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a man who has no relationship with an alternative world such as SPIRIT, or is not aware of this world … is likely to say it does not exist. enter the atheist. atheist or religionist, humanitarian or believer in god … which peacekeeping mission is trustworthy if one holds a gun and the other a baby? but many questions arise in this scene. why does he hold the gun? for what purpose does he hold the gun or the TEAR GAS … why does she hold the baby? how does she hold that baby? for what purpose does she carry the Child? 

child can become a multitude of things once it comes out of its house of flesh and bone. but 'it' does not become just one thing. it usually becomes more than one. here begins the multi-person. most of the interests or reasons a person engages in something, thriving for something, is on what we call a flat grid plane. these are essentially equal. child desiring to become a farmer is no different from child becoming a doctor. both are necessary for MANKIND's survival. this is middle ground … on that plane. man doesn't need a fashion model to tell him what to wear in each job, because he will choose something that serves best for these. as a doctor, he should know his clothes are to be clean. as a farmer, he knows that he will get dirty so clean clothes is not a big issue unless he is handling the food that people will soon eat. enter the mentor, the advisor … possibly a type of teacher. this advisor could be an atheist or a believer in an alternative world. all three exist in the same place. farmer, doctor and advisor are equal and exist in middle 'earth'. 

when farmer is viewed as less than doctor, middle earth becomes of an imbalanced nature. not impartial. when celebrity or politician/lawmaker/bishop becomes higher in place than the farmer and who he hires to work the fields … there has entered another 'person'. so what was likely already a developing multi-person as farmer has other interests besides feeding man and the doctor has other interests besides treating patients … has turned into a system, or a class system. those of this group are viewed as ___ and those of the other group are viewed as ___, except by those of an impartial vision. even though in this day both spend about the same in getting to his chosen profession... the doctor in schooling and the farmer in purchasing land and equipment and should he need to hire field hands. middle earth needs both. 

unified stance, which can also be a frame of mind requires mentor to advise in rations, rationing  … rationale … reasoning … purpose. remove the politician (government) advising purely for party's sake, or for purpose outside the needs of the people of a tribe, large group ... and you begin to 'agree' on purpose. it's a beginning. who can trust an untrustworthy, unjust nation miles away and what their desires are? who understands the motives of those outside that middle earth thriving for unity? enter the prophet. 

cont … 


there are many mystics in the world. some view themselves as prophets because people encourage them a certain way, or ... they live a sort of 'undetermined' life, because people view them as going against the current: theirs … and mystic can and does think of himself as having to endure in an evil world or … a world that does not understand him, the mystic. he is not necessarily wrong in this, but this is not Prophesy. Prophesy in Light of the Spirit of the Living is a verb, an active, revolutionary verse of undying and ever-present gifts. IT HAPPENS … no matter the stage or the passion. ITS Purpose is … and always will be. It is housed or houses Truth for Purpose unto the Living. what man's job in this? is to discern in who-what is of the Living and who-what is of Death (you will know them by their fruits?/ judging the angels? but only if truly aware), however … man must first become aware that SPIRIT exists. exit the atheist (in this Day... and if coming into understanding of patterns … it is of every Day. please note the rise in islam as atheist and ... nonbeliever in spirit is on the rise … the question(s) remains: good, not good? for what purpose: atheism, mission control by way of religion? and will either save the HUMAN from extinction here on Earth. what is his product and does he understand the consequence of his religion---where it will lead … again, patterns). 

the Pastor … where does he fit into middle earth? it depends on his interests … why he is where he is and what he does with gift…  or title, profession, house, members, people, laws … courtship … courting what and for WHAT? what is his interior purpose? there is an exterior in product, recipe … handling of goods and, of course, an image represented, but … what is his interior motive? enter the prophet. first comes the servant, john the baptist in the story, which is your bread. after comes the Son, which is THE prophet … your wine. one might ask the question: has THE prophet come … yet? this has come and this came and this comes. now. in {this} Day. one, two, three … that's IT. this is what one might call the grand finale or our gracious curtain call ;). WHO_WHAT is that PERSON behind that curtain?

if Christ lives within it might be … 

it is never you, but always YOU TWO to achieve that PLACE OF RECOGNITION: made in the image of "God".

