people dying BECAUSE they are american? because she was a christian? what allowed the others to be freed but held kayla hostage? if we look at the landscape and the history of terroristic acts, who-what kills? who-what uses violence to solve problems, some not the business of other nations … or was it business related?

did kayla reveal something about her beliefs (anti-syrian establishment---the government) that led to her death? she was not syrian and she was not muslim. she was an american and according to her mom's statement … a devout christian, but she was also against the syrian oppressor. 

although I have done no speaking engagements and have no videos of me sharing … have I not shared my Faith, my Place and what I believe-see-hear? if I walked into an area of unrest, would I be kidnapped? murdered for my Faith-belief … what I am? as a gnostic, in the Days of the wild, wild WEST … would I be murdered for not bowing to the gods of church and state. 

play safe … for you never know who-what might betray you.

and WOMEN/GIRLS always keep in mind that a female may be viewed as less than a male … in patriarchal ---militant--- minds of the universalist belief system. nuns massacred and people pray … a male priest gets murdered and what happens? the "little" people die in earthquakes and pontiffs pray … a bishop or a cardinal gets caught covering up sexual abuse of children and he gets a promotion and put into the vatican's safety NET.

female, you are worth something to these mindsets if you can breed them their numbers … and cook, clean for them.


if you have followed any of gushee's commentary you know he FAVORS Clinton. he advocates for clinton, despite her dishonesty  … and that trail of death and destruction which he does NOT care to read as he clearly states in this pc. he is saying don't criticize me (or what I favor?) … I will not read your criticism.

I will allow you no voice to mine ear should you criticize me. 

God chastises those he loves. and what of the Author of the Vineyard when he sent a servant, then his Son? gushee does not care to READ what SPIRIT has to say about those vineyards. 

okay gushee of universalist TEACHING and authority, viewing self as correct in all manner of speech and practice … it shall be done another way due to something called IGNORANCE. 


gushee is a new age secular religionist. I am not. here one can see the difference in my belief and practice and his. I don't make mountains out of molehills, as I see an infection that goes deeper than these politically correct motifs. part of my job is to assist in REMOVING those mountains. 

1And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into an high mountain apart, 2And was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as the light. 3And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him. 4Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, and one for Moses, and one for Elias. 5While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him. 6And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their face, and were sore afraid. 7And Jesus came and touched them, and said, Arise, and be not afraid. 8And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Jesus only.

9And as they came down from the mountain, Jesus charged them, saying, Tell the vision to no man, until the Son of man be risen again from the dead. 10And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come? 11And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things. 12But I say unto you, That Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them. 13Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.


now …  I am not saying that gushee is being dishonest; I am saying that gushee is led by a different set of beliefs. how he understands and breeds … in universal belief … and practices. if these should change in a blink tomorrow, would he immediately change course? how would-could he do this from where he stands and still be honest? he would have to admit he was misled … miles from what is "right"? let's say that the Planet Heaven that the scientists sort of found from the queen mary u observation center says, ah, sir, you cannot come here under rule number 628, which allows this, that and the other thing … for pleasure and unprotected portent. we cannot have Planet Heaven infected with ___, ___ and ___ or it will end up like Earth, for as you know … one things leads to another. the gardens here cannot allow impure or dishonest verse or practice … and the MARRIAGE, uniting of one to Spirit of the Living is soooo very important … for SURVIVAL of LIFE. what would these secularists of catholic dominated belief and practice do? Earth under clinton-obama law oe trumpism …  in an regressively ministerial portent (careless parenting) is where these will have to remain and be buried, soul and all. I don't want that but, hey … who-what hears the gnostic of Spirit in the CHRIST-ELIJAH of the Living? 

what comes will shock the nation. who is prepared for this? 

some thing will grow that will usurp the atheist (silence it), and … it will nearly eradicate islam. it will put christianity in its place … too. I am not of this but it may be that I open a door that people read indifferently … as people tend to do, for elevation and … in THEIR system of belief and practice, which will become even more powerful than the roman catholic church. movement is necessary in this Day. it is necessary and Man cannot see how necessary this is. he is limited in his vision and not hearing so good for he is in denial, and refusing to allow for criticism and … that chastising. 

