is this how you mend the broken? seems turkish belief and practice has at its helm an abusive driver. this judicial system is dishonest and places women and young women and even girls in danger, even more so … 

it is evil that works in and through these men to force control over the young female lives. much like in catholic countries, a raped teen has often been pressured to marry her rapist. we know she is forced to give birth to his child … so what places young women in harms way? USES women for its own self-serving? EVIL using the laws and principles of men. evil knows it can continue in the ignorance and chaos, confusion, delusion and destruction of LIFE by controlling FEMALE. this is how it has always been. beginning with the blaming of eve … man has made his bed in the ignorances and destruction of evil.

so it is no surprise that the roman pontiff and the muslim brotherhood share the same bed. look at how the institutions view and treat female … throughout their history. if you can con the people into believing their false writings you can breed the female to build you an army for control … conquest, and you can do this when they are young and unable to choose … as parent is often tied to the bedposts of these ingrates … and place their own children into dangerous feed. recall baal? scarfing their own children to the beast of false teaching. babylon … oh, wicked babylon … babies brought to its mouth of destruction because man is arrogant and abusive.

 they vote in these "democracies" of sharia islamic roman catholic law and … the process begins … all over again in each of these countries and you get to see it happen! or are you turning a blind eye to it … that you might continue self-serving in your own ignorance? ignorance and lack of compassion… born from a poverty of LOVE.

WE are in no way fooled by these con artists and it is good that at least some have called them out on their patriarchal initiatives. turkey is a disgrace to HUMANITY> it will be removed from the lives of the fruitful. this act, if put into force as law, will render turkey as IGNORANT, ARCHAIC AND DELUSIONAL and … of evil undertaking. let their minister feed on THAT parsing!

so what will become of turkey? 


think, do you even trust sending your daughters to schools that view female in this manner? or that have in place laws that work AGAINST her … not FOR her? where professors and priests and pastors and rabies and imams, clerics … can take advantage of them because the climate set up by man is an unjust and unsafe climate. who-what set the stage for female to be so raped and abused, so undermined and degraded? used---misused and why would aNY PERSON IN THEIR RIGHT MIND … allow growing political religious in their cities and towns? who is of the perspective to allow what is called religious freedoms under a growing caliphate order to place female in such a dire and distasteful state? and why? what do these institutions gain from doing this? are they getting money from sharia law nations to get access to … say, american institutions? wow, when the truth about this comes out … maybe something will burn the house down. 
or … maybe something is already planning a mega attack like nothing seen before. but hey, who opened the door and let it in … 

to place so many lives, esp the youth, in such grave danger? 

we say that those of this stream will be viewed as rot. 


we find the article posted above somewhat interesting. first, preaching is preaching. who is to say what is right or what is bad  …   what is dangerous or extreme? anything can turn into a delirious drug for some or many. anything can be manufactured to produce a product that enslaves, terrorizes … teaches inappropriately but … it also depends on society, its political religious suits who … decide for all people what is right and what is bad so … the face of religion in this case is who is on the strong end of the law. the RCC is a perfect example of manufacturing a law for control … power … calling it GOD, infallible even, God's mouthpiece, supreme authority … all through men in dresses, suits of ordination that held people down in ways that NO PERSON IN THIS DAY UNDERSTANDS … yet.  yet.

smiling and shaking my head here because MAN, for the most part refuses to admit this. ITALY of all places now trying to squelch a growing menace :D. imagine what much of europe and even the world endured under the strong arm of rome! history coming back to bite the ass of these males? italy worried about garage mechanics when their own vatican is oozing with abuse and corruption? 

they may be looking in the wrong matches where these fires breed.