not GOD made in the image of man. for it takes Spirit to make thee unto Light. and God is Spirit and … is worshipped IN Spirit + TRUTH.

exit the atheist but … as we shared, atheist may become OF gnosis as will many gays. having put away the things of a child (self fanaticism and self-courting, fixation on that "you") … and this is where GNOSTICISM will grow. not by my hand … remember, patterns … patterns … patterns in the world of Men. 
note: there are atheists/nonbelievers of undetermined place, not unlike a believer … inspired by SPIRIT without knowing how. if you understand SPIRIT, you see how this is and there are believers and atheists in that "dead" zone, while thinking himself 'god' … these are generally unwilling to acknowledge truth, and hide important information for it-self. 

continuing in this stream …


this brief news article shows how 'behind' scientist is ;D … according to Spirit of the Living. a gnostic like me can appreciate that man is focusing on the mess made by  … him, but is not without awareness on how Man states something growing for ages. Man grew a big mess through his religion and policies. his politics of desire. the AGE OF MAN commenced internally long, long ago… wars, feeding their children to the doctrine of disease … burying the Spiritual Gifts of the Living in the academies/ordinations through class system

allow me a person of interest …

an indian mathematician from madras. do you know who this is? he was of the brahman belief and practice.
one can google his bio and likely find more detailed info but the wiki pc gives a slice of his pie. 

this mystic was without mentor, and guardian. he was receiving from Spirit, his gift… but was not protected by Prophet or … one in union with "her". Prophet, of male or female flesh, is always of the FEMININE DIVINE, because of that masculine and feminine inherent in Godhood. it is the ENERGY and the ESSENCE, and it is of Essence that mystic tastes. as we shared in SPIR many times: Energy is not known but can be experienced. Essence can be known and in that knowing is experienced. 

ramanujan married a girl of ten, as was the custom of his beliefs. how could a girl of little to no choice be of the chosen for Spirit of the Living? this is one way man-dominated society led by patriarchal initiatives keeps female from her SPIRITUAL GIFTS and GIFTING. 

I understand ramanujan's GIFT. how he received. on his tongue he received from "her". this is understood in the Language of the Spirit as "speaking in tongues." but if no one can translate what he says, of what purpose is speaking in tongues? also, who-what keeps mystic from speaking? from being heard? slandered in a way that he is viewed a lunatic? gravely mistreated? or even misused for political-religious agenda rather than DIVINE PURPOSE? and mystic must be closely connected to THE Prophet of Spirit of the Living in order to be protected. if caught by a string of religionists and skeptics … atheists and abusers of gift … mystic will fall. fallen angel? the age of fallen 'men'? 


the "serpent" in the story of adam and eve represents SPIRIT. and IF the garden is pure, why would evil be in it? it wouldn't. so the story was changed from its original … in Light of the Living. deception does not exist within the kingdom of the Wisdom of Truth. what is the Kingdom? church. what is church? Christ as a relationship lives within. where does Christ live? within the Heart of the Living. what is the Living? Life. what is Life? Truth. What is Truth? Light. what is Light? God. What is God? 

look to the Light of Truth and here you will find the Tree of Wisdom. what is the fruit that eve ate from? her Gift. which is that Paradox on Love we spoke about in SPIR. but why the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? what does this really say? Eve desiring Truth, wanting to know Life---EVE---herself in Light of the Love of God, WHERE Christ is found … Christ as metaphor for what? relationship within that Light. simply, she wants to know the origin of her Being … God of Truth. this is a desire for Knowledge and Understanding. the deception was/is IF man is deceived by a false teaching in that long journey toward Light … Understanding. the fall is man's domain. HUMANITY is given unto Light through a marriage of equals. where, not when (no one knows the Day or the Hour), a Place … One moves toward his Spirit ID. becomes One in the Spirit. One Truth. One Light. One Life. One Love. Love is God. so … in the case of ramanujan, he could not separate the Place of receiving his very unique gift and himself. he also could not explain it. he could not do as the others were doing. he was a religious and spiritual minority … at the hands of Man in his fellowship, his academic … class system. 

