“I think when all is said and done, the United States bishops will always stand with Peter,” Wuerl stressed, referring to the pope, who Catholics believe is the successor of St. Peter as bishop of Rome.
----Gibson at rns

we are well aware of what the roman catholics have been taught about PETER … and how the the Writings have been misconstrued, DAVID. stating this as you and your comrades do on rns … with that line or two usually at the end of the commentary---the statement---that you were taught would stick in their minds the most … as if they are dumb bleeders. 

shame on you and your institution for using PETER so definitively and so dishonestly, especially when you have been shown time and time again that you have mistyped.  your day is now upon you for the misdirection … the abuses and the bloodshed. DID YOU THINK GOD WAS NOT AWARE? did you think that you could hide behind big cathedrals, fancy garb and expensive houses … carrying not a cross but a brand name of titles to suit self-agendas …
CONTROL-OBEDIENCE-DYNASTY … much like what other caliphate we see today? you cannot whitewash this, david … despite all the bombs and blazing guns, the smoke is clearing on who set the stage when the message was clear:

call no one your father but ONE.
and this you seem lost to understand in your desire for the use and misuse of truth … in a day of remittance.

look at what is happening, david? look! as more and more people begin to realize how and where EVIL plays its hand they will be taught what the roman catholic church did in its early rise to power---how it set itself up to act as GOD and play God and demand that it be obeyed … but what it did not understand and could not understand in its devilish intent is that Spirit of the Living God does not force … misuse for institutional obedience and is not PARTIAL> what don't you and your members understand here? continuing to say the obvious makes the catholics look not only spiritually unaware but ignorant. why do you insist on showing your holy father and his office as spiritually unaware and ignorant? hmm … 

THE HOLY FATHER IS NO SUCH THING. how much more must we warn that you will see what is coming?

but let's step into something igniting here: PETER. where in the Writings does GOD say that he is a saint? no where … that's where. the ones called by Jesus as the story goes are not saints. these are something other. God never tells roma or any other institution claiming the CHRIST what are the saints. never. this is key and if you begin to understand this you begin to understand the part in LOVE and how this is to be lived. you might want to start with this very important knowledge and discern. why are your leaders so afraid to grow? to mature? to move out of the old skin and remove for redemption? those marriages you and your headship go on and on about are as this to ONE IN THE SPIRIT:

what has your business to do with ME?

Spirit cannot know what is not within the prime, dear david. do you know what the prime is? where this qualifies?
and this is not a my church is better than your church---mine is truth and yours is not … yadayaadayada … I AM NO PROTESTANT … I am your wake up call. the rcc is coming to an end … its hierarchy must be removed as this is blocking the way for many, and it is not helping in the reconstruction during that turning of the table. it helps not in this time of fear and foisting of war … it is not the redeeming voice of truth as it was the bastard strain murdering and torturing its way to get its way. its way … not the I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE. forget the politico … they cannot help your headship … the catholic will be attacked as being the cause of much disease. it is coming. do I care? do I care that this is coming---that people will be attacked---hated---abused? of course I care or I would not be here. if something is in the way of LIFE … LIFE finds a way … 

added: and you can thank those who believe in the FEMININE DIVINE through "mary" although mary was not immaculate … as she is symbolic of SPIRITUAL CLEANSING and is the necessary portent for Truth! … thank these brethren, david … your max kolbes and the like, even though he was undeniably young in the light … and others, stepping out of the old guard and chastising not only the hierarchy but the office it posts as Authority. it is not. 



putin should be looking in his backyard … could there be a reason he held back on 


when 'organized' want a war they will find ways to make a war


here is your product, DAVID GIBSON … 

JESUS ENDORSED the stoning laws – He rejected any change to the stoning laws of Moses.

