people talk about GOD as if he is a man of principles. God is Spirit (in Truth) and has no need of manmade acumen. if Spirit of the Living God has no need of manmade acumen, what has man to do with Spirit? the Truth is, Spirit does not need Man; Spirit needs Woman. 

WHAT?! I can just hear the offended screech, but it is good that he asked. 

the story of adam and eve of genesis was changed from the original Writings. but let's go with this story in a way that transforms that religious meaning to something egalitarian. what is flesh without bone? what is flesh and bone without life (breath)? a dead man is a man without life. he does not breathe.

what is flesh and bone after a man dies? what REMAINS after the flesh and bone decays and man ceases in his academic state … his institutional state … his religious and political state … his professional state? he is no longer capable of influence, lawmaking, acting … making money, eating, drinking, exercising his fleshly body. he no longer watches sports or fights with his opponents. he no longer carries weight as weight ceases to be in his flesh and bone state. only his words, often influenced by others, taken from the words of others, sometimes even plagiarized, are left to those still living with flesh and bone. his buildings and plantations and resorts and boats, houses, cars … wives … may still exist once he leaves but … only for a time, and only if they stay in his name. if willed to another, these may change. if sold … likely these will change … if lost, broken, destroyed … they leave, too. 

how is it that Spirit needs woman? man without woman is a body without breath. even a gay man is not gay unless first conceived of a woman. he may reject her and those like her for another, one like himself,  but he cannot deny that SHE made it possible for him to exist then … he chose his life (bear with me on this). this glimpse may rub people the wrong way but it is a fact. it is not in any way intended to judge, force or apprehend … anyone. it is not law but fact. the principles in this simple fact are virtually nonexistent, because it is a fact of life and nothing changes this fact in the natural sense of creation. man may build himself a robot, call it his friend and give it abilities that appear peer-like but … does it breathe? he builds murdering drones to do the dirty work of mass destruction of those who oppose him … but was it not of his own mind that made these? Spirit of the Living God does not murder. this is another fact. false prophets teach murder for manmade acumen. his principles for his institutions, political religious and … powerful on Earth.

now ... 

Christ is UNDERSTOOD as the Heart of Mending, which is another word in HEALING.
 Christ lives within is metaphor for LIFE lives within. Breath lives within. if Man denies female her place within in the sensuous deliverance of Truth and how this manifests itself Spiritually or of/for God Purpose … does he deny Spirit of the Living God? again, this is not a judgement. if of the Spirit of the Living, One knows where/how ( movement) God manifests EVE. for no other purpose than to know person and transform person to become in and of {this} Likeness. deny her and you deny him, or the "he" of Truth, which is a proportionally well balanced Christly image. 

how many are holding back their breath? how many are denying breath? how many are believing in DEATH rather than LIFE? what you do in the world is worldly acumen. what you do in LIFE is Spiritual Awareness … UNDERSTANDING in the Word of … God. this is not manmade principles because man chooses who-what he engages with, has sex with … lives and aligns himself with and born from these is … what you see in the world. black or white, rich or poor, gay or 'straight' … man or woman … there is a cost to living under the LAWS of manmade attribute … from obsession with looks and appearances and what he does with these, including what he does to the ENVIRONMENT (seas, land, forests, farms, wildlife and … ). how he views and treats a person, not as a tribe under the rule of patriarchal dominion … but as a person, born of woman. the question one should surely ask:

if born from woman, would he not be both man and woman? biologically speaking, a man is born that he can engage with woman sexually if he desires something born from this. if he wants to. he is not to be forced to, but if he wants to. what do men whether gay or straight desire that places woman as a second class citizen? what and with whom/what does man do that makes that EARTHbound lifestyle for her imbalanced? her time on Earth is but a blink in the Realm of the Spirit … and where does male dominated societies place her that she dies unborn …to her Spirit Place?