***was communing yesterday and heard there are professors currently engaging in political-religious commentary that will be accused of attacking religious minorities and let go from their jobs. I was like … oh? religious minorities? after a bit I saw these. there are some conservative christians (US) … relatively new to the states, hailing from the old and moving slowly as this is their way. they are not vocal like other christians, at least not in the same way, choosing not to engage the political circuits like others. being lumped in with the rest of conservatism by religious=political liberals, bent on fast progress (their vision of progress) … and this places them in a precarious position, a dangerous position. 

someone new to this religious minority but not new to public speaking will come forth and speak for them … consider 'yourselves' warned.


new york on a sunday … a sad day for the parents and siblings of this sophomore. this had to be more than just a "bump", but even so … these are the times. can you trust that these schools, no matter how elite, prestigious … expensive … will protect your child from the anger and willfulness and often the ignorance (no matter how prestigious and expensive) that is consuming the youth? will they say it wasn't someone from the school who did the stabbing but an outsider? like the burglary … smashed cars and store windows … terrorizing of citizens and the lighting of fires .. here, there everywhere in a climate of ….

how interesting that this creeps into the advantaged atmosphere? what was the real reason this escalated into a fight---a knife fight? drugs, drugs and more drugs? vaccines, meds … societal gels and cells ... worth billions that taint the systems of … oh, never mind … falling on ears of denial. 

has it ever occurred to the scientists and religious-political leaders that a body can only take so much inhalation of … before it begins to erode the mind?


was switching channels and saw on PBS a fundraising commercial with neil sedaka singing CALENDAR GIRLS, and there were skimpily dressed women of that hourglass shape emerging one by one. the pinup girl … fond memories?
huh, you thunk that up? who-what made female toys for boys? st paul UNIV comes to mind along with war generals and men in steely clad suits and top hats sitting in board rooms pretending they are not part of these anti-christ agendas. well, to each his own, but interestingly, the anti-christ agenda has never been a concern with warring tribes using and abusing female, youth. and I see now the dream I had several years ago … a woman was dancing for "watchers". I recall she resembled a famous 'movie star' of some time ago … she danced in place like she was a puppet … and slowly her dress came off, although I saw no nakedness. it was her shoulders on up that I saw most of, and the dress she was wearing slipped from her shoulders as she danced in the same place---without stopping. and I am shown again of THE TWO-FOLD MESSAGE, because there is a two-fold message … of the cross. 

which brings us to an important place. 

men of galilee. pastors and their purpose. 

there's something going on in our area---news---regarding a man running for county sheriff … but there seems to be some confusion as to his credentials. in the investigation of what the candidate says he did (as experience for the job), there are holes. like swiss cheese, there are areas where the candidate did not do as he says he did and was never as he claims. one, he misrepresented himself as a law enforcement officer. in 2 cases this man, kavern lewis (as in cavern?), posed as an officer of the law, was caught, but no charges were filed. and now he is running for county sheriff. kinda like a man showing motive to break the law and posing what could end up a danger to others (carrying a gun, speeding in a car … while claiming himself the law) … getting the seat of office then using his seat to take advantage of women (think jfk and clinton). when people are allowed to get away with … rape, for instance … like that student athlete in MA, and essentially go free (boys will be boys?)… there is a very big chance he will break the law again by raping again, or something even worse, like murder … should he need to HIDE his crime(s). this can also be viewed as getting rid of the evidence … or silencing what speaks the truth (think the crucifixion of JESUS) … and in these get-away-with-crimes society by way of unjust law … including dishonest practices and abuse and misuse … a society is misled and corruption begins its reign, building a very large wall of denial … a system/seat of deception, much like we see in the political arena, religion and, of course, law enforcement. it's like they place a curse on themselves---their entire civilization---by paying into, supporting, bad behavior, evil behavior and improper practices …

my first thought was, wow, did kavern think he could get away with this today? oh, wait, maybe he thought BLM would come to his defense and … all those liberalists having their way. maybe he will get away with fraud and … plagiarizing or whatever … pretending to be the law. wouldn't surprise me if the color of a person's skin, like religion / political agenda, gets away with dishonesty and bad acts … murder. wouldn't want to upset WALL street, would you? just keeping the machine oiled and reaping …

According to the Bible, Galilee was named by the Israelites and was the tribal region of Naphthali and Dan, at times overlapping the Tribe of Asher's land.[1] However, Dan was dispersed among the whole people rather than isolated to the lands of Dan, as the Tribe of Dan was the hereditary local law enforcement and judiciary for the whole nation.[2][non-primary source needed] Normally,[when?] Galilee is just referred to as Nafthali.

