Philip says … Anyone who goes down into the water and comes up without receiving anything and says, "I am a Christian," has borrowed the name. But one who receives the Holy Spirit has the name as gift. A gift does not have to be paid back, but what is borrowed must be paid. This is how it is with us, when one of us experiences a mystery.

who must pay back what was borrowed? and who must pay the penalty of theft for false derivatives?

caliphate god demands a quarter of your earnings and then some. and what does he do with this? builds himself a metropolis to bury gift … where the whore wears the sign of the cross in embezzling spires. but what is the cross, you ask? a piece of paper with 'the pope's' name emblazoned on it? ha! do not embarrass the cross, my dears! the whore, of course, being the system of false credential regarding Christ … not every being enslaved … but do you not have choice? are you not given a gift to bestow? why then do you bury it within the shirtsleeves of manmade ignorance? when god of church (religion) and god of state (religion) marry for agenda without informing the taxpayer of the cost to them … without even asking for permission in this relationship … it is treason. 

Spiritual Metaphor teaches the death of Jesus on the cross. He died for the sins of all. what does this say through Philip? it tells us that "Jesus" as Prophet died for the whoring of mankind---his insolence and poor parenting … even the ignorance at the hands of the devout … but … the teaching is teaching the arrogance and dangerous liaisons and what NOT to do! and man went ahead and did it anyway, because he silenced the Wisdom within {this}. evil is clever that way when man marries into selfish paradigm. 


Philip the apostle said, "Joseph the carpenter planted a garden, for he needed wood for his trade. He is the one who made the cross from the trees he planted, and his own offspring hung on what he planted. His offspring was Jesus and what he planted was the cross."
The tree of life, however, is in the middle of the garden. It is an olive tree, and from it comes chrism, and from chrism comes resurrection. 

the offspring ( referred to as protestant) of the roman catholic church did not recognize the presence of chrism because gnosis was not their portent. the gnostic had been deemed heretical by roma and man had to field in these laws or suffer under pontiff's pilate (law of its days). the orthodox christian, a parent before rome's devices, used chrism in their sacraments. the anointed is a fundamental belief teaching in this religious denomination. chrismation is a personal choice unless born into the sect calling itself orthodox christianity or eastern orthodoxy. theoretically, it is mere harmonious teaching, not a parental guide within the Spirit Creator. what the priests do under the laws of religion is under the laws of man. this does not have 'bearing' in the Spirit as history shows any chrismated man does harm to himself and others. this is the same with baptism, but it does not mean a chrismated man cannot move out of manship for Lord ship of the One (a continuous moving and chrismation may be for him a step in this but not a required step as choice is of select principles). these sacraments hold no special power nor do they carry Supreme Being by title, allegation or processes in man's devices of religious law. God would not give power to man in this manner for God is no respecter of persons. God is impartial … and Spirit demands (acquiesces) that man move and not stagnate within periodical accomplice. the chrism and baptism of the Spirit is worth in the tide of man's evolving and only God can decide where and how this is of Purpose. a nonbeliever in Spirit can be given gift through one of gnosis reborn and grow without even engaging in the phantasms of the religionists … but it is necessary for him to receive through gift of One. receiving the prophet's share is of this vein.

the olive tree represents the oil of healing (hearing). it is the chrism PHILIP advocates. it is a process within Spiritual Well Being and cannot be determined by man. who knows the day and the hour of man's climax in the birth of child? no man knows the day or the hour, and if any man thinks himself above the Law of the Prophets on Truth … let him speak firmly that he may be judged according to his practice. 

the olive tree moves (grows) upward in the middle of the garden. the purpose in this is the impartial Wisdom of the One. even the story of moses crossing the red sea shows the movement … a creation of an unseen path (The Way) under water of safe passage … but it requires the prophet of the One. in {this}, One prepares a way between two sides (religion and government) and with this comes ISRAEL (Mother, Virgin and caregiver to many). 

