Lupfer’s observations on this film are worthy of a jr high school journalism award. Such incisiveness !

Poly-sci at Georgetown ? Is it’s reference from the original, or an updated Book of Acts ?

” Catholic faith has persisted across the centuries. ” according to Lupfer.

Faith is a mind-prison to which children are condemned to do penance for their parent’s sins.

Faith is a brainwashed illusion inculcated into the very young and impressionable.

It’s persistence over the centuries manifests the most horrific condemnable act ever inflicted upon mankind by the perversion known as the “Holy” man.

Politics is the acquisition and exercise of power.

Religion is the acquisition and exercise of power.

Two sides of the same coin….

interesting comment on jacob's, @RNS, commentary on the SPOTLIGHT movie.
hmm ... … is algird understanding the meaning of WHAT IS FAITH? before we get into this …
its point politics and religion is the acquisition and exercise of power is certainly a commendable one. we are not going to argue this as we have shared repeatedly that politics IS religion, a form of …
faith, of course, is a matter of principle: where and how do you give and receive? where and how do you exemplify and forage? where and how are you made into the image of "God" (transformed) because as believers we should understand that we are seekers first and levelers second. to level a house before we seek to see-hear … to make sure it does not have life … children, pets … innocence … is a crime worthy of …what? depends on the system--- yes? one can warn and say: anyone in there? get out … the house must come down because it is dangerous to the community and even go in to check those rooms before the leveling … WARNING is imperative and sometimes it takes time. the house in the example is the SYSTEM, not faith, however … 
algird's first two statements about faith are ill serviced. they lack understanding of faith in a more enlightened paradox. even a child has faith without ever knowing of roman catholicism or democracy, and the point we try to make to the atheist condemning faith is that not all faith is the same in experience and inspiration and not all faith is roman catholic … just as not all religion is the same and not all belief the same. religion provides structure but should never exceed love is what we have shared.

I have not read many of jacob's pieces on RNS … two, three … I don't recall, but what caused me pause is this:

aside from having a word limit, which is difficult at times in making a point or in trying to get out the right amount of information, each journalist/writer chooses these words based on what? principle(s) where and how he abides in "faith" (the system of belief he trusts and tries to promote or give witness to) … jacob appears to be subjecting himself to ridicule for a reason. could it be he is actually writing for his students to address responses? ;) to learn the public outcry or views on a particular topic? I have seen a sort of "not exactly stating his real thoughts or feelings" … almost as if he is writing a basic or elementary position to see what comes forth ... remember, he cannot say what he really thinks/experiences because RNS would not permit this. although it is clear from some of the writers there ---where they stand on certain topics--- but they are required to be careful that they do not "dehumanize" (a word I read in commentary recently) or demean too loudly. 

think about what algrid wrote in response to what jacob is doing. I am not trying to pin jacob to anything here … these are merely observations, but writers aware are of teaching and they follow in instruction understanding that they are of use not only in this teaching but in their own instruction (learning). they witness to this in the prime. and it is here that one will be able to taste the fruits. 

*also, do take note that the writing must pass the desk of the chief editor. so, would it not also reflect the editor's frame as well?

added: in addition, if one is called into the den of thieves he must have some armor to protect.


Although not having grown up in Judaism or Roman catholicism I have within me a core familiar with both. I know them well enough and is why I am called into this task.

What if you could step out of that cast? instead of hobbling around on one foot … What if you could be free of the slant, the product, the responsibility to carry on a "name" of the Repeat? What is the Repeat? It is what is born of man's solidarity of truths---his truths---what he stylizes and subjects his families to. a great preener … replete with carefully worded fortunes that state his supreme worth. "you are the chosen"  and he feels his way around in the dark to fashion himself a robe. his nakedness. not realized by men, but God?

A lawyer's life, connected  to a punchless carousel of a clock. He hated being among them---being one of them---with their upscale suits and shallow predicaments; those conveniently gymnastic ethical values, bending and mutating with the slightest change of financial weather. Gliding by colleagues in the corridors, walking zombies with glazed eyes and mumbling mouths. No time to exchange pleasantries. That deathly anxiety over deadlines---the exhaust of a tireless treadmill, legs moving fleetingly, furiously.
He played the game reluctantly, knowing what it was doing to his spirit, but also painfully aware of his own legacy, and its contribution to the choices he was destined to make. Above all else he wanted to feel safe, and whatever club offered him the privilege of membership, he was duty-bound to join.
from ELIJAH VISIBLE Stories, THE CATTLE CAR COMPLEX by Thane Rosenbaum

Stanley Tucci plays a tough lawyer in the movie SPOTLIGHT. I adored his character. the gruff external with a core of intelligent mirth. do lawyers like this actually exist? the lawyer was a sort of outcast in his field. the "church" had tried repeatedly to get him debarred, and he was tightly watched.  like the Spotlight team, working in a type of basement setting … a no frills environment … and the investigating not welcomed by the mainstream of that area, and likely many areas of that similar vein … 

what is your faith? where and how do you exemplify … and forage?


so, who/what had been running the show … and desires to get back in that seat again with the same majority control? prudence is important but censorship based on one view of leadership is madness … dangerous. 