Chapter 9 of I Kings states that Solomon rewarded his Phoenician ally, King Hiram I of Sidon, with twenty cities in the land of Galilee, which would then have been either settled by foreigners during and after the reign of Hiram I, or by those who had been forcibly deported there by later conquerors such as the Assyrians. Hiram, to reciprocate previous gifts given to David, accepted the upland plain among the mountains of Naphtali and renamed it "the land of Cabul" for a time.[citation needed]

The region's Israelite name is from the Hebrew root galil, an ultimately unique word for "district", and usually "circle". The Hebrew form used in Isaiah 8:23 (or 9:1 in different Biblical versions) is in the construct state, "g'lil hagoyim", meaning "Galilee of the Nations", i.e. the part of Galilee inhabited by Gentiles at the time that the book was written.

The region in turn gave rise to the English name for the "Sea of Galilee" referred to as such in many languages including ancient Arabic. In the Hebrew language, the lake is referred to as Kinneret (Numbers 34:11, etc.), from Hebrew kinnor, "harp", describing its shapeLake of Gennesaret (Luke 5:1, etc.), from Ginosar (Hebrew) ge, "valley", and either netser, "branch", or natsor, "to guard", "to watch" (the name which may have been a reference to Nazareth town, alternatively renamed the Sea of Tiberias (John 6:1, etc.), from the town of Tiberias at its southwestern end, named after the Greek Tiberius following the first-century CE Roman Emperor's Greek derived name. These are the three names used in originally internal Jewish-authored literature rather than the "Sea of Galilee".[3] However, Jews did use "the Galilee" to refer to the whole region (Aramaic הגלילי), including its lake.

In Roman times, the country was divided into JudeaSamaria, the Paralia and Galilee, which comprised the whole northern section of the country, and was the largest of the three regions under the tetrarchy. After Iudaea became a Roman province in 6 CE (formed by a merger of Judea, Samaria, and Idumea), Galilee briefly became a part of it, then separated from it for two to three centuries.

The Galilee region was presumably the home of Jesus during at least 30 years of his life. Much of the first three Gospels of the New Testament give an account of Jesus' public ministry in this province, particularly in the towns of Nazareth and Capernaum. Galilee is also cited as the place where Jesus performed many public miracles, including curing a blind man. After the death of Jesus, some accounts suggest his disciples returned to Galilee and their experience of his resurrection took place there.[4]

Many of the important Tannaim, the Rabbinic sages whose views are recorded in the Mishnah and Talmud, claim to have also spent their lives there, including Honi Ha-Ma'agelJose the Galilean, and Ishmael the Galilean, among many others. Traditional rabbinic sources assert that the followers of the rabbis from the Galilee were widely reputed to believe their teachers (rabbis) were miracle workers, as opposed to those from Judea proper, Persia, and Babylon, who rarely are credited with miracles.[citation needed] Many are cited for their large number of students and followers throughout the Jewish people[5] among the common people. The Galilee among the Jewish population was known as a wellspring of miracle workers and mystical philosophers of all types, especially just prior to the major split between Jesus' followers and those who opposed Jesus.[citation needed] According to the Talmud, one of the most important founders of the modern Jewish faith, Johanan ben Zakai, was born there. Simeon bar Yochai, one of the most famed of all the Tannaim, hid from the Romans in the Galilee, and dug tunnels there to hide.[citation needed] Many miracles are ascribed to him during his Galilean period after escaping Judea proper. In medieval Hebrew legend, he may have written the Zohar while there.[6]

The archaeological discoveries of synagogues from the Hellenistic and Roman period in the Galilee show strong Phoenician influences, and a high level of tolerance for other cultures,[7] relative to other Jewish sacred sites from the period, the latter being "cleansed of impurities". The Galilee retained a Jewish majority until the seventh century.[citation needed]

Middle Ages[edit]

After the Arab caliphate took control of the region in 638, it became part of Jund al-Urdunn (District of Jordan). Its major towns were Tiberias (which was capital of the district—Qadas), BaysanAcre,Saffuriya, and Kabul.[8]

The Shia Fatimids conquered the region in the 10th century; a breakaway sect, venerating the Fatimid caliph al-Hakim, formed the Druze religion, centered in Mount Lebanon and partially Galilee. During the Crusades, Galilee was organized into the Principality of Galilee, one of the most important Crusader seigneuries.