“For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass from the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commands and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” – JESUS (Matthew 5:18-19 RSV)

- See more at: http://lauraturner.religionnews.com/2015/11/16/jesus-would-welcome-syrian-refugees/#sthash.UfmluSJr.dpuf

now where does Ass Max get his teaching? he or maybe it is his cohorts are reading OWA and desire in the worst possible way to twist and abuse … to ACCUSE AND JUDGE. Ass Max is a judge---a ruler in the hell of denial. he does not understand the LANGUAGE … do you read LAPIDATION OR STONING IN THIS PASSAGE? I sure don't :) 
Ass Max is a liar and a fraud. folks, and I do not mind saying so … not one bit. he desires WAR on believers because he is filled with hate for something he does not understand as he lives in ignorance and … what is really sad is that he gets "paid" to do this. how do you think he gets paid? 

and that bomb threat at harvard … a coincidence? hmm … 

AssMAX, you cannot fool us. ha-ha, you will be made to APOLOGIZE before the day is out …

and those having permitted even assisted this deception and obviously illegal and illicit behavior will be viewed as having an agenda to destroy religion and to slander and accuse many innocents.

don't believe me---just watch …

it is this strain of hatred for others that ignite the bloodshed. think not? think I am overdoing it? just watch what happens … if you cannot SEE that A-Mx is doing exactly what the jihadists do to ignite hatred and spur war in the form of militancy, you are clearly in the dark! what has intelligence and other been showing you for weeks, months, even years! the hate rhetoric … the pushing of agenda---THE RECRUITING METHODS! sure, in america A-max can write whatever he wants in his FREEDOMS OF RELIGIOUS BELIEFS until what happens … 

hey, baby … you have been warned


when I was on RNS commenting and it was three times in brief periods, and each time … giving RNS and many others the opportunity to see what would be … ATHEIST MAX followed me like a stalker, just waiting to twist my words, or to create my person as not credible, not honest ---somehow deceptive and partial in my work and worth … exactly what he does with The WRITINGS, looking for ways to discredit, demean and flat out lie. 

but what of the part where the Writings stating that Christ is within---THAT CHRIST LIVES WITHIN? would atheist not be attacking me in a prejudiced way? a bigoted way? stalking ME? a person can say that an institution is a mess, deceptive, hiding abuses and share evidence of this … but what has JESUS CHRIST actually done---evidence of this---that atheist can judge and ridicule … deny and lie about? if the Christ is within, would he not be attacking my person? I am not bowing to institution, creed, pope, patriarch, sect … and where in my use of THE WRITINGS, including gnostic literature am I inciting hatred and violence on people? my beef is with titles and creeds … institutional headships that deny their product … their acts as indecent, abusive … murderous, with the history to show as fact. who can deny this? atheist is a deceptive engine of contriving  … to slander and undermine ME, me and my family … my KIND. 

is there not a law that says this is illegal? 

if you can begin to understand how this is … each within his belief system (god/prophet, including hero) man lives … you may begin to understand "the enemy" … how it is that he can do what he does … and …

what he believes is very likely what he receives and depending on the militancy of that teaching (the writings and the rhetoric, the mentoring and pastoring … and the parenting … the education and schooling … the instruction) … you begin to understand what it is that you are dealing with.


The last time the US refused to take in refugees who were all of a certain faith (out of fear of spies and saboteurs among them), we were consigning people to death camps.

Cruz and Bush are just demonstrating how their theocratic biases color they way they look at government policy. It is Un-American to deny those seeking refuge from war, mass murder and enslavement on the basis of their religion.

yes, bush and cruz do need to wake to the HISTORY of the criminal minds. they are not willing to see the facts, or maybe their history lessons ran shy on these … hmm. the only difference I can state in the "jews" shared in larry's comment and the refugees in question is that judaism, to my knowledge, was not attacking others through use of their system of beliefs and practices … their holy books … not in large, organized numbers with serious weaponry. there is a difference in these two cases that one cannot deny however … as we said, THE ORPHANS THE OPHANS THE OPHANS FIRST! why is this such a hard thing for our lawmakers and essayists to understand? it's a start … a very GOOD start … a very safe start. is there some reason obama is not thinking of this? some reason he wants hefty breeders with an ideology to treat female as lesser? hmm? personally, I don't want a growing population taking us back to the dark ages. do you? and how will this be regulated in the states? when the injustices still abound? but even more importantly at this time … government and its people are not taking care of their own! they do not even take care of what is within its borders! imagine what will happen if families are brought in and left to fend … as so many have already done and … (btw, the government has been sneaky about this … as I found out … tsk-tsk for shame) … and if they give precedence to the syrian refugees, how will the others still waiting for help, view this? recipe for d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r … so, what should be done is families fully screened showing evidence of the ability to deal with the special needs IN AMERICA … offering the best possible opportunities … through couples experienced in handling special needs … will these orphans grow … within these families and friends. 