continuing in this stream … 


we see a lot of staged events in the world. such as …  "pope meets with women used in sex trafficking" … in catholic nations where … roman catholicism is legitimized as creed, and women are treated as less than men, used as breeders for institution and viewed not as EQUALS in SPIRIT, but as product for institutional purposes (advertising, pleading, placarding, protesting… children for use in rule and law)  and law in the nation. take america, a nation founded by "protestants" including its native peoples as these were heretics in the eyes of roma, too, despite heretic being a term used for catholics exiting/protesting the roman catholic domain … even though many were never in agreement with it. but it is the rule of catholicism that claims itself universal belief and practice, and authority on all matters church and state… throughout the world … as CONQUEST was their ultimate goal, much like the Islamic State. and once in this, USING in this creed, how do you achieve liberty? … do you see our point? america has bought into its creed and uses the roman pontiff and organizations like the catholic conference of bishops for the voice of christian ethics. it assumes roman catholicism is of christian domain. if it is of christian domain, why is it calling itself roman catholicism?  and demanding people bow to its hierarchy, claiming its papal office as the supreme authority on  … CHRIST. what you see is two distinctly different voices: roman catholic doctrine and christian opposing its rule. this is exactly what JESUS ignited in his Day, and we should mention he never advocated for religion, even christianity, because … true liberty is not bound in religious product. render unto caesar that which is of caesar and give to the LORD that of the LORD has been misappropriated. which brings us to the ethical standing of each. one is steeped in morals of its own making; ONE is … Truth. this is not to say that there aren't many claiming to be christians who are really of catholic making. they live in ignorance on their thoughts and actions regarding CHRISTLIKE ETHIC. they know not what they do.

which brings us to stigmatizing for dogmatic stream. woman was branded as the culprit … the initial cause of man's fall from grace … based on both judaic and roman catholic ethic (religion). as the christians in antioch were demonstrating Christlike Ethic and speaking in tongues (not the warbling that you see in the evangelical sector. tongues in the Language of the Spirit is something entirely different), roma was beginning its polls. like islam, roman catholicism was born from political agenda. whether it uses military means or forcing through creed as law by way of dialoguing in powerful and influential circles (much like you see today as this is consistent in history's partnering) … its foundation raises alarm where it stages itself for … standing. if you step back you see its alarm. it's as if the fire bells are blaring. sadly, those of catholic mindset, even where they feel their 'church' has been discriminatory, unjust, unfair and … ignorant … they do not heed the warning. they "think" their leader is being genuine in his CONQUEST, but we know the difference between sincere and concerned appeal and posing for profit. but how is this a stigmatizing? how is woman again branded? 

we posted in SPIR … to take care in the democrats' stigmatizing. you may have read it, but allow us to clarify just a bit by giving an example with the hope of pairing it with events in this Day. I was witness to this so I can speak on it with certainty. stopping for coffee at a popular spot. it took longer than usual. when person doing the service gets back into the car, the driver asks: why did it take so long? the one doing the service of getting the coffee replies: I don't know why it took so long. it was just two plain coffees, black, no room. driver asks: who waited on you? server: a young person---a girl. driver asks: what did she look like? I go in there on my way to ___ and it's always the same people behind the counter. server (having seen two girls behind the counter): youngish, thin, dark hair … black (the other behind the counter is white). driver: what difference does it make that she is black? server tries to defend her reasoning in this exchange to no avail because … driver is of a stigmatizing mode of ethic. also, please note that if this had been a robbery or a rape, and law enforcement asked for a description  by stating a person is black, or white  would this be considered a racist response? by not adding a clear description would this potentially cause law enforcement to arrest the wrong person or … not have enough information to know what to look for? and … if it's always the same people behind the counter, one black, one white and one male … does it automatically make it of racist intent by stating that she is black? IOW, is there something wrong with stating fact in this case? would it not be the driver's own arrogance that creates …

the stigma?

and … what if the person is dark in skin tone but not really "black" as Blacks liked to be understood, or viewed? and btw, the person behind the counter was black, as black has been appropriated in america, not tan or other. but this does bring into question how one person views another and how people of a particular race and or color want to be viewed.

driver has within him the desire to accuse by having stigmatized the young woman. the woman is marked whether she wants this or not. she is branded by the one thinking he is being non racist and at the ready for battle by undermining what happened to be in this case … another woman (the server). how many times we have seen this in the industry of politics and religion is alarming. it cannot be recounted. for those not indulging for political or religious agenda, it is clear the driver in this case was being unjust. he reacted through a mindset bent on ignorant appeal. the black woman is likely saying: why does my being black have to be stigmatized? I am black (or dark in color … however one wishes to describe it, but black is an accepted term in this Day [BLM] … and not cause for degradation). had the server said the young woman behind the counter was asian, would it have prompted the same intent from the driver? do you see our point? and was it not the blacks and their leaders that promoted the distinction for political purposes? to get something in society. fact … the young woman is black.