“Many who suffer domestic abuse feel lots of shame, are blamed by others, and do not tell anyone,” said Justin Holcomb, a Florida Episcopal priest and seminary professor who co-authored with his wife Lindsey “Is It My Fault? Hope and Healing for Those Suffering Domestic Violence.”

“Christian women, in particular, stay far longer in abusive situations and in more severe abuse than their non-Christian counterparts,” he added.

where is the evidence on this, professor? do you even understand what you are saying? we won't deny there is abuse, and that women remain in this but … are you aware of the beliefs and practices of other religions? do you even know the abuse statistics in these? some of these practices permit even invite abuse! sorry, dude … some (in non christian religions) may be saying you are out of touch with reality …

below is a roman catholic turned atheist … still in his garb of "being infallible" (I KNOW ALL) … what he writes may have been his experience and his SYSTEM OF BELIEF AND FAITH, but HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME. we found him to be a liar and a fraud. 
example: topic was about care, he chimes in putting words in my mouth: YOU DON'T CARE ABOT THE MUTILATION OF CHILDREN IN THE RELIGIOUS PRACTICE TO CIRCUMCISE (he added more words for affect). 
what? what in hell is he talking about? first of all the practice had nothing to do with our discussion and I am not of religious practice … and nothing was even said of this practice of circumcising, so where did the atheist get his info? HE MADE IT UP TO TRY TO DEMEAN AND DESTROY MY CHARACTER. 

that was just one example ...

CAUTION: he is a liar and a fraud. 

@Jacob Lupfer,

Thanks for the excellent commentary. The depredations committed by the church are incalculable.

“Catholic faith has persisted…If a journalist could unlock that mystery..”

Faith is no mystery.
Faith is an insidious, transparent bargain:
“Believe this and you’ll get a fancy deal after you are dead.”

1. It makes a promise it can’t prove.
2. It exacts a price from this life – the only life we know we have.
3. It destroys logic and reason.
4. It prevents healthy grieving of lost loved ones.
5. It weakens the value of this life by promising another one later.
6. It subverts humanity for its own ends – like a virus.
7. It grants blind power to clergy who wield its dishonest doctrines.

There may be a life after death and, if so, it is true for everyone – not just the faithful. Like gravity.
Who could dare to truly claim otherwise?

so, you see, there is one who goes out to check the vineyard. he subjects himself to ridicule to test the waters … the fruit … the BRAND. is atheist ignorant? is atheist of a system of belief that says: I AM the truth on all things? is atheist a religion much like ROMAN CATHOLICISM, ISLAm AND OTHERS? weighty questions to be sure ….

what if the arts in science discovered that a section of the brain is responsible for FAITH … that this section ignites within artistic and mystical person? that it is a real place of living and believing with real experiences, including visions and dreams … 

whoa, how would the atheist maxs of the world react? oh, look how smart we scientists are? (should read what he says of scientists ;) …. if atheists are content with the ignorance of atheist max trolling the forums and discussion boards, waving his big know it all flag … then atheist will receive what he believes … 

a-max is deaf and blind, spiritually speaking. what he does not see or hear he dismisses, but where he is militant is in his judgement and condemnation. we know he lives in ignorance, but we cannot allow him and his peers to be a big ass blocking the need for others to move up … to continue in the seeking. he is a massive stumbling block in the heart of LOVE, much like the wicked hierarchies … abusing children. is max a blanket verbal abuser and very very inconsistent in his commenting (hiding behind a fake ID)? yes.

get real here, folks, and THINK! reason out the comments from the big ass blocking the view. atheist can dismiss what he calls faith, saying, it is stupid, wicked even … a death sentence, but this would be based on what? what are HIS OWN experiences IF he had any experience at all. he certainly has none where I am. if he did he would shut his trap. how can one blanket judge anything that involves faith? this is ass-backward thinking! to one like me it is like saying, you cannot breathe under water. a person says, but you can't breathe under water! you are a person without gills! well, the intelligent person says that tools can be used to breathe under water … right? the one of gnosis says, of "what" water are you referring? the womb or the wake? 

again, there is a language unknown to the atheist … and man is atheist until he believes gnosis is not death but life. a man can be as devout as he desires in religion B … relying on the system within it (codes, creeds, doctrine) but if he thinks he has it all figured out and nothing more is needed he is a fool. the avarice of the world shows him that nothing is yet figured out … because life is in constant movement. life is not a stagnate place. so …? 


and inappropriate lyrics about females and use of females is not offensive and hurtful? how long has this been going on in entertainment/arts and there was never the outcry that we see today … 

and those blanket statements from militant atheists about those who believe in God/Spirit is acceptable in the PUBLIC domain? who wants to support/pay for this? we will not donate money or buy subscriptions to mags that permit this kind of rhetoric. freedom of speech really has to have a place … like porn, if government permits this offensive stuff  … let it not be in places where it will wound or seriously offend. people can go to a site where this very bad art (not even art) is displayed, and those not into can stay out of it (not align with, congregate with) … but to have a mainstream organization or magazine permitting truly offensive, even hurtful and racist, bigoted commentary … and a lot of it … no … not right in our eyes. let them have their crapping holes in a less mainstream view  … ;) agree?

one might ask: should religious parents be blocking their children from going on RNS for instance