WE want to show you something of this Day in this climate.

the man got 40 years for pouring scalding water on a gay couple sleeping. forty years in prison. yesterday I heard on the news in MA … a man raped an 18 year-old FEMALE student, got caught and served only 6 years. he was allowed out wearing an ankle band … but raped a women in a park recently and got caught. two MAJOR offenses that quite possibly destroyed the lives of these two women … we are talking about MENTAL< EMOTIONAL… physically destroyed the lives and what do these men get (THINK STDs … HIV … and now zika and?and what women and children are left with that may KILL them and their unborn children). some men NEVER serve time for rape. some men never serve a single day in state prison for rape of children. some men having covered up the rape and abuse of dozens and dozens of children get put on panels that get to tell much of society what should be. they sit in influential seats with your chosen DEMOCRATIC lawmakers and make important deals that have a direct influence on your lives and the lives of your children. 

who-what panders to these titles? the influences and how do these criminals still walk the streets, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds … where your child can no longer play?

is there something WRONG with this sentencing, or lack of sentencing? should we ask gushee who-what is still hiding the abuse of women and children? what stands in the way of proper justice and getting to the root of EVIL? many clubs, groups, growing … and getting bigger and fatter … demand their own form of justice without seeing the footprints they leave that have squashed voice and degrade necessary means. 

in light of this 40 year sentence, in order to be FAIR, JUST, NONDISCRIMINATORY and EQUAL … lawmakers and their influence need to build a LOT MORE prisons and give a lot less attention to their campaigns … and HIRE a lot more security guards and much less politicians and preachers and teachers.

isn't that right? much of the Earth will be covered with prisons.

these miscreants live year after year in houses right next door to pastors and priests and rabbis and emams and police and lawmakers … laity and no one has a clue how horrible these parents are. not a clue. these types of incidents are so common they often go unnoticed for what they really are. heck, look at what the roman catholic church has gotten away with. no denying the democrat and the republican are in bed with it. they would rather have the money and the vote instead of saving the lives of these children and you trust hillary, obama, trump or any other of these party leaders? they live for party not people. people spend more time yammering about their right to a damn cake or their right to pee in this toilet and not that one and their right to parade themselves to the world as … while the children suffer unspeakable crimes. what mother does this to a child? what mother allows the filth of boyfriends on her daughter or son? what parent ABANDONS HIS CHILD! drugs, drugs and more drugs … money … business deals … votes.

WHO IS SELLING THESE DRUGS AND FOR WHAT PROFIT? it is hard to believe that the US of America is this damned … this sick. this is nonstop abuse and murder in states across the country. likely half go unreported and pastors sidle up with big-mouth partisanship, doing exactly what they say they believe is unjust. and no one is really looking after the children. their own communities … 

I have seen some horrible stuff on the way. many of you will lose your children …
yes, an independent investigation on all abuse/rape/murder cases … because who-what is in bed with the …
that does not get to the root of these ills? who-what USES and ABUSES for self-serving beliefs and practices? who is void of conscience? who-what lives in a culture reaping in illicit lifestyle? so disgustingly reckless and careless … that does not THINK how and where it will bury the child? what mindset has man been born and raised in that deeds him these beliefs and practices? who-what has allowed these to continue even at the HANDS of PRESIDENTS, themselves engaging in these practices and pastors and priests and rabbis and imams and …politicians, law enforcement, judges who ARE saying … vote for ___, the lesser of two evils. 

EVIL? is that your mainstay? you can have it. I choose LIFE!


who is this judge and who does he work for? male dominion? 

mistakes? MISTAKES!!! there is a difference between making a mistake and deciding to commit a life-changing aggressive act on another, semi-unconscoius person … and not one BUT TWO! has either man considered:

a. the lives of the VICTIMS ?

b. that an act of rape shows a mentally disturbed individual … that could result IN MORE RAPES.

seems huge DENIAL in these guys, but, of course, one is the rapists's attorney … the other?

let's take a look at his belief system, shall we?

hmm … safe to assume he is a democrat? wow, can you believe what this judge said? 

