fierce but noble
this is what I heard first after logging in to OWA blog. then I was shown Jeremiah 7 where it speaks on amending ways and says not to trust lying words and says not to shed innocent blood and …

what do you think happens every time missiles drop, bombs explode and guns blaze? do you think innocent blood is shed? I would imagine it would depend on your inspiration and your source of interest and your source of truth. how often do you think people, even governments, are misinformed on or about "the enemy"? there are millions in a confining element, living in a world that appears to outsiders as wrong and deserving of death … annihilation. they think if these sects are destroyed problems a, b, c and d will be solved and they can manage e through z by way of their faith and belief systems. gimme a gun and I can take care of it, they chant. Jeremiah is saying, no … no, bloodshed is not the answer. it is a cycle repeating and nothing gets resolved but what man believes … and man does not really believe, does he? for his "wisdom" he relies on men of orders … military and political and religious … all susceptible to falling short of the real beginnings … due to money, titles, establishment, industry, legacy ego, reputation … all a part of his belief system.

groups … parties cannot agree on policy and often a decision is made and many suffer. why are we as believers in a SUPREME BEING allowing the bloodshed … the innocent to be murdered? why are we as believers in a Supreme Being taking the 'word' of pope so and so and bishop what's his name and president this and president that to decide FOR US whether or not people live or die … and why are we as believers in SUPREME LIFE allowing ourselves to be held back from the ascent … silenced … even murdered? why are we trusting the lies  … condoning these as well as the murders? why does man saying he is a believer in a Supreme Being allowing the fornication and the irreverence and the decimation and the cheap titles to rule him and his family? why does he fall in line with these idolaters? all that we listed above ( money, titles … establishment)? who set the stage for all of this? 

who/what is the real enemy?


fact or fiction? 

one commenter asked if sanders had taken on the Jewish Landlord Lobby yet … 

which brings us to the theologies on original and hereditary sin … and where people abide in these.

continued …
a comment from rns

Are you responding to my mention of a letter from John inciting hatred against non-christians by saying that it wasn’t really by John? Of course it wasn’t – but biblical literalists who think it’s all the word of a deity do indeed *think* it is by John, so my point still stands. All the Abrahamic religions – and indeed any religion that accepts the supernatural and has a hateful book that the followers think is from some deity – are capable of turning loving people into monsters.

turning loving people into monsters … hmm. of which supernatural are you referring, jon? the LIGHT or the DARK? do you even know? no, because you lack knowledge and understanding which is precisely what the Writings are care-filled to esteem. some deity … hmm. are you the deity, jon? maybe your democratic party is your deity? your party affiliates, possibly? YOUR system of belief … whatever that may be … what makes you right and others wrong? democrats … atheists go out and kill people all the time … innocent people … loads and loads and loads of them, by way of orders from politicians and military and … the Writings, IF YOU UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE, teach you NO, do not kill … but you are not interested in understanding what is {this} teaching. are we correct in saying this? which leaves us to a critical question:

what are YOU going to do about the killings-------ALL killing … abuse and dishonesty and … ? 

ah, let's see … who started the fight and why? and why haven't you said anything about roma who set the stage for the dialect in what is right and what is wrong, which, believe it or not … democrat or republican … atheist or believer in supreme being, it is still running pretty much the same campaign. 

imagine you are living your life the way you believe is right---how you are taught---from your parents and your leaders that oversee them and along comes a foreigner and he brings with him an army and forces you to believe like him … behave and live HIS LAWS … laws based on an institution with a hierarchy that dominates. when Jesus began his teaching he did not bring with him an army to force anything, and he spoke in a language that few were able to witness because they were under another law. he questioned and he challenged, but he never murdered a single person---light or dark … jew or other. he was 'bringing' a profound sense and reason to the discussion of behavior that was alienating and damaging … harmful and even corrupt. overbearing, forceful and careless … to the people.  was "judaism" challenging the unjust laws at that time? was it willing to gather its believers and question the stoning of adulteresses and move to stop these murders? widows forced to prostitute and many, many unfair and indecent practices. and there was the stigmas … oh my! don't come near me! I can't eat with you---stay away from us. something had to be done! there is PROPHET on TRUTH … change was necessary that man might move OUT of these wearisome and damaging circles and grow … mature, become more honest about his acts and more just in a sizable world. nonbelievers ignore the immense teachings within the Writings because they are without what? think about it … 

there were early followers of these teachings, many that are within the old but brought to a new light … this is a part of the carrying of that cross … each DAY there needs to be a witness of truth to carry these. atheists are being silly if they do not see at least some of what the Writings provided in terms of conduct. they should be a little thankful because they might not be here in this day if not for these. huh, HEADline: atheist falls from sky and "human" is born? lol :D

the atheists will be outnumbered by those seeking gnosis, even gnosticism ... and they will be no more. man cannot continue to stage his everything bagel and not get stinky breath.

here's another comment from rns:

The huge difference here is the perception that the Catholic Faith is just like all the others. The Catholic Church was established by God, all the others were established by men. Men can change men’s rules at will, the Catholic Church does not have that ability. The same applies to the difference between the Holy Eucharist as established by Christ on Holy Thursday, and the communion services in protestant churches. Holy Eucharist is reserved for the Catholic faithful in the state of grace. Protestant communion services are for everyone and are only a symbol of the real thing, they could use beer and pizza instead of bread and wine, it would have the same significance.

the amazon discussion boards are full of this type of rhetoric. ;D so, allow us to ask this question: how is the atheist any different from the roman catholic church? each has his idea of being right and all others wrong. his mind the only correct belief system. his ideas the only right way. his institute the only REAL truth. hmm? they both kill when ordered by their system of belief: their law. so … 

roman catholics rarely want to enter into a discussion about the inception of that church they call God's infallible doctrine, but in the BEGINNING WAS THE WORD AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD AND THE WORD WAS GD  and no where do we hear roman catholic church as {this} beginning. it did not exist and was never a follower of the Christ immortal. it was and is a manmade system of decrees designed to suit itself: it's power house. it's corruption and abuses, and all those murders are coming into a light for people to reckon … this and all that is manmade. fact or fiction? truth or lies? ignorance or of knowledge and understanding? ISIL, and those of this same stream want what? how does it go about getting what it wants? what did the roman catholic church do to get what it wanted? seldom do you hear the dennys of the world answer these questions. many will even say, we had the right because we are God. yikes! time for this menace to be removed … yes?


we post the above link for two reasons. one, consider all possibilities in these events, including the fact that things do change: differing opinions and beliefs causing a splintering and or changes in procedure or the combining of effort to accomplish the attack at a certain time. and two, the desire to confuse … a strategy used to add to the fear and misdirect the offices there when they should be here or someplace more imminent. take for instance the vatican using a populist pope- a pope for the poor ad campaign [francis of assisi] to continue hide the abuses and what the better part of the world has yet to realize about this longwinded institution. 

from our vantage point: al-Qaeda … with the intent to redirect attention away from what should be immediate efforts to find and confiscate within the unlikely areas … investigative reporting is key here … to hell with the politically correct and … like we said prior to this horrible event: france, brace yourselves … there is more

there is always more … I hear the south. just putting it out there. it is for you to decide. you see, evil says, hey, it worked for that group … let's try it and see what comes forth. america is run on …….. they are in the dark. proceed. 

one cannot fight the "enemy" unless one understands the straps of the enemy. one man says, it is ISIL … the media says so … intelligence says it was IS that attacked in paris on friday. how does he know this? because ISIL claimed responsibility? they love the front page; they are likely to claim anything if it will get them there and as they seem not to have any real laws but murder and torture … but al-qaeda has some rules. the man says, well, because al-qaeda would not blast and kill where there might be muslims. hmm … but muslims do not drink at bars do they? not strict law abiding muslims and would not be attending heavy medal music where drink is served? do these types of muslims congregate and entertain in these venues? if muslims were there, wouldn't al-qaeda view them as debasing their god, deserving of death? their law and practices differ somewhat from the ISIL track. 

so … people are wary to go out to clubs and bars in france … ? "islam" of the sharia law getting their way? instilling fear and within three years they will have the foothold they desire. right, brother?


ah, yes … a breath of fresh air. not complete in the manner of knowing the finality of these matters, but definitely gnostic!

:) now, is this what pope fran is afraid of? you betcha!

ADDED: a comment on GIRARD's theory (from a gay atheist)

Girard’s theory is nonsense. A man desires a woman because she is desired by another man? How gay is that?

Religion is a drug. And like most drugs, it makes you be however you are, just Moreso.

How is this for simplicity? God is what you use to justify what cannot be justified By any other means.

If you are a violent person, religion is your excuse to be violent.

If you are a bigot, religion justifies your bigotry.

If you are obsessed by your own sexuality, religion tells you it’s ok to use religion to justify trying to control the sex lives of others.

READ the manifesto published by the sick perverts responsible for the carnage in Paris. They are obsessed with sexual purity, for everyone but themselves. As are all fundamentalists of every faith. as susy bright says:

Every fundamentalist religion today is running on the fumes of sexual psychosis. They are huffing and huffing and huffing until they annihilate everything including themselves.

down boy down! ;) I can't speak FOR girard but to assume his theory is nut shelled in one article where little is actually shared about this particular theory … is weak … but there is most definitely substance to the coveting claim. ben, ben … ben …  me thinks you are willfully ignoring all things but your own preferences and it's fairly obvious you are still back in that classroom beating up the kid that made fun of you. and we are not sure you will make it through in your condition. anybody willing to help, ben? he seems not to have the ability to reason within an outside context. how about you, jay? 


one of the commenters asked: the question is WHO IS FUNDING ISIS TERROR

well, it goes like  …