was looking up the little sisters of the poor (run about a dozen NURSING HOMES) because they are in dispute over obamacare and contraceptives ... (which is slightly amusing when you think of their patients, however ...) ... when we came across the following ... NOT AT ALL AMUSING ...


 sisters of the devil ... for what mindset behaves like these nuns? sickness ... indoctrinated abusers ... unwell 'caregivers'

+please note: US citizens have been paying for all sorts of "indoctrinated caregiving"  ... for how long now? without information on the type of care ... and is our government CONCERNED about what type of care is being given in all those schools claiming they serve the poor, destitute ... the elderly and orphaned ... ?

time to sweep the FILTH out of those charitable cases---isn't that right, dorothy day?

15. O blessed poverty,
who bestows eternal riches on those who LOVE and embrace HER ... 

18. The foxes have their dens ... He says ... (The Writings--------Clare of Assisi)

the foxes have their dens, alright ... and these will be swarming with agents looking for impure  _________