this current pontiff sounds desperate. it's kind of like watching the ship go down and you see its elected captain (elected through board room politics far from the cistern where the farmers and travelers gather to water) flailing his arms …A BIG BILLBOARD?  parading himself as some sort of caring, humble prelate, everybody's joe … but waving his big, fat gold wand … blessing this and blessing that … canonizing to repeat their world insignia, but it's crumbling and the framework is evident. the construction is exposed for the aware to see … and know its barren dialect. the RCC profits when the poor stay poor, but who-what still continues in these praises? knowing … KNOWING of the lies and the abuses and the theft?  any one listening to Lord through salvation seeding can hear the war cries of man playing prophet. the Q on this pontiff? 

is he being honest or dishonest in purpose? what is his intent? why does he do what he does? why does he canonize people we KNOW were derelict in parenting? the evidence on john paul 2, junipero serra, and teresa is so loud … the abuses egregious, so alarmingly apparent … and what is stunning in these dictates is that people FALL for it. why? what are they being led by? drugged? led by false teaching? 

what continues … what ills does this pontiff bring on the people? just watch and you will see. maybe vatican city is next for mass chaos …  because the errancy is systemic and beyond reproach. what does it draw to its doors? evil? bad behavior? destruction?

and who what used pope for his campaign to try to win votes? bernie? did bernie sanders sit with the patriarchs of indecent housing? discriminatory and behaviorally derelict mindset? (both imam and pope?)

AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO BERNIE SANDERS … he left his movement and sat down with wall street: BIG ESTABLISHMENT … doing exactly what he railed against. hmmm, the hypocrisy?  wow, what a fraidy-cat … what an unknowing politician to choose as he did, to allow himself to be misled … to abandon the people and the purpose he said he was fighting for, working for---SERVING and now, now he serves hillary and her clients. he seats himself with the very 'enemy' that sabotaged his campaign and denied its illegal tactic and … the person he opposed is now his trusted candidate?
who can you trust, folks? a youth recently told me she agrees with what I say, and seems to agree with jill stein's message, but is voting for hillary because she does not want trump to win. is this what college and work ethics teach the youth? to deny insult and abuse and vote against belief and CONSCIENCE? what plane do these live on? scientific/secular/humanistic/religious …  ignorance? denial? spiritually poor justice?  because democracy denies the FACTS THAT CRIMES ARE BEING COMMITTED AT THE EXPENSE OF LIVES? THEY JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE THEY GET THEIR WAY? and what way is that? are we to repeat and repeat and repeat as you see today, as mental illness increases and military war is always on the table and the US lawmaker and businessman continues to feed injustice while  IGNORING the tyranny at home, the marginalized (what has obama done but build his big wall between the BIG tech villas and those not educated for his theological dreams? shutting them out even more. pushing them into ghettos to fight through criminal means to get what others of the OBAMAWOOD/CLINTON-FUND has?)… extreme mental illness and breakdown of FAMILIES and … the rise in stabbings and … VIOLENCE everywhere! and the drug epidemics and pharmaceutical fascism and … wow, the roman catholic church has mentored the world! pope should be proud. is he?

this democracy operates on catholic mindset. it always has it always will. 



along with the news of the stanford swimmer having sexually violated an 'unconscious' female', we have these stories coming out.

to add to that RCC HOST of abuse on child. 

but I will not send hate mail to the pope or to that stanford swimmer, or even st george's. what would be the point? first, the stanford student has a dad that cannot see his own derelict parenting. " … for 20 minutes of action" ? where in this statement does dad understand VICTIM? female as toys for boys? it's a culture of abuse born out of a system established looooong ago. policy. religion. and who-what continues this draft for males? and professors and teachers, coaches and priests, but we ask … where is the ADVISOR in these systems of negligence and poor parenting? from the dad or mom allll the way up to pope and president … who-what advises the "leaders", those in powerful and influential seats what NEEDS to happen in order for change to occur? both church and state OF man have shown where they stand on these incidents, even in this age… knowing what they know, but care little about and … they SAY they want peace? pope is spiritually immature, along with a host of priests and ministers. they pat each other on the back and look the other way.

