JJ (comment on a reuters article-france intelligence raiding homes of suspected terrorism)

It is actually up to Muslims to do this work in softer ways within their communities. To disassociate themselves from these acts of carnage and proclaim unity with victims is not nearly enough. It can be construed as a ploy at mollification to protect the foothold they have gained. They must actively seek to quash extremism. And they must integrate into Western society. Just as colonial countries like Belgium, France, Germany and England must seek to integrate them. If they continue to come the west and do not integrate but inflate muslim culture in the West by producing children above the national average, who don't have jobs and don't integrate, friction will be inevitable. Politicians will claim there is no clash of cultures. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the fundamental problem and it is glaringly obvious.

yes, and no … jj is stating the obvious. and for politicians to behave as if citizens should just accept the newbies and not respond in a manner expressing concern is absurd. the no … is the idea that "the west" is getting along fine. it's not. the west is the west and was never to be a stagnant domain, wallowing in its own fidelity. a gnostic knows we are entering the east … and if he doesn't, he should begin to understand. 

the east? you may ask, what do you mean by the east? are we to become muslim? no … this is not what we mean by entering the east. we are coming into a plane of oblivion. do not panic; this is gnostic tracking … (remember aragon's ability to track the hobbits into the forest during the battle? not idly do the leaves fall … ) what we enter is a new character. the old must be removed that we might survive and evolve. universalism is not the partner to survival, despite what most have been taught. when roma set the stage for "catholic" equivalency in the world, it did this with its own ideal in mind. man followed not the Christ but a regiment seized by war. evil knows its cartridges … and uses them for its own purposes. we speak of the hierarchies that govern without regard for the youth and the drought. the table is turning. 

people in 'civil' societies are not prepared for catastrophe … epidemics … they whine when their shoelaces become undone … when their coffee isn't with just the right amount of sweetener … when a call was mishandled on their favorite sports team. meanwhile, abuse is rampant … diseases abound, disgruntled and indoctrinated teens stroll into their high schools and unleash their fury …  an 8 year-old boy beats to death a one year old … toddlers wash up on the shores of wholesome looking beaches stuffed into a trash bag---"demon possessed"  ... the archdiocese riddled with sex crimes and their bishop still sits in the seat of kings … politicians spending millions on fake promises and … social media is the drug of the day. and these are just a few.

the east is a place of remittance. 

you get what you pay for? you receive what you believe? if you don't give a damn about the children washed up on beaches … maybe LIFE will not give a damn about you.

act one: GET THE CHILDREN OUT OF THOSE HORRORS AND INTO SAFE HOUSING! start with the orphans, the ones having to raise themselves under extreme conditions … (the parents are another matter). and this includes those "living" in the west.

WE WILL NOT SUPPORT YOUR BOMBS MURDERING … so, candidates running for office, maybe you need to rethink your campaigns.

listen to the video (the dog commercial is adorable but we are referring to the parents of a victim being interviewed)


wouldn't it make sense for the US government to go in and get the orphans out of these oppressive and illicit environments for these are victims, too … susceptible to the indoctrination of war regimes--- the government obviously does not care about anyone or anything but its own agenda and those infused within this, and the rogue armies will take these children  when they are of an age and use the very young women for sex, sex trafficking and breeding purposes, and some for war ... and the young boys, possibly for sex (check out the recent articles on the french peacekeepers), are recruited for body parts: instruments of death


look at these guys

is this supposed to make people feel better … SAFER? I don't believe it, and I do not believe that killing will solve killing. there is far more in these takes than meets the eye. which brings me to our education system ..

WHAT IS IT DOING ABOUT TEACHING STUDENTS? are they all about technology? spending billions on technology which makes a lot of adept hackers … yes? where are our thinkers for an EVOLVING, MEDIATING HUMANITY? sexting? bar hopping … smoking pot and looking for their next high? students and parents loaded down with school debts … and for what? to do what with their lives? looking for the "right" job … ? some of these colleges-universities are well endowed but where are the ghost busters? ;) where are the dam breakers and the ones to seek the real prize? a human kind … not just for self-serving practices but for ALL mankind. we are not there yet, folks, no matter what the scholars, athletes, music masters and mixologists tell you … DARTMOUTH! what say you? offer the kids a program from your great wad and get them started on the right foot! I know of youth just waiting for that offer … they are out there, some getting lazy, disappointed in the norms, uninspired, angry … complacent … where do you want them to look for their kick? their igniting? caffeine and drugs can only go so far and then its the plunge ...

Added: I started the Spiritual Language in SYMBOL last night. yes, I have begun the new release. like the ikons before .. these are a language of teaching. 


“The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation and power in this world that tries to get in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy.” -Bernard Lewis The Crisis of Islam (borrowed this from a commenter on rns)

but they won't get their way … just as roman catholicism did not get their way (and will not) … something is moving into place that will keep this from happening. 


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