"The saints are the elect of God, those who have had the gospel applied to their hearts. The saved in other words." ---commenter at RNS, article on teresa of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH being canonized.

continuing from the previous …

nowhere in the WRITINGS does it say who-what are the saints. man made a judgement call, made up tales to fill in the holes and began a religious process calling it canonization.

canonization is a manmade article, written for the sole purpose of manmade religion. it has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Spirit of the Living God. JESUS/PAUL never once announced the saints and never once tell hierarchy(that also does not exist in the TEACHINGS for TRUTH), how to contrive a saint. miracles? by WHAT hand? inconsistent miracles at that. 

did Jesus/Paul ever call the disciples saints? so why do you? and why do you agree to the plagiarism and fraudulence of the religious? men making up craving images for their religious mandates … that SERVE themselves. they do it to keep the drum beating because the people are restless and beginning to question the big head, the catechisms … the correctness of the institution and its leadership. they plaster on every available public site they can, hogging up the news … with their culinary feedings … while WE look for the cry in the wilderness. for three years we had to ENDURE the pontiff bull and his cult practices when we need to hear the ELECT!!! we are listening for the elect not the saints as these have yet to be announced! 

how is it that MAN has misinterpreted so much regarding the WRiting? 

simple: he is not connected. does he have THE ANGEL OF THE MOST HIGH AS HIS GUIDE? does he even know what this is … in this Day? if he knows {this}, he does not engage in child's play of religious indwelling by sainting to impress the world. his WORK ETHIC is much finer and much, much more in tune with the ONE.

adding and taking away (for RELIGION not TRUTH) does what to YOUR place in the Heart of being Chosen?


how much longer will man last in these injected waters? 


let's understand something together, shall we?

Matthew 6. 23

But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

"the eyeis referring to the mind. the ear is the heart.

if the mind is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. if therefore the HEARING that is in you (the Heart) is dim, dull, unaware … ignorant … of little to no use in the LIGHT … how great is that darkness! how ignorant is that body? 

CHRISTLIVESWITHIN ordarknessrulesthemind.

do you see the connection? Christ is not separate from Light, the Living Truth. darkness has what? ignorance as its guide? but how do we know what is of Light and what is of Dark? how do we know what our eye sees? or refuses to see?

looking the other way when dishonesty abounds, when abuses are real, when covering up systemic abuse is apparent and leaders are egregiously misleading … is willful ignorance and in the cases involving children, the vulnerable … the poor … and recall that you will ALWAYS have your poor … is a danger to society, the nation … Earth, our Universe.  

this weekend I heard again from a quite sensible (smart) and decent fellow: voting for clinton is voting for the lesser of two evils. 

but isn't this still voting for evil? the dishonesty is apparent and the media, along with staunch members of the tribe calling itself the DNC, are egregiously misleading … so … given this great danger, must it be removed?

think on that a while. 


okay, fifteen minutes enough time? :)

I noticed a very large tree being cut down in my neighborhood. thank GOD, I said … every time I walked under it I saw it a danger, and the sidewalk is there with children walking and biking to school and home … and dog walkers and the elderly trying to stay healthy and the runners and cyclists … big tree hovering over many living things.  it had once cracked a huge limb during a storm, and fell on power lines, even covering the road. years went by and still … it showed its age, its apparent weakness and its danger. a dying tree must be removed. 

all it takes is assange to let loose more damaging emails on the DNC and what will the USA look like? they have been warned. now, those voting for clinton, the evil they view as lesser than trump … what will they look like? if those emails show very serious injury, even death … what will YOU look like?



pastors have a job to do

what might this job look like? first, the royal priesthood does not look like big hospitals called st francis hospital or st mary's college or …st agnes convent, or st andrews catholic school or … FEW ARECHOSEN . can't all be right. 

if roman catholicism is Christ Authority what about ME? I am not catholic and yet I hear and walk in my calling of the Spirit of the Living God and {this} shows me the errancy of these religious. what about a lot of people … so how can pontiff declare atheists going to heaven? does he have an indulgence waiting for those willing to support him? how can he call the muslim brotherhood his brother? how can he state anything apart from his doctrine? and still be the infallible church he claims is ………… GOD? God's mouthpiece (do read their roman catholic catechism sometime and call out the very obvious distractions, and the nonsense),  but no one is permitted to ask him directly about his tower of babel … no one is permitted to call him out on the hypocrisy and the lies and, no one is permitted to investigate---really INVESTIGATE---the abuses. he does not make sense and his reasoning is reminiscent of peter's betrayal … not once, not twice, but three whole times! count them, folks.

