it's a saturday morning ... say 7:30ish ... you've been up for hours but still not quite ready for 'noise' loud noise ... any noise ... including those darn lawn mover noises ... 
you've cleaned and cleared and wiped the dead fruit flies from the kitchen counter and your coffee in its tall carrier is finally drinkable and ... there it is: loud people

on their walk they find someone out or along the way that they know but have not seen in some time, and the catching up commences. 

it is never quite clear to me why it has to happen ten octaves higher than a bedroom voice. why must it inform the entire street? anyhow ... 

we found this really cute

I am no late night show watcher, but Jimmy has moments that make me smile ... and this honesty is one such moment: 

"What's refreshing," Fallon told him, "is, you're off-the-cuff, you get yourself in a lot of trouble sometimes.

"I think you dig yourself a hole sometimes, a deep hole, and then instead of getting out of the hole, you just dig deeper. And if you keep digging, eventually you might come out in China and be the president of China."