to denounce the destruction of cultural heritage?

gee, what did the roman catholic saint serra do to the native people in the land known as california? instead of condemning junipero serra's acts,  you praised him and canonized him. 

and these people wonder why there is war ? what you believe is what you receive …

sorry, pops, this gnostic no can do it … your way.


one might ask where these 'surgeons' are schooled to perform such involved harvesting … who pays for … trains … where… 

the ISIL army of desert rats raiding villages … cities and towns  … aren't exactly the type to be performing such delicate surgery, so … what 'muslim' is willing, capable … of such sanctioned organ harvesting?


DIRECT TO YOU FROM … VATICAN CITY. yes, you read it correctly. VATICAN CITY … the roman pontiff's message on the simpleness of the birth of the son with the consumerism of the Vatican. ;D

seriously, how can anyone take seriously the preachings of an egotist and political puppet for an institution having tortured, murdered … ravaged land and seas to set itself up as God Authority … 

one having actually read and learned the teachings of the WORD … of the LIVING GOD … knows that the Prophet was calling man out of these institutions that he might become One with the One. God is impartial … never does {this} demand allegiance to islamic authority or roman catholic authority or any other system selling system as all knowing. God is found in the not knowing through gnosis. what we are saying is this:

the more you remove for the prosperity of knowing truth the more you understand (peace)… the more you acknowledge the necessity for knowing … the less you need of man and his doctrine, clearing the way for new vision, and in and through {this} God is known, but never 'flavorless' ... never for the praise of militancy or mastering as mastering truth is nonexistent within the realm of the SPIRIT. the only absolute is Truth, but this is never stagnant. never still … never accommodating illicit partnering or profit. pope and co need to get with the parent, not drive the people to the river to drown. who can separate the waters that man might cross the great sea of knowledge (gnosis)? WHAT might men need in order to cross the great one consuming all?  

the answer? the Prophet. and where might one find an impartial being for the revelation on Truth and the evolving of mankind? 

JESUS SAID: blessed is the lion that the human will eat, so that the lion becomes human. and cursed is the human (man)  that the lion will eat, and the lion will become human. 

and he said, humankind is like a wise fisherman who cast his net into the sea and drew it up from the sea full of little fish. among them the wise fisherman discovered a fine large fish. he threw all the little fish back into the sea and with no difficulty chose the large fish. whoever has ears to hear should hear. 

casting out as he does, why does political pontiff need so many little fish? for what purpose? these have no place to lay their head should they follow the system absolute. it silenced what it did not know. 

there are influences at work … the seeds of despair and hate … caliphate work in the houses of the remedial salaries … 

the journalist was silenced for pointing out the oppression and insolent ways of this … the silencers gain ground through misleading accusations. they also tag onto other influences to ready their armies for attack. do not be ill prepared and easily deceived. the roman pontiff wants you dull and listless, slaving away in the factories of his metropolis … come away from this disease and hear the vagaries of these empires and how they operate. 

china may soon be at war with japan. the pope likely dead and where will you be? caught in the web of despair having invited disease into your homes? having fed and supported what denies you worth? the partial sects of bigotry and false intent? roman pontiff wants to keep you from knowing TRUTH. his elite fear one of gnosis---one not easily enslaved and manipulated through histrionics and pedestaling remote control recklessness. the empires praise him, pedestal him because they want you to do the work that they won't do. these take your money and do what with it? are you not working hard to pay the taxes required of you? but to pay for pope propaganda? for the safety and growth, well being of whom? what? and you work hard where your community is in need and do you not try to help the needy … not with fattening foods that keep them depressed and weary …  but real jobs that account for something! the nun feeding sandwiches to the homeless under the bridge until the bridge collapses from disrepair? hmm … who will pay to keep the bridge safe to travel on? not the roman pontiff's sisters. do your homework …


ADDED: I am not swayed by this herd of aggrandizing … accusations and pedestaling. call me names … what do I care. you have denied ME for centuries … as roma desired. even the atheists seek council with roman pontiff for their own enterprise. ha! the atheist (vatican) has never been threatened or challenged by the atheist. they wear paints of similar binding. did you not know? did you not hear? … the carriage grown under the weight od its … 

what? surprised? any order thinking itself god is atheistic belief … is it not? man relied on man, the pope of favoring articles---his ward. sooooooo? is there ONE wise man among you? is there one impartial or does he trade his soul for economic pleasure. the pope wants man to feed on fattening foods or … silenced on milk of amnesia … lol … no can do, pops, we are of the vein nutritious in the Light on