WHERE are the pastors following Christ? busy fornicating with the pope's men? and the other politicians of this Day? I do hear Christ in their movement, but I do not hear it in their Word. ahhh, maybe it's because they aren't really moving (recall the paralyzed man waiting his turn at the pool?)

let's address both david and charles … 





pelosi, a roman catholic, (and I state her RELIGION for a reason as you will see) believes strong and very serious evidence should not be used in this election to view the democrats. hacked emails should not be used for the citizens to use at the polls. IOW, don't criticize the DNC … IOW, evidence of abuse, murder, negligence, misuse of children, teachers, the poor and vulnerable should not be evidence that the american citizen AND OTHER NATIONS should use to help them decide on the capability, honesty, proper edict and decent, law abiding behavior … IOW, don't use anything that makes the democrat look bad, or EVIL … liars, thieves … whitewashing miscreants. 

hacked emails? against the law? then why do 'intelligence' agencies do it? they don't have trusted resources? the ability to find crimes and criminal activity through regular means? or natural gifts? Teaching?

situation: you are sitting in the court room and pelosi says to the judge. YOUR HONOR, do not allow strong evidence showing our poor, bad, criminal intent … to be used in this case. silence the victims! hide the evidence. typical roman catholic mindset? trying to hide wrongdoing but silencing the voices of others? has pelosi ever asked for outside INVESTIGATIONS of the clergy-staff-laity sexual abuse of children in the RCC or anywhere else? KNOWING these crimes are at the forefront of a tremendous EVIL---epidemic of abuse of women and children---born out of a system set up long ago by indecent men … harboring EVIL, yes, EVIL! 

hey pelosi, could it be that Spirit of the LIVING GOD is saying, DEPART FROM ME YOU OF LAWLESSNESS! I NEVER KNEW YOU! you've had plenty of time to do the right thing and to use your influence to stop these ugly affairs but you climbed into bed with the worst of it and now … now our time has come to reveal YOU for what you are.

every single person, pastor, priest, politician claiming Jesus as Savior … Christ as Truth … within certain affiliations is being called upon to admit his/her wrongdoing. this is the TIME, flocks. this is the Day for releasing … the REVELATION. and if he continues to lie and deceive and choose to hide these … the abuse and murder rather than admitting the wrongdoing … he will be removed. one cannot claim CHRIST AS SAVIOR AND NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS ACTIONS! and if unsure of his behavior, he should be SEEKING AND KNOCKING to understand what is right … and what is not right, but it is the case that man has married himself to indecent procedure and wayward dialect. and is not connected to the One in Truth. 

in this, it may be that the atheist realizes their is SPIRIT. he may begin to question his own practices in the LIGHT of the evidence, also stated by PROPHESY (shown to be … shown as … warned about)

depart from me I never knew you is speaking to those who claim Authority but fornicate with Evil. but I don't do evil things says the christian devout in his prayers, attending church weekly and giving money to the poor. and LORD asks, WHO-WHAT do you pay into and support. ? who have you bowed to and given your chldren to while unaware in their true dealings? have you not asked questions about these very obvious abuses … and lies? what, are you paralyzed? riddled with fear? chained to the legs of these men of whoredom? how do you know your priest or pastor or politicians aren't deceiving you … and your wife and child? have you not READ the evidence on these men (and women)?


could it be that Spirit of the Living is now looking to see about those CHOSEN? who-what is worthy of the Work of the Living Truth?