it stinks rotten and should be removed

so be it

___ and consider this … what type of person chooses these schools … communities...where athlete rapists of mentally disturbed practices (condoned by males in seats of law) … get away with rape? the culture of the youth? ha! if you are male! and what type of person is drawn into these cults and cultures that are unjust? that treat female AND CHILD, if considering the clergy-staff-laity-BISHOP-ARCHBISHOP-CARDINAL_POPE abuse of children … as not victims but something to misuse. to abuse … to have his way with? what type of person is drawn to schools, churches, parishes, mosques, temples and … houses of, institutions that … allow them to get away with crimes? violence, torture … murder? 

evil looks for unjust practice, inequality, overbearing formula … ignorance and poor parenting. evil is drawn to misogyny and … houses that allow indecent and bad to happen while covering it up. evil looks for a place to create chaos and destruction of life. what do you support? what do you invite into your communities? what do you vote for … of indecent and unjust prescription?


again, let's address this MAJOT point:

what do you choose through denial, ignorance, votes, party favors, money, greed, title, enslavement, political correctness … besides fatalism … that renders your house, neighborhood, schools and communities dangerous. evil-ridden. dishonest. corrupt. ? what do you facilitate? what do you encourage rather than discourage? what do you give robust credence to through power and influential seats that destroys safe housing, healthy beginnings?

if a wife does not say to her husband: why do you encourage dishonest practice by pandering to discriminating (misogynistic and biased) religion, politics, policy and actions? why do you align yourself with corrupt party initiative? violence that breeds violence? why do you say to your fellow pastors and professors that they should uphold your views when you are being hypocritical by your choice of hypocritical politics? dangerous politics … unjust, disingenuous, whitewashed industry … not having done your homework to see where and how these lawmakers and leaders have lied. why do you support and vote for creed? power and control? abuse? fascist ideology of catholic breeding and seeding? and neglecting the abuse of children? why do you refuse to HEAR the truth about your party affiliation's conduct? where and how these have murdered innocents and where and how these have been using the poor for votes and party initiative rather than striking a chord of THIRD PARTY revolutionary release that may help the marginalized and the abused far more if … given a chance?

what wife is this? a slave? naive? poorly taught? misled? fearful? told to remain silent and follow "the head of the house"?

what if that head is being misled? who saves the children her/his future from total destruction by inviting evil, bad behavior … ugly and unjust leadership both religious and political and the spiritually immature in seats of power that hurt communities … ? 

EVIL LOVES THE CLIMATE OF INCONSISTENCY AND DOUBLE STANDARD POLICING … misogynistic enterprise and irreverent dialogue … full of hate and diseased minds. IGNORANCE is its bed of thieves.

this is WHY the Writings are not speaking on the man-woman marriages that bible literalists and liberals and religionists and caliphate orders demand is god. now being used by government to garner votes. it is not Spirit of the Living for man's mistakes and poor teaching is big. very big. so big it buries gift. a man will leave the religious/political traditions and cling to what? woman … FEMININE DIVINE … is WISDOM. but this comes in the receiving as man moves in accord with Spirit of the Living. his Marriage is Life itself .. why would he NOT cling to {this}? what is any thing apart from TRUTH if man loses his soul? 

what do you ignite for the youth? anything? or do you still try to pour new wine into old skins? YOU SAW WHAT MANY OF THE YOUTH IN THEIR NAIVE AND INEXPERIENCE DESIRED … BERNIE, BUT DO THEY UNDERSTAND THAT HE LEFT THEM FOR THE OLD? maybe he succumbed to fear? is now being misused because he knows not how ignorance operates? how evil operates? how bad ethics operate? he abandoned many children and told them to vote a whore into the white house. this is spiritual language that we speak so don't go attacking me without understanding this language. we have said that the roman pontiff is a whore for his institution. is this not true? is it not true that hillary speaks for party not people but puts on a "good" mask? she has been at it long enough that she has it down … the act … and still, she panders for votes as this is party policy. better to lose a seat in honesty than to gain the whole world that thou might move and follow what? what is happening in society in the 8 years of obama? and what happened when bush was in? what is rising to unimaginable heights in communities all over the world? a great evil attacks the youth and no candidate at present understands it. MENTAL ILLNESS IN ALL WALKS IS ACTING OUT OF >>> how it breeds and seeds chaos and destruction. many women voting in hillary are voting woman not intellect … woman not understanding … woman not truth. they vote gender as a what? a favorite … a placard of what? it does not solve the bigger concerns, folks, esp if dishonest.