now, how does this pair with the leader of the largest political religious institution being photographed meeting with women of a catholic nation used in sex trafficking?  


we want to add this now but it will not be addressed until later:


what people don't understand … no matter how indifferent … violence breeds violence. this is fact. even if you don't believe in SPIRIT … it is a fact that violence breeds violence. whatever climate a society sows, it will reap. to marginalize people through tech industry or any other industry … there are people feeling the flame, and these harbor enough criminals and enough evil to torch an entire nation (because evil is in all societies and does fuel this climate in seductive ways, sometimes even disguised as an angel of LIGHT, often while pushing the disadvantaged to the brink)…
unless HEALING is brought into the communities through some Understanding, repentance and … proper parenting (also partnering). 

nations using violence to fight their opponents (use of military) will bring war on their own people. look around. one has only to read the news to see that this is fact. chastise, scold, reprimand whoever you want in this but it is true. 

destruction of police vehicles and buildings costs even more for … ? takes money away from...? you reap what you sow? we are of the Day that shows law enforcement as having been indecent … in a very big way. this is not all officers, but the fact is … what goes around comes around in the repetition of acts as history repeats. this is true of any group, sect, tribe, organization … institution and form of governance. if dishonesty is permitted to rule, decide edict, dishonesty and indecent acts will become the system, the way … the norm. 

how does applauding and pedestaling ignorance, indecency and corruption in institutions, deception and manipulating … become the norm? 

now, how does this pair with the leader of the largest political religious institution being photographed meeting with women of a catholic nation used in sex trafficking?

it is common knowledge that the roman catholic church has treated women as lesser in mode of understanding. women are viewed as breeders FOR institution. history of every catholic community and the resulting facets of these communities demonstrates this. once a catholic always a catholic? or is it catholic LAW that demands itself, rather than TRUTH in EVERY DAY … every generation … as authority, and it is catholic law that places member (man or woman) under its hierarchal institution, even after she dies in the flesh (think purgatory). roman catholicism has the audacity and the indecency to claim itself authority in what happens to member, even the heretic!, once she passes from the flesh. they claim purgatory as their pride. this is illegal in the SPIRIT if we can so so bold in announcing it in this manner. an Angel once said: purgatory is lazy man's life. in Truth, it only exists in the lazy mind of the believer in religious god as authority. but how does this belief system stigmatize women in photo ops with the roman pontiff? he (pope and those in league with his standing) satiates his appetite (or the appetite of institution, which IS and always will be OF male dominion) … by USING disadvantaged women or women discriminated against for his own legality---his own credibility … his own enslaved and embarrassingly inappropriate image … where justice and truth should be a prevailing fact but is refused for … a lazy performance . marginalized and abused, segregated and denied … mistreated, beaten, undermined and silenced … he attempts to give "voice" … but it is not their voice he announces. it is his own. it is not their experiences he permits, it is his own pompous, pedestaled and impractical attire that he promulgates. if he were truly listening to the appeal of these women he would HEAR his own ignorance, denial, bigotry and poor parentage … where and how HE (institution through HIS name not CHRIST) created this field of devilry and destructive crime. he would recognize his own indwelling as systemically unjust. 

but where is the roman pontiff and what does he live for? die for? vie for? INSTITUTION: it's own catholic Law. this is his god and is why he can hermetically say that muslims and christians worship the same god. first, it is catholic members who worship caliphate Law, not Christians. and … he is unjust in thinking he can speak for all believers pertaining to the Christ. what arrogance permits this shameful spectacle? look around you. look in the mirror? what are YOU using for your own … credential despite its dishonest and arrogant ways?

… only false prophets play god. to allow criminal, violent, abusive priests and bishops, cardinals and popes … to continue their diseased and unjust beliefs and practices … is an abomination in the eyes of TRUTH, and it is the theme of the RETURN … man gets back what he proposed. including its law----its governments. but is it GOD that uses violence … a witch hunt of investigating? is it Spirit of the Living God advocating for violence and allowing abuse in these institutions? including the undermining of female? denying HER voice, abusing HER children? 

what YOU believe (support, pay into, vote for … ALLOW) … may be what YOU receive----get back. 