Many moons ago Lord showed me that there would be a loud clap. ATTENTION! like thunder on the faces of the realm of indecency and called it (The World) the Face of the North. Light then Thunder. Sons of Thunder. John remained (Light) and James is of the Spirit of the Elect (Thunder) and will judge those called. the rest? what have these to do with Christ? we are not speaking of children not having been given choice … we speak of Men. and those paying into and supporting indecent acts and dishonesty … do fall with them. yes? how could this not be? if one is on a boat having chosen to be in it despite its age and decaying boards and … untrustworthy helm … and it breaks, sinks … who-what goes down with it?

get the children out! and those pregnant women (and to keep them from being overly impregnated).

he rest of you have a job to do! No?

Whosoever sows in winter reaps in summer. Winter is the world, summer is the other aeon, THE ETERNAL REALM. Let's sow in the world to reap in summer. And for this reason we should not pray in winter.

FRom winter comes summer. If someone reaps in winter, the person will not really reap but will pull out the young plants, and such do not produce a crop. That person's field is BARREN not only now but also on the "Sabbath'> 

What have WE been saying? 

people, despite claiming belief in SPIRIT, do not seem to understand that Spirit must protect the UNIVERSE from the ways of Man. this is a BIG to-do. man, in his unknown and unknowing state, wedded to the systems of political correctness or religious ignorance, married to each other --- engaging in acts with its own --- of same likeness within errant expenditure --- risks Life for a scrap of reap. there are bigger things at hand that he does not see or understand. so … what's to be done? remove that which endangers Life. man, no matter what he claims, does not see the interior fields and trusts ignorance instead of Truth. he is willing to invite evil into his home … because he is afraid. fear is a weapon of mass destruction. know its head. no matter which side you claim absolution … fear is your enemy.

man does not see/understand how evil penetrates the innocent. how it FORCES itself on the naive and the unaware. many die at the hands of the spiritually immature. evil has its way with ignorance, using this for its own pedestal to deceive the world into thinking what is up is down and what is down is up. Spirit of the Living says this is an insecure an imbalanced place of resistance. 

why is "christianity" declining? you mean RECLINING, david? lazy man's purgatory is the face of religion. you have written well but you do not see the big, old, decaying trees in the forest that are endangering the lives of millions of little trees, and you are not calling out this danger. you wallow in "ah, nothing new under the sun". you see, it's all been done before. history repeats and the ads you see create another religion-political in entity-for the people even while showing itself a forked tongue (a forked road). but it takes an amazing brighter than white Light and that loud clap of Thunder to know that Christ is Lord.

so where is the PASTOR in this Day? feeding the climate of endangerment OR knowing that a REVOLUTIONARY MOVE IS ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE TO BE and lives to be saved.

enough with the pokemon-go religionism. wake up and smell the reaping.



this proves our point in so many different ways :)

the current pontiff KNEW EXACTLY what he was doing when he 'relegated' burke to the common hemisphere of ergonomics---media style. just as the RC pope jp2 KNEW EXACTLY what was going on in the private sector of his macial maciel and the legions of roman rule, in setting up this "special" order, trying to CLEAN up what he did not like of his ordinations and parish priests. he wanted a "higher order", so-to-speak, to render him and his elite above the world except … he favored EVIL above Truth. lawlessness above Light. garish ordinations above Living. I am one believing that jp2 sodomized teens. he was a sick and evil man as the world will soon learn … the hard way, just the way they seem to like it. it's going to come out and it won't be pretty. 

current pope has not sodomized children but he denied the victim voice … and continues to hide the crimes, and he pretends to be something he is not, and will be rendered illicit … so he better move his big ass NOW! he has seconds in audio time, just seconds (Spirit Realm). roman catholics, how do YOU want this to go down? your time is up … 

the islam thing is a disaster and will be cut short. where do you live? 

does the name joe hill ring a bell? not the writer from maine but the swedish songwriter … get my drift?

try to run and hide you feckless bastards … you are on borrowed time.