and why this rising religion of LGBQT? it is a religion. it is a POLITICAL religion. big and getting bigger? destroy what does not agree with you and your beliefs? this is roman catholic belief and practice all over again. this is tidy fascism done democratic way. good grief. is there no relief from the horns? children are being abused in houses all over the planet and the gay crowd wants revenge? wants their UNIVERSALIST THEORY put into place? they have not answered for those rising epidemics … of irresponsible sex acts but hey, no one is allowed to ask these questions. the marriage ordeal … huh, quite the plug. none of this will solve the greater problems of society. okay, so we will lump them all together as one big denomination under gay attraction, for it, too, is of patriarchal needling, unless gays speak out and call out their own in their obeseness and fast drive for catholic domain under their signature.

you can't all be "right".


"That there is no middle ground. That moderation or even silence is unacceptable. That you will root out the bigots. That if we won't change voluntarily, you will change us involuntarily."

He said NOTHING like that. NOTHING. But htanks for slandering him. Jesus would be proud."
the above is from a gay, atheist jew ( I think he has several times stated this throughout RNS comments). this is from gushee's commentary pc … maybe you have read all the comments. 

thanks for slandering him. JESUS would be proud? has he not just slandered JESUS? oh, that's right … he is a jew and an ATHEIST. fact … jew, atheist. now … what does he possibly know about Jesus Christ? Christ Jesus or any other aspect of the Godhood? he knows nothing. only that he believes a roman catholic slandered david gushee. many atheist on that pc support gushee's commentary pc. praise his fortes. is this to be commended in the eyes of Spirit of the Living? unknowing atheists? hey, whatever floats your boat in the childishness of men. foolish endeavor. but, okay … let's address it, and btw, I have a lot more appeal for someone like christopher hitchens because he was undeniably constant in his approach and he did not play into political correctness and would have torn hillary to shreds … lucky for her he is not around to do his homework on her. the atheists would likely have been even more muddled in the political arena :D

! we shared (warned, really) for the gay to take care that he not be used/misused by others both believer and nonbeliever of SPIRIT. he may be using you for HIS agenda and tosses you out once he gets what he wants.

! we shared (warned) the gay to beware of the RCC (vatican staff) and those like it …  that they may very likely place the blame on you for all those child sexual abuses. they are always looking for a scapegoat.

! we shared that many religious want your buns to fill their pews as these are losing embers, I mean, members and … want the drama of looking PC and in the hip side of the culture wars, and … need your $ and $ from the gov. 

where does gushee stand in these?

honestly, after a we bit of discerning … we see gushee actually believing he can change the heart of the gay through brining in his fold. :) think the gay and atheist jew want to take that on? how could he … he hasn't the … what?


took my walk rather than bike ride today. discerning-communing-discerning … communing … all the while looking to see what the workers are up to at the houses in my town, talked to one …. always looking, watching. what I was told, even, was watch, photini, watch for it. I came back to the incident about the two nuns stabbed to death. we did say … you are not protected. no matter how generous or genuine you feel in your work. if paying into and supporting an unjust field master … how can Spirit of the Living God assist you for protection? this is not play station, my friends, this is the REAL DEAL> but okay, sad, sad news, esp after having shared in a previous on MEND that nuns get massacred and the pope prays. a priest is murdered and what happens? history on these will give you the answer on that Q. take one step at a time and what light shines in on the results? may have to dig deeper than religious news or yahoo or AP or whatever …. may have to become a journalist of significant "parts" to get to the … truth. 

now … what has been shown to me in this awful act? please tread lightly here and none of what I share on this is meant for publication. it requires a different process of understanding, and researching. I am seeing nuns as more than just coworkers (no surprise there … if being truly honest). I am seeing this IS/has been a concern of the hierarchy. they desire a tribe that is utterly uniform in its vatican ethic. they desire to clean house their own way rather than face the voices of the faithful. hmm … make it look like a robbery? use a stabbing in keeping with the murder weapon of the times. no bullet tracings … 

this was an inside job. hey, if wesolowski can end up sick then dead-suddenly-just before he is about to go to trial for questioning … need we say more? 