in addition, there is a contest in who can holler the loudest and who can make the other look anti-something-or-other having to do with islamix … yes, islamix. obama says he is tired of hearing about trump but me thinks much of the nonmuslim world is tired of hearing about muslims … and what they want. or don't want or … to be made to do in countries pandering for somethingorother, or where the extremix of them might attack next. I scanned the beginning of an article on the beach burkini thing and the question one camp thinks is solid poo flinging at the other camp … falls like a tree hit by a tsunami. "should a man be allowed to decide what women wear?" where do these people think the idea of encasing female in cloth comes from? you know, covering up her body so that as little as possible is exposed. wasn't it a man? gee, maybe that was the point of the article but it sounded like it was criticizing a man for telling women that are told by islamic clerics (ALL MEN!) what they cannot wear on the beach

and it is all so ridiculous it's really not worth addressing her. slow day in pompeii … as they say. 


but wait. what kind of SUPREME POWER insists women practically mummify themselves, even in extreme heat … at a beach … where others are barely wearing anything? wouldn't it be something great if man did not make women sex objects and nudity a cause for bad behavior? imagine if a Man could look at a woman without thinking about sex. well, of course, HUMANS behave differently, and are not fixated on butts and bosoms and other delicate parts. wouldn't you just love to reveal these men for what they are … and women who sell themselves to them? but why in carnation would any women living in a society NOT requiring such obsessive attire ONLY FOR FEMALE… allow themselves to be treated in this way? it should be against the law for any cult, sect, group … RELIGION … to own women in this manner. but what do the lazy politicians do? huh … look and learn something about what you PAY AND SUPPORT that changes nothing in these oppressive ways.

ignorance works both ways, doesn't it? and FEMALE is a item of misuse for the bastards of the universe. but supreme powers that destroy the presence of SHE by making her a second class citizen? hmm … not a supreme power I would EVER want to pray to, align with or be anywhere near. it is not a protected place. it is not a safe place. imagine burkini "babes", "chicks" and … (are you listening culprits?) … with her children and children ask why mommy has to dress like that. "are the other mommies bad?" they ask. "why don't they dress like you?" "mommy, why does allah want me to cover myself? what's wrong with my body that I can't show it?" 

it's those nasty men, dear, they look at your … with lust and … we must not give them any reason to desire us. gee, I thought TRUE desire was of the Heart … having little to nothing to do with the flesh. IF CHRIST LIVES WITHIN … why so many sexually abusive men and women? wrapping self up in burkinis and the like will solve nothing. it adds to that stigmatizing we spoke about in the previous post. 

why is it always the woman that is expected to heel? 

and then there is this super power terrorism coming to a garage near you:

drugs? not drugs? no previous signs of mental illness? is EVIL real in the form of spirit using the youth in the most atrocious ways or not? there is something very REAL that man denies because he cannot see it. so … he has a choice. he can blame himself and his support of the lifestyle that creates the growing austin in communities (think World War Z) or, he can agree that there is something working in and through people that is really, REALLY evil. 



early this morning I was reminded that I had seen a muslim "couple" while riding my bike … in the town where I currently reside. "now that's something I have not seen here" I said. man dressed like most american men walking about twenty (guessing) steps ahead of his 'wife' (?) who was completely covered except for hands and face. he was talking on a phone. she was focused on something in her hand, likely a cell phone … both oblivious to the scenery-landscape. it was approaching 80-85 degrees in high humidity (it was one of those weeks :(.

I did not think too much about it … thought maybe they were looking at a home or something. but this morning I was shown the catholic church down the street. it has been for sale for years. I would like it for my work because I have been shown some things in this … but, of course, I do not have the money to buy … 

is it to be that every community will have a mosque? that people end up paying for out of their paychecks? of course, I will have to leave the area. would be that the town allows discrimination and … as it allows has? some things never change? I have been waiting for the removal of these institutions for some time. who-what keeps them in operation? who-what panders to these institutions, paying them to continue in ignorance> who what refuses movement? 

