I have been reading what I can to better understand this conflict, and to be honest, I am seeing a lot of criticism of Israel, and I feel some of it is warranted ... no government system is free of error ... but I have yet to see "Palestine Authority" make an important move toward assisting its destitute. I hear and see a lot of banners waving from many countries, including America ... but where is the real assistance coming in? It makes the protesters look like they are not putting their dollars where the need is greatest. 

Israel feels strongly that it needs to protect not just the people living in its jurisdiction, but a place of determined growth ... free of overly rigorous religious constraints ... a place of education and so on, but if parties do not agree on what is growth, what is acceptable in this and what is honorable improvement ... there will be conflict. Popping out babies without considering the health, well being and safety of these demonstrates poor parenting, and I personally would not trust this exercise ... (seen it go down hill fast too often).

 In Jordan, Palestinians appear to be doing well ... but then we see this (from 2012)

I read another article that Palestinians are increasing rapidly (births) ... despite the fact that many of these are complaining of destitution  ... so, what gives here? do the people understand that there are laws ... climate and environment are in trouble ... (likely least of their worries, understandably) ... but where are the PRIORITIES? at what point does someone say, hey, this mindset is futile ... we need to redirect this thinking?