ALLOW US AN EXAMPLE OF HOW EVIL WORKS … let's put aside the sexual abuse of children which jp2 not only engaged in but believed was beneficial. yep, he was a sick, sick man. we warned, but you refused this and chose to live in denial and now you must pay the penalty for your ignorance, willful as it is. announcing this ... and watch the evil flee like feckless bastard that it is, looking to find scapegoats … a place to hide, but check this out and this is not the first time we brought this up, but it will be the last! JPthe second engaged in self-mortification. he whipped himself, rendering harm to the body. why? what was he engaging in that he would think beating himself and cutting himself was needed? only a mentally UNSTABLE man does this act … thinks this act is somehow good or GODLY. only a mentally off man behaves this way, but why was he doing it? Spirit of the Living NEVER, NEVER, NEVER asks that one harm himself. QUITE THE OPPOSITE! because it is care and protection that Spirit deems worthy and Life-Affirming. you don't do things to yourself that hurt you. cause you that kind of pain. you don't sicken yourself with anything … no practice or preaching or pandering or … paying. how is it that children started cutting themselves and physicians insist that they seek help, knowing that this is a sickness …  but a pope such as jp2 it is thought of as holy, of the most high? deemed christlike? ugh! who is their right mind believes this behavior from a man or anyone, religious or political cutting his flesh is right or correct behavior? did jp2 do bad, evil things … that caused him to whip himself? what were these things he did that made him engage in self-mortification? this alone is enough to question sainting practices. GOOD GOD! but what did jp2 inject into the world and so many saw that "this was acceptable, worthy of Godliness?" evil loves when others do the same, esp the children because it gets a host, hoping to feed en entire generation with illness. you want to point your finger at methods of mass destruction you don't have to look far: the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH by way of their sick and obsessive hierarchy ! 


allow me to share … we were putting the cover (tarp) on the pool this last weekend and it's always a concern due to the weight of the cover and the size of the pool … how to get it evenly placed over top of the large blowup pillow strung at the center of the pool. we are not giants, you see, but as one took one folded end and one took the other end, I asked Lord: can you help us with this? and the Spirit of the Living said: we got it covered ;) … and just as we lifted the tarp at the one end of the pool, a strong breeze came and lifted the tarp into the air, high enough for us to guide the tarp to the pillow, exactly as we needed, with almost no strain on our arms …  and we were able to drop it down as the wind ceased and pull the other half of the tarp across the pool. and this is an everyday occurrence for me. do not think that I not aware when I am to share in Prophesy. this is communing ceaselessly … but it's not always a breeze.


a comment on silk's pc:

Burke's influence is obviously not that influential, hence his relegation to an archaic Catholic order with little to do but pontificate from a far corner. I do agree with him on one point, and not being Catholic I'm not even marginally bound by the statements of the Pope; the point being, Christians and Muslims do not even remotely worship the same God. Islam denies the Trinity. Jesus is a member of the triune Godhead. Jesus is God, which Islam denies. Hence Islam and Christianity do not worship the same God.

simple enough, pope and catholics? the world may insist they worship the same god and believe WE are all children of the same god but what of the ATHEIST? why force him to be of something he denies exists? does not desire to be? again , UNIVERSALIST dogmatic teaching, demanding itself AUTHORITY. satanists don't want to be of the Christ! they closed the door on {this}, saying no to Christ. so …christianity 101 is essentially what the commenter shares but, there is far more and, obviously… not all are "children" of Jesus Christ as Lord. silly to even push this errancy. it shows the INTENT of roman catholic design, ALSO A CALIPHATE ORDER, claiming itself all-knowing, God's mouthpiece and ... THE Supreme Authority …but is not of understanding in the Chosen of Light. ALL ARE CHILDREN OF GOD DOES NOT GIVE A PERSON A CHOICE … much like pope's silly comment that atheists go to heaven. what in hell does he know? heaven is in the here and now, or not … many called; few are chosen for {this} as LIFE CONTINUES ONCE RECEIVED---the Work continues after the flesh. pope's way, roman catholic way, the lazy boy's purgatory …  does not give a person a choice. some, like the very obvious, ISIL members … the muslim brotherhood and many others … do not want Christ. completely REFUSE this! how arrogant of the pope and those pushing this agenda! how spiritually immature and arrogant. 



and we start with silk's response to one of his commenters.