was reading a discussion on a religious news site about the roman catholic's somethingorother. you know, the usual news coverage about these big religious heads and what they want or don't want and still, the liberal panders to one while criticizing the other, despite the two being very much the same. this could not be more obvious (pandering to islamist while criticizing christian and catholic claiming itself christian), and could not be more a double standard... and something that will be a backlash for the liberal. it is coming. any time man builds his house in bias, he ends up loosing clout, credibility and … freedoms. also, what was especially disturbing was the discussion about consubstantiation and transubstantiation and the religious insisting they receive while others do not and should not. whoa. still? after all this time there are religious who believe they receive the body and blood---the real thing of Spiritual undying? hmm … I said, ah, you see, Lord … deniers. willful deniers … how can they continue to believe this in this Day? it's a bit scary but truly, truly sad. that is not what the Writings intended. but Man built himself an empire and claimed himself the puppeteer over not just the believer but GOD (Spirit)! wow. 

it seems they missed the message on what PAUL was saying about those stone tablets. unbelievable that these people continue in such arrogance and such ignorance. they refuse to grow. to reach … to come into the Language of the Spirit, but would rather rely on men who depose them. huh … when will these wake, Lord? how do you wake the dead? seems many ignore REVELATION.



ignoring REALITY for political correctness.

peace loving, etc etc etc … anyone choking on these fumes? this is why WE do not assume that what is said by police, professors, politicians, priests, presidents, popes …even parents or so-called parents (lotta p's?) …is true, correct or helpful. they are just pandering to the press (oh, hey, two more Ps: panderers and press). a respectable source shared it was a hit job and the reason? this community has only to look in its own backyard for part of that answer. 

c'mon … the suspect moved into the area not long ago? let's see what untruths the press in ca-hoots with the party dishes out on this. but they messed up in one significant area. can you see what it is? hmm …the perpetrators of this awful, violent act did not count on something …. happening. 

not a P but a B.


we can't even get to the good stuff for all the bad.

reading the news, religious, political and .. WE see the usual unknowing characters. the atheist doesn't get that it was the christian that saved his butt from a colossal mission to subjugate. and they don't want to know the truth in this. they do not understand that their own ignorance and inability to sense the betrayal and the deception and the unjust parliaments  … while others would not bow to these ... has kept them alive today … that they might come into some awareness of the crimes of worldly acumen. they are not grateful for those who have allowed them their space and what these went through and go through to this day … because they live in denial … and willful ignorance. 

where do we see this con job continuing … coming from the militant atheists? their attacks on believers, esp christian believers …because they know they can get away with it and they know they have plenty of ungracious support. I am not grateful for roman catholicism because it shut ME out of sharing. remember the RCC and those like it are BIG on hating gnostics, calling us EVIL and doing satan's work? which means they hate gnosis, as gnostic, not of religion, not even gnosticism, is one engaging in gnosis. but I understand that there are businesses catholic, christian or … that believe something and do not want to compromise this belief because big establishments, including that big, fat, often silly political correctness, carries so much weight it wants what it wants, usually for votes, party initiatives, regardless of whether or not it may contain danger or harm to people, because the big is concerned with bigness and control … power … and undermining what does not SERVE it. it is a form of fascism, or we can just simply call is fatalism … as fascism leads to fatal outcome.

the atheist will be the first to realize the fatality of acting out of a place of ignorance (watch, you will see). 

confused as to what we are talking about? let's go back to the family owned and run business ---these small affairs (not huge hospitals employing hundreds of workers and dealing with thousands of patients) … there should be laws, upgraded continuously as new info comes out about products, particularly in dealing with health concerns, proper treatment of employees AND CUSTOMERS. don't sell cigarettes to minors. it would be good if cigarettes were removed from all of society but hey, one step at a time. but take the the funeral director that runs his own business. he has employed like-minded people for generations … that help to assist in a grieving process. this is a personal experience and should not be subject to the RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES of others, and if of a christian status, the atheist can just shut up as this process does not concern him. do YOU understand what we are saying? the atheist shot by a villain does not care what happens to him after that. as far as he is concerned he has NO CONCERNS. he is gone. no spirit no life no nothing, not even LOVE. he would not even care if his will is carried out properly because he won't know the difference. right? he's dead and gone. he has NO SAY in any way, anywhere, anyhow … 