last night I tossed and turned … much going through my mind. what was it I had said some time ago on SPIR? the RCC will break from doctrine. hmm … where-how? that's what I heard then and what I am searching in now. now, if EVIL knows it is caught at something (even when man is clueless as to what is going on) … it will flee and try to hide somewhere. no surprise the RCC has done the muslim brotherhood spectacle with mr pope and the lutheran thang and there is that latin diddy with the orthodox jew that says they don't blame the jews of today for crucifying Jesus but ... doctrinally, they still do (an unchanged INFALLIBLE catholic doctrine? who is fooling who?). I read the comments on that salkin pc and saw a few poignant posts. ;) … 

but what if JESUS was never actually crucified? what if he never actually died on the cross … and most of the STORY is Spiritual Metaphor? wow, baby-baby-baby! where will that leave the roman catholics in their dogmatic stilts? and what of that Earth-like planet recently in the news? wouldn't that throw a series of kinks in roman catholic belief and practice and those of similar interests? but who-what knows the real story … of the Writings ;)

break from doctrine … hmm. what might that look like …? I spy with my right eye a page from leviticus. ouch, that leviticus? keep an ear open.



US at war with iran? a very big possibility … coming.

and what to make of this:

as much as I believe it is time for organizations of political interest parading in religious suits to be more thoroughly investigated, understood in mission and where these pose a threat to society, even humanity, and place people in a position to pay for (tax dollars) something they should not have to pay for, especially if systematically undermining a group, like female … some things cannot be forced, unless law has clear evidence in numbers that the organizations are primarily corrupt, feeding terrorism or in some way inciting terrorism or mental instability and dangerous climate and, seeding a certain image. for instance, if a mosque draws many sharia law members to its doors … to the neighborhoods and the larger communities …  buying up houses and property to suit its organization … what gets set back? progress? define progress. choice? define choice. truth? define truth.

which peace keeping mission should a person trust? depends on which "side" you are on. no? or maybe it's not a 'side' but a relationship.


a man who has no relationship with an alternative world such as SPIRIT, or is not aware of this world … is likely to say it does not exist. enter the atheist. atheist or religionist, humanitarian or believer in god … which peacekeeping mission is trustworthy if one holds a gun and the other a baby? but many questions arise in this scene. why does he hold the gun? for what purpose does he hold the gun or the TEAR GAS … why does she hold the baby? how does she hold that baby? for what purpose does she carry the Child?

child can become a multitude of things once it comes out of its house of flesh and bone. but 'it' does not become just one thing. it usually becomes more than one. here begins the multi-person. most of the interests or reasons a person engages in something, thriving for something is on what we call a flat grid plane. these are essentially equal. child desiring to become a farmer is no different from child becoming a doctor. both are necessary for MANKIND's survival. this is middle ground … on that plane. man doesn't need a fashion model to tell him what to wear in each job, because he will choose something that serves best for these. as a doctor, he should know his clothes are to be clean. as a farmer, he knows that he will get dirty so clean clothes is not a big issue unless he is handling the food that people will soon eat. enter the mentor, the advisor … possibly a type of teacher. this advisor could be an atheist or a believer in an alternative world. all three exist in the same place. farmer, doctor and advisor are equal and exist in middle 'earth'. 

when farmer is viewed as less than doctor, middle earth becomes of an imbalanced nature. not impartial. when celebrity or politician/lawmaker/bishop becomes higher in place than the farmer and who he hires to work the fields … there has entered another 'person'. so what was likely already a developing multi-person as farmer has other interests besides feeding man and the doctor has other interests besides treating patients … has turned into a system, or a class system. those of this group are viewed as ___ and those of the other group are viewed as ___, except by those of an impartial vision. even though in this day both spend about the same in getting to his chosen profession... the doctor in schooling and the farmer in purchasing land and equipment and should he need to hire field hands. middle earth needs both. 

unified stance, which can also be a frame of mind requires mentor to advise in rations, rationing  … rationale … reasoning … purpose. remove the politician (government) advising purely for party's sake, or purpose outside the needs of the people of a tribe, large group, and you begin to 'agree' on purpose. it's a beginning. who can trust an untrustworthy, unjust nation miles away and what their desires are? who understands the motives of those outside that middle earth thriving for unity? enter the prophet. 

cont …