WE are here to call our own, and this involves warning … and WAR, but not the war that man believes will quell the violence and institute peace. he lives in ignorance while branded and branding within his Law, worshipping his gods of manmade acumen. 

so… calling our own (many are called; few are chosen) means what exactly? I AM not like you. will you try to stigmatize ME? bury ME? deny ME … my freedom to choose? truth is, I have already been chosen for the Work in this Day, because I know what I am. I know my purpose and I do battle with the worst evil you can ever imagine. jews demand signs … 

what Am I? 


I will tell you a part of what I Am … I am someone who will not plead for your salvation should you choose to be of this indecency, or anyone (government/group/religion/industry) doing BUSINESS (paying into /supporting) with this indecency:

if they should come to me for for Understanding on these false preachers and teachers and ignorant men with much power and money … I will say that I never knew them for they are not in keeping with proper and just practices and live ignorant, ugly lives, filled with whoring for bastard regimes, to control others in derelict ways ...and they should not be governing women and children as they are without Love  … not of the Spirit of the Living, not of Truth. and we hope the roman pontiff gets this message … soon, for his Day is near … where all will know the EVIL his dogmatics harbor. seems these TURKS and the ROMAN CATHOLIC INSTITUTION have much in common.

 flee, people, before you are found to be murderers and deceivers … 


I read an article in the ATLANTIC this morning but it wasn't really an article … it was more of an atheist's effort to get people to dismiss belief in God, but it was coming from the experience of a 5-year-old physically and sexually abused by mom's boyfriend then stepdad. it sounded off … coming from a victim of abuse. it blamed religion by asking how God could allow such atrocity under "his" watch. 

HOW COULD GOD ALLOW A CHILD TO BE SO ABUSED? it asks. then of course there is the loss of faith/belief in God, the point of the article … it seems. 

I am different. I do not look for verses telling me how "right" i am. I study the verse to UNDERSTAND the SPIRITUAL metaphor, because verse is intended as a reaching. so I reached in reading the article. what struck me as off was the author's use of religion to clarify God's dismissive standing and … the words the author used as coming from a 5-yr-old (I prayed to God for …) sounded like it was coming from the mind of an adult, someone who had reasoned a strategy that God is bogus … since he came not to the victim's aid. I did not sense the article to be genuine and this is rare coming from me (if you have read any of SPIR you would see this) … to question a "victim's" story, but one should never assume that what is written is truth just as one should never assume that religion has anything to do with Spirit of the Living God. 

why doesn't victim act on the religions and their houses rather than blaming God? so you see, those taught that religion (its institutions, houses, clerics, doctrine … creed) is God will be gravely disappointed when harm and devastation comes. the Writings are overflowing with the wealth of Spirit if one is of the inclination to reach for this … what keeps them from this drink? a pope standing in the way of Truth? being able to know when to speak and when to be silent? knowing how and where to speak that Truth might be revealed? using an experience of religious and political attribute that creates victims, slaves, second class citizens … to move the people to a place where Spirit of the Living can KNOW child … and protect child as child comes into his Spirit ID? his Worth in the Life? 

if Man has never seen God how can any religion be God? house God? know God? know that God is itself… its doctrines, teachings, rituals and practices? the Truth is … it doesn't. religion may be a stepping stone across that great divide of water from one side to the other in terms of REALMS of being.

who needs stones? who walks on water?

who never gets his feet wet because he is busy building his tech enterprises … the great religion of democracy? while the children are continuing to be sexually abused … 

and again:

the first news article says the community (of islamists/muslims) are calling it a "hate crime". they are scared …

live in fear? 

first, we ask these community members: 
how do you know it was a "hate crime"? do you know something about the killer but refuse to come forth with the information? could it be the murderer FEARED the cleric and his associate? maybe the murderer knew something about the two men and found them to be criminal? and believed that law of the US would not address the crimes because the current admin, esp in NEW YORK, is allowing the muslim communities their 'space' their FREEDOMS OF RELIGION their beliefs and practices, which may include their sharia law. maybe the murderer felt he or his group, friend, wife .. would not get a fair trial … in the city of new york and in the court system of islam?

maybe it was a muslim of one group attacking a muslim of another for not being devoutly islamic, as we see throughout the world but esp in the middle east? would this still fall under the category of hate crimes?