but what does the atheist and left winger liberalists do? demand fatalism. they DEMAND that a family run or a christian run operation BE RUN ON A BIG ESTABLISHMENT BELIEF SYSTEM … a fascist ideology (much like the heir achy of the RCC, and the current status of the US government> and its followers <is of likeminded theology)  … employ, say, transgender people when it goes against something of their belief (and honestly, if this had been any other religion in the world, the atheist would likely not have say a word, but his hatred of WHAT has saved his ass … is alarmingly ignorant). "he" does not see that the PERSONAL NATURE of the christian in these affairs (grieving process and how the body of a deceased loved one is handled) is not up for discussion by pig-headed atheists. put simply, it is not his business. the transgender can find an atheist or transgender funeral operation to work for. 

not a prediction: the atheist will be seen as a fool. but, you see … they bring it on themselves.

take this, for example … who pays for unprotected sex and sex with multiple partners? and why should one not of this practice and belief pay for something careless? careless to sex partner, careless to child, careless to society at large. if something is this dangerous … and expensive, costing TAXPAYERS mega bucks when it could go toward helping those truly in need … why would one love neighbor by engaging in careless sex practices? and yet the militant atheist and left winger liberals think it's all fine and dandy. no, it is not fine and dandy it is not just foolish, it is a danger to HUMANITY>>>>>>>> where is the humility in these acts?

and let's do a wee search on what all these DRUGS DO TO THE ENVIRONMENT, shall we? and we will again find who-what has a big footprint on this here precious EARTH. 
and hey, the RCC sexually active priests are not off the hook despite their purgatory.

and this is without getting into the meds that get into the bodies of water and the soil where people need to grow crops. any chemical but esp strong chemicals do have an impact on the environment. the studies are not even out yet on all of this. there are med manufacturers and others making BIG bucks off of these epidemics. the usual business practices coming from not those WHO CARE, but the care-less. it's money making operation as much as it's a reckless lifestyle. 

now, imagine if the soil gets so contaminated (from many sources) and providing nutrition for the sick becomes another BIG challenge …  as the sick obviously do better with the more natural, cleaner diets … FOOD GROWN IN CLEANER, RICHER MORE PROTECTED SOIL …and not just those who are sick but the children, the elderly and pregnant moms and hey, I would like the food I eat to be grown in clean soil with clean water, wouldn't you? maybe not. maybe politics narcism style is your thang. you get what you want but the rest of the world can just go to … 

guess I will just have to build my own Field of dreams for family and others like me …to stay alive. but I know one thing for certain, it won't be much longer that WE will be paying for the ignorance and recklessness of others.


pig-headed? a metaphor. can you get to its meaning from where you are?

allow us to share. first, as you must surely know by now … when I write here and in SPIR and I use the word catholic or atheist or … I am not referring to all catholics or all atheists, but I am making a highly relevant point … and WARN egregiously (shockingly of ___). to step back is to see forward. it's all been done before and WE would like for Man to evolve. think that can happen under catholic mindset?

if Evil exists and most believe it does, but only some believe it does not exist outside Man. these believe it is Man who makes bad things happen, and this is certainly not wrong thinking; it's just not intelligent thinking. the INTELLECT is a marvelous piece of person and carries with it the ability to create all sorts of masterpieces. it is also a very useful tool for Evil. it dulls this sword to keep person from entering the place of redemption. it builds its house in the fineries of living that refuse truth-bearing equinox. also, many believers are in denial and live in ignorance on the elements of Evil: how it operates, where--how, its uses … breeding grounds. HOW IT USES (and abuses) MAN for death and destruction. 

it is a "thing" out there, understood by one like me, as spirit but NOT Spirit of the Living God. the Writings are full of passages where Evil makes its bed. 