FYI the word that Arabic-speaking Christian use for God is "Allah." Nostra Aetate contends that Muslims worship the same God even as it recognizes that Muslims do not acknowledge the divinity of Jesus.

now, can we ask silk: is it possible that PRE-ISLAM arabic speaking tribes used the language of "the people" to describe something supreme, and perfect … that had nothing to do with islam or islam's prophet? which renders islam what? a political entity of religious scarfing. 

hmm … oh, silk … how thee loves to mislead on opus die sponsored theme … and political-religious-SPIRITUAL ignorance. but hey, if you want to pedestal a highly suspicious caliphate order of political nostalgia, sharia indwelling, treating female as a lesser person, much like your beloved pope frannie, under the thumb of male ignorance and infectious desire … a brutal warlord of raping and enslaving resume (didn't fran canonize juniper serra as a man all should emulate? despite the terrorist acts on a mostly gathering indigenous tribe?), you go to it, sir … and watch what will be coming down on that aging head of yours. wake up, dude, you live in the seat of ____. spare the rod, spoil the child?

adding a comment to silk's above comment to edgar-

Christians worship a Tri-une God, so by definition this can't be the same deity as the "Allah" worshippers acknowledge, when Jesus Christ and the very feminine presence we know as the Holy Spirit, are both excluded. Words do matter!

WE TOLD YOU SOME TIME AGO SILK REALLY KNOWS very little ABOUT CHRISTIANITY. then again, many claiming CHRIST know very little about THE CHRIST ;D but the very BIG understanding here and what both commenters are TRYING to impress to silk: the TRIUNE GOD. and the RCC, despite their creepy mariology (many catholics call it that not me), which is NOT in the form of an immaculate conception … seem to not understand that purgatory is a fallacy in the Spirit of the Living, as well as ordinations and the like, of that all-man hierarchy. It just does not exist in the Realm of the Spirit! FEMININE DIVINE … ah, so horribly misconstrued and misunderstood by religiosity.  how can an institution claiming itself God Authority whether pope or "allah" in deed … be a feminine PRESENCE? or that warlord rapist known as islam's prophet? 

this is what needs advising. will get into this more, but first, I have some bed clearing outside and bed prep to do for the following season ( as I am trying to make this a working Farm)... and … trying a new whole wheat muffin  … with seeds ;) need to bake it myself as I have moved to organic plant protein and duckie eggs to assist in my growth spirt :D 
well … I thought I'd take a peek to see what silk has come up with and …
I am now compelled to share:

Christ is LITURGY. Jesus is "mythical" alliance. for starters. silk's comment about {this} not being orthodox is, well, picking the apple and saying it taste bad … without EATING IT. rome chose politics and the orthodox chose liturgy, in one sense, with neither fulfilling any PROPHESY. 

will get back to this



 DUAL supposes two. one against the other or one in cahoots with the other.  

here is an example of dualism:


which is no different from what the heads did back in emperor constantine's time, where the two shook hands and agreed to help each other build a powerful and influential dynasty, SELF-SERVING, APPOINTING ITS OWN LEADERS (not of the Spirit of the Living), calling itself THE LAW, SUPREME AUTHORITY-yada-yada. IF YOU UNDERSTAND CHRIST, YOU UNDERSTAND WHERE AND HOW THIS IS A BIIIIIIIGGGGG NO-NO, and how the TEACHINGS reflect the errancy and the arrogance of these ways. there is your dualism, silk. have a go at that fact! the gnostic has been accused of heresy - apostasy--- f-ing blinking not in tune with the pig-heads of politics since MAN claimed himself KING, while whoring the church to the state and the state to the church, an overreach of dismal and bombastic proportions. 

the TRUINE God is ONe in Spirit. can't spit at a fruit you don't see, professor! 

22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:

23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

24 But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.

moving ON …..