yep … read the last  couple of paragraphs on this blogger's pc:

it's what we posted in SPIR from another blogger … MUNICH … where the young females (so few) in a male dominated place were being used as sex slaves! the wee ones, too! like the french peacekeepers raping the boys in syria … and what happened in bosnia … the "guards" those supposedly helping are doing what with that damn free enterprise? sick. sad … and where is merkel while these horrendous crimes are being committed? bathing? I doubt it … 


it is obvious that many of the democrats are using the refugee crisis as a voting block. this is inane. it is easy to see, as these repeat and repeat and yes, the republicans have their "pet" topics they use … and what we see is the democrat playing CHRISTIAN against CHRISTIAN. how lovely. and atheist? what has he to gain from all of this? oh, that's right … he gets to ridicule and attack the republicans AND the christians … but does he know what he stands to lose in this? and the liberals of the extreme are interested in … ? ah, yes … dynasty … and is a very plausible reason that the roman catholic church is playing their games on the ssm and abortion and … but has anyone actually bothered to do their homework on crime, extremism, tactic, home life and  … of any of these people? do any of these people botching this care about female, or children … or the real freedoms? how about landscape … environment? has anyone bothered to ask the incoming what they intent to do once in the states? how will things look in five and ten years? are the PROS willing to give up their homes? their view? their privacy? their golf clubs and vacation spots? or are all of these professors and lawyers just raring to get their hands on cases to stick it to the christian bastards and their republican candidates? sheesh … such dismal self-centeredness. think I will go out and put fresh water in the bird bath. they really seem to love it this time of year.

ADDED: oh wow … going to have to give this blogger more read …


Acting as if excluding Muslims from immigration is religious discrimination is disingenuous. There are plenty of cultural reasons – including quite important ones in regards to things like respect for pluralism and rule of law – to limit Middle Eastern and North African Muslims from entry.

And Obama’s sanctimonious ‘Not who we are’ hectoring is laughable. We’re not a country that sets aside constitutionally prescribed legislative practices in pursuit of partisan agendas either, but that hasn’t stopped him.

hmm … 


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Muslims are no more dangerous than any other group. There are extremists and terrorist in any group, but they do not define the group. Most terrorist acts within the United States have been committed by people identifying as Christian, even if those acts weren’t labeled as “terrorism”.

here is the RNS chosen … why do we post it here? to show the mindset … MOST terrorist acts within the US have been committed by people identifying as Christian … WE do not necessarily disagree with ray's statement but we would need to ask who/what has made up much of the US for many many years? (and we can't add in the native WARRING peoples because these were not identifying as christians) 

if all you have in the house is dogs and you find pee stains on the rug … do you blame a cat ;D

could be there's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in it for these religious writers? yes? or maybe they run a halfway house for women and abused children … 

ah, this following should have been the FEATURED COMMENT!

Aside from the 1st amendment violation, what would stop a muslim (terrorist or not) from claiming to be christian? Are you going to give every one of them an extensive test on the bible? Most christians wont pass that either.

had me laughing … and laughing. :D :D :D


how did we know;) … http://news.yahoo.com/israel-accidentally-finds-impressive-ancient-mosaic-184645865.html


oh, almost forgot to include this


gee, wonder who/what stole these …

sometimes i think the "experts" that the media rolls out onto the stage to pacify do not count WOMEN or CHILDREN when they say crime is down. why do you think that is?