consider the atheist … he will be the first to be removed. why? Spirit of the Living can only inspire up to a point in non belief. the ARTS of Spirit can only agree with atheist in certain areas of work. once Man moves out of the Arts (in the true sense of delivery, NEW and moving … not repeating systematic stuff, a sort of dead zone to Spirit of the Living) … and Evil sees an opportunity for betrayal because believe it or not, satan and his followers are running scared right now. they are always looking to see where they can hide … their offenses. look, see … where is the hypocrisy, the theft, the abuses … deception, ignorance and denial? who does what for whom? how is this done? what is the intent? if of a double standard and called out on the hypocrisy … evil is scared and must run and hide (why calling out hypocrisy as JESUS often did is SOOOO important, but it is most important that one be of IMPARTIAL PLACE else one be guilty of partiality, an avenue for hypocrisy). so one has to go. which do you think it will be? it will be the one of limited use as bad and evil actions (often of dishonesty) can use the believer in many more ways, especially in a climate where GOVERNMENTS ARE PANDERING TO POLITICAL RELIGIOUS, namely roma and islam, as judaism is waning and people are realizing the the orthodox jew is of a system born of injustice (think female and how she might be used). 

when atheism becomes political-religious in the sense that it behaves as the other it deems guilty of wrongdoing while intellect is not agile for Truth … atheism is the mote that Man no longer uses for his archetype. 

UNDYING LOVE is continuous and does not stop and tread water with no arms. so what will come? what will be? well, atheist has no desire for repentance. no understanding in RENEWAL AND TRANSFORMATION> it is here that Man must move. but it is also here that Evil has its scouts. gnostic lit is clear on these. I will share a passage. 



The Book of Thomas

Thomas asks "the Savior" "Tell us about these things that you say are INVISIBLE and hidden from us."

The Savior said, '[All] bodies [have come into being in the same irrational way] that animals are produced, and so they are visible, as [creatures lusting after creatures].Those that are above, however, [do not exist like] those that are visible.rather, [they] live from their own root, and their crops nourish them. But the visible bodies feed on creatures that are like them, and so the bodies are subject to change. Whatever is subject to change will perish and be lost, and henceforth has no hope of life, because this body is an animal body. Just as an animal body perishes, these modeled forms also will perish. Are they not from sexual intercourse like animals? If the body too is from intercourse, how will it give birth to anything different from them? So, then, you are children until you become perfect." 

Thomas answered, That is why I say to you, master, those who speak about what is visible and difficult to explain are like people who shoot their arrows at a target during the night. Of course, they shoot their arrows as any people do, since they are shooting at the target, but it is not visible. When light comes, however, and banishes darkness, then the accomplishment of each person will be clear. And you, our light, bring enlightenment, master."


Thomas spoke and said, "Blessed Thomas, surely this visible light has shone for you not to keep you here, but that you might leave. And when all chosen ones lay down their animal nature, this light will withdraw up to its being, and its being will welcome it to itself, because the light is a good helper."



where does it end? of the secular religio-politics of this Day, and the next and the next … where does it end? Man will find anything and everything to boost for his own agenda and to try to UNDERMINE the FEMININE DIVINE and to wipe out the consistent child-rearing of motherly status. evil looks to find ways of classifying for drugs … to keep it in vogue and using. using for abusing. 

a child is born in this Day and instantly he is classified as … "something in need of some form of drug". huh, how self-righteous of secular deed to administer these teachings. a child can no longer be a child … it's almost as if it's a sin in the eyes of economy for child to be a child and grow in a healthy manner, away from the hidden agendas … reaping in the histrionics of politics for new age religion. 

I will not apologize for these words. dress as you wish and play where you play but must you antagonize the already dangerous houses with more questionable theory? why must government force these agendas on the children? they love a spectacle and the democrat no different from the republican relishes a platform WITHOUT DOING ITS HOMEWORK … all for votes, for fascism … for fatalistic outcome. for power and control. schools can work personally with struggling boys and girls … businesses can take it to court to address the conditions for things as they are. but the schools? 