who votes in dishonesty? who-what TEACHES that this is acceptable belief and practice? who-what teaches the youth to succumb to fear? not CHRIST. I can assure you … it is not, never was and never will be ...CHRIST. which renders man's church and state as what? 

what is this? what does this look like in a catholic society? for example, there was another higher up in the RCC that resigned from his high position with many crimes hanging over his head. again, pope did not stop the resignation. are we to feel enlightened by pope's behavior? his attitude about it all? what type of pasturing is this? these men are still in denial and often go on to pads of … more abuse out of the public eye? 

ROMAN CATHOLIC POPE'S WAY NEVER STOPS THE SYSTEM OF DISEASE … no matter how much he is paraded as a preacher …. playing at peace!

but who-what turned over those tables in the temple courts? certainly not a roman pontiff or … a president. 

change … THOMAS asked "SAVIOR" … {pay attention here} about the hidden and the light. "JESUS" responds with:


there is no change in these waters. the changing of the seasons is all within the interior and exterior of man's way. his attribute. 



so we read of another graven image for the house of rome, and the people that dwell there. their god pontiff made them another false teaching for them to bow to, and what is truly mentally off regarding this "saint" (and remember, the WRITINGS in and of Spirit of the LIving God NEVER say who-what is a saint … never tells us how this is or WILL BE, which reveals again the deception and SPIRITUAL IMMATURITY of the RCC … because the 'saint' is not soundly manifested until all are gathered in. IOW, saints and martyrs are WORKS unrelated to the worldly acumen of men, not of the likes of pope of the RCC and others like him. saint is not a PURPOSE unto the LIving. saint is a PARTNER in the Realm of Truth >think of the story of Ruth in the old< and teresa had no partner … but JP2 did. marcial marciel the child abuser and fraud) … (**and the disciples went out in two*)

they live in willful ignorance on the TRUTH about this tiny woman, and jp2 and serra and so many others. what started out as something hopeful, gathering disadvantaged and poverty stricken children from the streets to be treated, educated and brought to a place of fair and just treatment were hushed instead, kept chained to beds and held in a destitute captivity of teresa's mental instability … turning this act into a false demonstration. 

are the catholics so dull and so drugged that they cannot ask the questions that need to be asked about this organization? much like the clergy-staff-laity sexual abuse of children. they refuse the proper-OUTIDE-investigations …for proper expenditure... knowing … knowing that what may very well be revealed will make them look … deceptive, untrustworthy and gullible.

evil has its way among the liars, frauds and derelict of this disease called ignorance. and do they figure that what they don't know won't hurt them? think again. this pope in all his powerlessness is destroying the much needed growth of millions and … those REFUSING truth about these organizations will be held accountable and that includes the law and order in seats of parliament. 

where do you sit? it's going to come out, and the world---as you glorify in it---will condemn and attack YOU. history has a way of turning around >think of lot's wife< and repeating. salt without fresh WATER is what? will be used how? 

warning-warning-----warning …. but who does what for whom? and why?

where's the BIG money?

what the rc institution in all its big-headeness failed to realize in all its grandstanding with pope paste-up is that their are big donors having engaged in these 'charitable' --- HOLEY---organizations that do not want to be made to look like fools, and certainly do not want to be "caught" in the act of un-charitable practices!!! I was reminded of a woman who had given a LOT of $ to jp2's favorite order, run by a very evil man, who changed her mind and turned on it, demanded the return of her money. people try to mimic "goodness" without awareness find themselves without a house (church).

JESUS said, why do you call me good? only my father in heaven …

sorry, paste-up preachers, your time has come for the unveiling.  

in truth, the papal office---vatican state---reminds me a lot of …