the trade of the carpenter is the maker of ships. why would the elect of the Chosen need ships, you ask … if by foot a man crosses under the sea … (a man crosses under the "see" unseen ;) ? stargazers, sleepers, satirists, martyrs, saints and common lore must accompany the tribe. the elderly and the sick … lost and frost bitten … nearly drowned and the very young cannot make the trip by foot. what prepares the bridge? "I Am" … "me" of The Way. ELIJAH joins the tribe in this day and commandeers the fleet. having spent years under the girth inspecting the swell. SHE is ready to give birth to much process … and no one is lost unless he chooses to be forgotten. 

and the cross? look around, what needs your back for fortitude and carriage? who/what stumbles in the dark? where is man in his meltdown? the fruit is the offspring hanging on the tree ready for plucking … if darkness has not permeated the core. 



These are hidden sayings … THOMAS

And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."

Jesus said, "Let one who seeks not stop seeking until one finds. When one finds, one will be troubled. When one is troubled, one will marvel … and will reign over all."

Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the kingdom is in heaven,' then the birds of heaven will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will proceed you. Rather, the kingdom is inside you and it is outside you. When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the Living Father, but if you do not know yourselves, then you dwell in poverty, and you are poverty. 

now you can see why the roman church feared the gnostic? why they tortured and silenced this? why these writings were hidden? to reign over all is not a dictatorship to rule the nations of the world. to reign over all is in keeping with Wisdom. it has its parent within One. THOMAS was one with God, and he, too, is Prophet on Truth ("Twin" was the sign to understanding this and more). there is a union within The One founded on Christ. it does not rest itself in other gods (islam, roma, and the advents of other religions). to merge with these is to be without sense and reason in knowing What is Spirit. what man fears one of Christ does not. so … who is in denial? if one is known by God, one does not fear the rising waters. one knows what comes and prepares in a manner necessary not only for himself but all those willing to listen.

one only need ask: will religion of church and state protect me? look around … what overwhelms the communities. the news didn't even inform the citizens of the riot made up of 2,000 youth at the mall in st matthews, kentucky … and what happened there, but no arrests we are told. why? what is government trying to hide? where is your leader while the floods and tornados ravaged the southern and western states of the US? and much more … while your leader considers how best to reform prison ;) for his legacy? and your pope tells others to help the cubans caught in latin america, and the news media and politicians praise him for what? what he himself is not willing to do. do not be misled by these men of many tongues … they lead you into avarice. do not allow hypocrisy to be your guide. 

 what comes next will unleash a bastion. 

and maybe then … maybe then, those misinforming and misleading the public will understand the meaning of silence. 

ask why a man … any man … needs hundreds of thousands of dollars for his protection as he uses excessively in traveling around the world telling others what they should and should not be doing. what does he fear that he should need the money of others for protection … and the finest seats, and much adulation? JESUS THE PROPHET ON TRUTH NEVER USED TAXPAYER DOLLARS FOR HIS PROTECTION, nor did he live in high towered seats … the palaces of the rich … built by the hardworking poor. these men of excess and obsessive ways have no vision … they cannot tell you where or how the world will proceed. these men cannot tell you of the uprising … they cannot protect you, advise you wisely, nor can they share their credential in the fruits of the Prophet on Christ. do you know them by their fruits? and what of those using these men to mislead you? these cannot protect you from what comes---can they?



be aware that man says a lot of things to get voted in … admired  … placed on the throne … 

we do not advocate violence to solve the problem of violence. let it be known that this is not our way, but we are aware of how man is … and Humanity is far from his reach. 


the world has changed?


the women need restoring … and how can arrogance gain them this? men still look at women as slaves … property … sometimes nothing more than baby breeders to build them armies and whores to give them pleasure. when man moves out of his manhood and returns as child in the ESSENCE of the SPIRITUALITY of The Christ … then he will know God. 

Jesus says, "The person old in days will not hesitate to ask a little child seven days old about the place of life, and that person will live. For many of the first will be last and will become a single one."