SINCE WHEN DO GOVERNMENTS GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ABUSE IN SCHOOLS? look at the RCC and those like it? above the law in the crimes of sexual abuse of children? rape of young women and girls  … in private and public schools with special societies that even the admin knew and kept silent about. and what has the US government done to address the high-risk for sooooooo many years? the dangerous parish settings … the lies and cover ups of the priests, laity, bishops on up?  the US government is flat out dumb and going dumber. they have not even addressed the root of illnesses in the schools/parishes/garages and they want more …problems, and they will have more problems. please, do yourselves a favor, folks, DO NOT LISTEN TO THE IGNORANTS OF POLICY MAKERS FOR PARTY AGENDAS AND THOSE PASTORS WHO DON'T THINK apart from their plush seats … secular venues and political correctness … build your own schools and tell government where they can take their dishonesty and LACK OF CARE!

they are USING, MISUSING and ABUSING you. 

but … we have a dream to share … that isn't about these political histrionics and POWER, gluttonous power and control by admins dropping bombs on the heads of children.

want to hear it?

when I was a child … I often dressed like a boy. I even wanted to do "boy things" and dog-gone, all those interesting power tools for yard work and such? washing dishes was a chore … hedge clippers were cool. now … as a mother, I am. to build a family of naturalists and environmentalists … steering clear of drugs, damage to the environment and … climate. happy in earthy body… YES! an EARTHY body!!! what a gift---imagine that? and what a healthy body can do for those in need! who-what is systematically degrading the child? using him for party agenda? plying him with theories no child should ever have to endure, including that religion-mania … who whispers in his ear that there is something about him in need of changing? for GOD's SAKE … he is just a Child. (until at least 26 ;)

you do know that evil has a way of using children as its own private experiment don't you? (think STRANGER THINGS). children are its guinea pigs … for drugs, drugs and more drugs in all those classifications … and pastors who are supposed to be protecting the children end up abusing them, too … as they play politics with the vulnerable. 


it is interesting to listen to atheists. I agree in some of what is shared on this youtube … namely, the islamist's reform mandate is really just a way of covering over the abuses with a glaze of something to make islam taste sweeter, and why we have stated on several occasions that ecumenical 'infusion' is just another way for religion to disguise bad habits. advertise the pc agenda to look tolerant and good while the ills of the industry go untouched … continuingitsstreamofabuses. look at what the RCC is doing with this current pontiff. perfect example of deliberate whitewashing to distract from the real horrors. pope doesn't want outside investigations! so parade him all over the world and millions of dollars are spent on its histrionics … pope appeal .. while billions starve, die, get beaten and enslaved … but hey, look at that image of a man dressed in white and everything he says is taken as some form of "perfect" word and no one of SPIRITUAL MATURITY is allowed to ask him the tough questions for fear of what? (think on that a moment because it plays into the academic of insignia … like the RCC ordinations and … UNIVERSALISM by way of the stronger arm of the LAW … could be atheism, yes? thinking itself supreme authority while … unknowing of many "things").


no wonder so many left the churches, but there has not been nearly enough anger over what 'it' did and what it continues to do. and it is really bad manners and says a lot about pastors who praise this current pontiff without stating the obvious. so … why follow these clerics? why praise these clerics? what priest continues to serve the institution while the obvious deception is REAL? it is REAL … (which places atheism in serious question, simply by the fact that he, too, ignores that reality. they are quick to point that finger at religion but fail to see their own false prophets and the harm these are doing). 

the chicken or the egg … man or metaphor. 

if they are ignorant on the LANGUAGE of these texts, what then? they read them like school children …so okay, don't read them. atheist does not understand it, good or evil, but he judges it anyway … while not speaking its language. AND he supports and pays into the injustices by way of his politics/policies and those HE FOLLOWS and feeds. hmm … tricky? sticky? sticky buns? butt stuck to seat? atheist may not be wrong but he has a long way to go before he is right.

the Writings of the Christ address ALL of these things … false prophets, you will know them by their fruits … those who say there is no God is a fool … and … and … and … but, in a Language he refuses to need. he knows everything, he says he does not need  to hear anything NEW, or wise ...of Wisdom. his prophets are the Authority. shut up and pay your taxes. is he dead?

oops, 400 mil to Iran for what? hillary has a private server while secretary? damn, that is one BIG private affair. who was she in bed with? the atheist? ;D



1For the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard.2And when he had agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyard. 3And he went out about the third hour, and saw others standing idle in the marketplace, 4And said unto them; Go ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right I will give you. And they went their way. 5Again he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise. 6And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle? 7They say unto him, Because no man hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive.

