ludicrous, not if we are trying to move! to get out from under that tarmac … 

foolish, foolish promises with no historical relevancy … look and see for yourselves! it does not work! not in a democratic philosophy. the hitler's of the world are born in these careless cradles.


the pope says not to be misled by the campaign against barros, a man he selected to be ordained in a higher position 

hmm … okay, so why isn't the pope who is being touted by "the world" (generally speaking) as the pope for the poor … the peace pope … and on and on … not sitting down with these "accusers" to hear what they have to say? WHY aren't we receiving this information? why are we to take the word of a man who is also accused of hiding abuse in Argentina? you see, are we to be seen as idiots? or bad people … troublemakers for wanting MORE INFORMATION about this? do we ever read that the pope allows for outside investigations to come in and do an unbiased job? no! and we do not get answers on this pope about abuse---PERIOD! the secrecy and the denial make him suspect. 

the pope, a large political figure, makes himself a road block to honest press and honesty and the ability to get to the truth on not only this case but many many cases. big money … big head … big lies … ?

so, ask yourselves who/what can you trust regarding this institution? why has the government of the US allowed itself to be aligned with improper methods to very serious accusations that concern millions, even billions …  or that no efforts are being taken to find out the truth about not only barros but all bishops, priests, staff, laity even the pope and those supporting him and his institution.

THIS STANDS TO BE A CASE FOR OBAMA AND HIS EFFORTS IN THE IRAN DEAL … as he refused questioners … denying them their right to know more.

allow to present statements by the current roman pontiff:

“A second temptation is the gnosticism that leads us to place our trust in logical and clear reasoning that, however, loses the tenderness of our brother's flesh. … The difference between Christian transcendence and any other form of gnostic spiritualism resides in the mystery of the Incarnation. Not putting into practice, not leading the Word to reality, means building on sand, remaining in the pure idea and degenerating into intimisms that do not bear fruit, that render its dynamism sterile”.---pope francis

how would this rc politician know? his institutional regime attempted to silence and wipe out those they called gnostics. where and how can he prove any of this to be true? and why is he acting as if gnosticism is some serious threat that he should pick out this religion, deeming it unacceptable? what about judaism or islam? what about buddhism? why do we not see anyone asking him these questions? 

because much of the media owned by … won't allow it

so, are you owned by the roman freaky catholic church and its cohorts?