Ottoman era[edit]

The Jewish population of Galilee increased significantly following their expulsion from Spain and welcome from the Ottoman Empire. The community for a time made Safed an international center of cloth weaving and manufacturing, as well as a key site for Jewish learning.[9] Today it remains one of Judaism's four holy cities and a center for kabbalah.

In the mid-18th century, Galilee was caught up in a struggle between the Arab leader Zahir al-Umar and the Ottoman authorities who were centred in Damascus. Zahir ruled Galilee for 25 years until Ottoman loyalist Jezzar Pasha conquered the region in 1775.

In 1831, the Galilee, a part of Ottoman Syria, switched hands from Ottomans to Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt until 1840. During this period, aggressive social and politic policies were introduced, which led to a violent 1834 Arab revolt. In the process of this revolt the Jewish community of Sefad was greatly reduced, … (wikipedia)

galille was named by the ISRAELITES (does not say jews but israelites). 

cont … 

Pastors, why would Spirit of the Living, an IMPARTIAL GOD … choose jews of judaism as the Spiritual chosen? tough Q? can't answer that without bastardizing judaism or bastardizing christianity. both can't be right. secularism sure has its way with the people, doesn't it? it can convince just about anyone of just about anything unless … one is of the royal priesthood. but who-what might this be? man loves to tell you everybody goes to heaven but … it contradicts his religious message when it comes right down to the nitty gritty of their doctrine. the rabbi, the priest, the minister … all saying the same damn thing for pew sitters. they like to look "good" to the world---the crowd pleasers---even when they pose as something they are not. 

then there is this Q: why would God have his own Son murdered? makes no loving sense to me. to me, only a mean-spirited God would set up his Son to be murdered. can't really answer that Q without looking like your God is … well, killing people who follow his Son, because … how can they be SAVED when they walk right into a trap … knowing they are gonna die. it's suicide---right? and it's not like Jesus climbed into a burning bush and dragged out wee babies hidden there, and got killed in the process. our hero! he prophesied and was murdered. he called out hypocrisy and was murdered. he told the law of the time that they were unjust and was murdered. he spoke of things the men of that time could not understand and they FEARED what they did not understand and they FEARED that the people would stop following their laws and follow him so they murdered him. they grew to hate what they could not condemn… what did not "fit" neatly into their religious-political agendasssssssssssss. heck, female was what? treated how? and what did Jesus do? he broke their damn rules, didn't he? can't have one treat women the same as men or maybe even a wee bit better, or differently … due to their oppressed and suffocating state … and they murdered him because … they feared the rise of female and they could not have that. good gracious me! what frickin' blasphemy! :D seriously … and they murdered the Prophet on Truth. 

so what's the meaning behind Jesus died for our sins? what's it TEACHING us? 

And I wrote this very thing to you, lest, when I came, I should have sorrow over those from whom I ought to have joy, having confidence in you all that my joy is the joy of you all.

so what was sent to die for our sins IF Jesus was not actually crucified …literally?

Jesus was not a layman because … he left the tribe of his biological family to do what? even born into the group called the Essenes, he left the group for what? chosen and used how? as one of the {Spiritual Metaphor} on Israel, Jesus served in Prophesy … which means what was crucified for our sins is Truth. 

I wonder if Jacob is ready to take this on? 

*there are pastors, priests … not willing to tell YOU the truth about what they really believe of that new t. they withhold information from you because they must follow the laws of their tribe … set up by their hierarchy. 

and PAUL is my Spiritual Father, in case you are wondering on this and … this is where/how I receive my instruction as I was told I would be instructed differently (and yes, [father] elias, what you suspected is true … +regarding Paul).



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