8So when even was come, the lord of the vineyard saith unto his steward, Call the labourers, and give them their hire, beginning from the last unto the first. 9And when they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny. 10But when the first came, they supposed that they should have received more; and they likewise received every man a penny. 11And when they had receivedit, they murmured against the goodman of the house, 12Saying, These last have wrought but one hour, and thou hast made them equal unto us, which have borne the burden and heat of the day. 13But he answered one of them, and said, Friend, I do thee no wrong: didst not thou agree with me for a penny? 14Take that thine is, and go thy way: I will give unto this last, even as unto thee. 15Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good? 16So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

El … the eleventh hour 

first believers are natural and do not require religion or government to teach them. they are companions to the arts and sciences because they desire knowledge, but do not agree in all that is inked for industry. they are in tune with the evolving of the universe, its fields and trees … its wildlife and seas … its creation, and know that if man says one thing and climate says another … there will be disputing. first believe then receive. 

we posted the question earlier: WHAT IS THE FRAGRANCE OF CHRIST?

it is initiative … to us it is more, but the Language of Men cannot touch the Faith of {this} in words, and "initiative" fails the test which leaves One to … persevere. it's a vast Universe, is it not? ;)

we posted on "bad" marriages, misaligned partnerships (had a dream on this two nights ago and was wondering when I would get back to it). 2 things coming together that are more about partiality, selfishness, power, control, subjugation, winning the argument and arrogance than about Truth. example: founder/founding of islam. the prophet of islam marries a nine-year old … has sex with a child, a vulnerable, under the age for CHOICE (ability to choose)---a child, and other children, and women of no choice... slaves these are called. this is a bad marriage, an inappropriate marriage and a forced marriage … along with forced sex (also know as rape) to create a political entity using religion as title, stealing the words of another and changing the purpose, using for its own directives, often inappropriately. islam. a false prophet on Truth.

an atheist may not understand the language but he sure as hell understands the history (evidence, facts … if written correctly … any dispute on this prophet's attire?) of the prophet of islam. is Jesus the Prophet of Judaism?  no. is Jesus the Prophet of Roman Catholicism? no. Christianity? no, as Jesus did not advocate for Religion. the Language was of ANOTHER, not of the systems of the world. surely those claiming christianity as truth ... understand this in some small degree ... by now. yes? often it seems they have never read a single word outside their political agendas or …religiosity. 

but let's look at the founder of Christ-like Ethic. Jesus? or Christ? Jesus Christ or Christ Jesus? (will get back to this).

Elijah … real or religion? Jesus or Christ? some call it a to-MAY-toe … some call it a to-MA-toe? if you believe elijah is real, you might see that he is also Jesus. if you do not believe "he" is real (was a man in the old texts), which we do not believe elijah was a real man in the OT, might this be the Christ? metaphorically viewed as the Christ. it would be Prophetic Appeal. an illustration of learning. a forward thinking movement. not an industry but a Faith Appeal. 

traditions aside, are you a first Believer? religious mandate aside, are you a first Believer? hierarchy out of the way, do you Believe in Spirit?



5:36PM … usually I start writing in the morning then add a little throughout the day if necessary, but today … I was shown to wait. EXCITING …. getting to the good stuff, finally. from the Queen MARY U … comes information on an "earth like" planet! that is my "star" (wink-wink-wink). that's where I will go :D

you do know that if Earth continues being degraded, bombed … yes, bombed … and injected with chemicals … it will cry out … and will go poof. I do not want to be here when it does. of course I will be in Spirit form if and when that times comes... and … it will come.