I saw a couple of news articles on roman catholic democrat pelosi. the images included in the articles showed her unraveled. hacking is the cause of her fear and upset. she is receiving ugly emails, she says. did she happen to say that the messages to her phone said she was doing satan's work? ah, maybe what they put out comes back to them? is she being betrayed by one of her own? the democrats are accusing russia. russia is 80-90% ORTHODOX. are they accusing the orthodox for the hacking? 

are you beginning to understand that what you pay into and support … align with … is what you will get back? and this is just the beginning. if you advocate for CHRISLAM under the current roman catholic pontiff and muslim brotherhood, and many lawmaker religious and political under this stream … what are you really setting up to govern you? only a fool believes he won't be attacked by caliphate industry… that the CONQUEST won't soon come back to destroy what it deems heretical. evil takes care of itself, haven't you heard? 


in addition:

why would someone be carrying ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS in cash on him? where did the money come from … what was it to be used for? how many people in your average neighborhood carries that amount of cash walking the streets, after coming from a place of worship? did he get the money from the members for some service? very odd … 

seven children … a bangladeshi … budding community … turning into a what? imagine if the GOOD EARTH had to deal with a growing bangladeshi community in every city where families had 5-7 (or more) children … what would become of the ENVIRONMENT? but it's okay for the muslim communities, like the roman catholics before them … to breed in such fast and large numbers? but environmental scientists and GOVERNMENT UNDER OBAMA say we NEED to change our habits to save the Earth? hmm … under the obama administration we are also told the future of america will not slander the prophet of islam … but religious are allowed under islamic-roman catholic/mormon rule to breed in large numbers because it is under something called RELIGIOUS FREEDOM? if I question these acts am I slandering their prophets? will I be arrested and imprisoned? but at what point do people take responsibility for their actions? at what point do governments say: our nation is bursting at the seems and we cannot take care of so many, esp the children ... and the land we so desperately need to grow our food … and what of the water? the tainted wells … ? is government pandering to some and not to others, or is government in all its noise just another bastard civilization claiming itself supreme authority. obey or … 

what ideal is the obama admin and those in league with him setting the stage for total destruction … unless … 

… the UNIVERSE has a way of PRESERVING itself and things happen to stem the growing adversity, that which places heavy burdens on it? it would be a natural occurrence, would it not? who would Man blame for this? what if it is of the nature of the Universe for it to move to keep itself from being destroyed? what if it mends itself through some form of movement to keep itself safe from total destruction … from becoming completely devastated and denied breath---healthy breath? clean waters and untainted soils? virgin attribute … what if its movement acts in a way to keep itself from being undermined and cut off from what it desperately needs to SURVIVE … a LIVING BREATHING ORGANISM OF IMMENSE STATUS … MOVING TO KEEP ITSELF FROM BEING OVERBURDENED AND SPOILED … infected and injected with chemicals and toxins … all from Man's makeovers. his big initiatives under that header that says: we are great or we are … supreme authority and can act in any way we please to get what we want regardless of what it does to others … regardless of what it does to LIFE of the UNIVERSE. 


it would be easy enough to see how something must be removed if something else is expanding and taking up space … resources … money. what if roman catholicism is being removed that islam might have its way? would it not be Man who makes these choices? after all, it is his government that makes that rules----yes? yes. 


lot going on, wouldn't you say? maybe CA is slated to become a desert in ___ number of years. all those yards turning to sand … imagine that. this is not an impossibility, right? if people choose governments that do business with ___, ___ and ___ … the universe cannot put out for all religious-polotical aspirations so …

man chooses roman catholic gods (popes) … and governments that like islamic nations and pander to these for ___, ___ and ___, regardless of the injustices. but hey, you chose it------right? it's your belief and practices----right? so … you will receive what you believe … you will get what you have chosen … as the Universe must shift in order to mend itself. but what of female in these treaties? does she go back to the dormant stage of being denied her rise? 

what? say it ain't so? you do not want history to repeat in that fashion? well, what are you going to do about it because the Universe is on the move. at this stage, some things cannot be stopped. you can call it yours---your doings. but what can you do stop the process of ignorance and deception? false teachings and …
constant abuses. heck, some women and girls cannot even walk to school or work without fear of being attacked … in every state in every nation of the world. talk about fear! talk about hate crimes! 

but who-what keeps these IDs in place?

not Me. 


so … imagine many years from now. the southwest is desert. CA is with another warlord prophet child rapist with woman as sex slave (people loved their mad max movie so … )… and you are?