okay … I have had to wade through a lot of muck to get to this point of deciding on what I see/hear in the candidates. I do not trust government. It is not in me to trust government, so, it is rare that I would trust a politician to keep promises … to see what needs to be seen and to listen as is necessary in this immensely conflicted world. 

Allow me to share on this socialist theme … 

First, Bernie has an intense energy that I like and respect. I believe he is honest, not correct in all he says … not seeing all that needs to be seen, but honest. He is a little bit of a reactionist, which concerns me some, but I think if he is surrounded by qualified persons not totally in agreement with him on all issues, as differing views are hugely important in weighing decisions … deciding the more important and acting in a sensible yet proactive way … the seat will be strong enough for this work. He is different, which we desperately need. We need change … a turning over a new leaf type of change … but a moving forward within this. So much has faded and so much turned sour. We need color. Bernie definitely has color … and by color we mean a life source generating a break from the old … the other color that people get hung up on means little to us. I never really saw Barack Obama as "black" just as I never saw Deval Patrick as black … until they mentioned it :) ... then it's kind of like: gee, what's that got to do with your job? you know what I mean? stick to your job.

Socialism, in our democratic society.  Well, this is reminiscent of something past. These men are churning in old waters. There are bound to be things turning up where he says, hey, that was good. It makes sense … let's go with it even more. As much as I want the people having more say … taking charge, and big government much less abusive, and you know what has been shared in SPIR and OWA about removing the hierarchies (and I have wondered why Bernie is a fan of the current Roman Pontiff because you can't get more hierarchal and domineering and big than this seat :D … AND, with him in office this long and no change worthy … it sure makes one wonder where Bernie feeds that he should be so pleased with this man) …  it won't work. Socialism will not work in our society. Here's why … 

EVENTS control  … dictate … change, not man. Man cannot hold to anything reasonably well because events redirect and stop him from finishing the project, so to speak. Man will never settle into an ISM for better or for worse in his lifetime because a new development will pop up and bam, he gets knocked around … knocked down … best laid plans go here, there and here and there … again … and is why we are "back in the car again". 

think on this a moment … will be sharing something from RNS that is very interesting …

I did not watch the videos … ;) I clicked on the first one and got impatient and left that room. Whatever the woman was getting at did not catch my eye. Anyhow …

this bravado on the islamic mast is pigskin metronymics. all the flag waving and we are the [noise] gonna [more noise] is man saying he fucked his sister (please excuse my french. it wouldn't sound quite the same had I not used that 'word'). the dudes in the black and white are nothing more than evil gone wild … with the ability to meet the press. have they done serious damage? you betcha. but no differently than the sniff of meltdown in ferguson after the brown incident, just repeating and repaying… just in much, much MUCH smaller and less horrific measures, but the "potential" is always there and is why it is very important that the law of the US get its act together on these tirades. but it is INCIDENT that makes change. the real danger of course is the demonic stream in what an Orthodox priest referred to as "the Cray Computer" demons. these are the real menace---efficient beyond your wildest means. when you get a whiff of this carnage, you are never the same again. Life takes on NEW meaning. 

the pigskin in the jihadi uniforms is a carry over from the days of man orgies. that he f-s his sister  is saying he is 'wiser' in his conduct and his planning in this day  … no differently than the ever improving technology. do understand we speak in the language of the SPIRIT … this symbolism … direct from the Writings (minus the f word, but a word is used symbolizing masculine artistry in the arena of showing off or displaying his arms---strength).

the apocalyptic is not a reality in the religions of man.
 the lazier man gets the more he fears. that is why you don't see fat bellied jihadists … maybe the older men sitting and planning, but they have bad teeth and get sickly, even die. even bin laden was a string bean of a man .. at least he was in my dream, but the bastard couldn't run to save his life … THANK GOD … as he was weak in the legs and this, my dear professors, is where your strength will ignite: THE ATHLETE (recall … the farmer, the athlete the warrior).

continued …

man is predictable. evil follows patterns. know this. in order to throw it off course one must be of another color. what is the unexpected? put a "jew" in the presidential seat of the US. 

more …


in an earlier post we mentioned adam lanza and included a link on the breakdown of his "services"---what went on throughout this (schooling, special education assessment, psychological assessment …). I also shared the story of a family lost in my neighborhood when I was a young teen. the mom shot and killed her husband, son, the dog and herself. then and now I want to know what happened … what really happened. adam lanza, what really happened? people have posted the most awful comments about this very young man without knowing anything other than the fact that he killed children and teachers and his mom. they don't want to know anything more. this info is "good enough" for them, and this includes people claiming to be believers in a loving and merciful God. where is their love? how can you love a murderer?! they demand. don't ask us to love a murderer! we are not asking you to do anything, but we are offering the gift of knowledge and understanding. if you choose not to open that door then you choose not to open that door, but remember that family might be your family one day. 

which family? the one losing a child or the one with the murderer? didn't they both lose a child? when and where … how a child is lost is not so easily documented. I was saddened to not hear our president include ALL names in that loss when he gave his obligatory speech and condolences. it became apparent to me at that moment that the man called 'hope" was a calculating politically correct politician on his way to becoming a puppet for certain sects. I felt the pain on both ends of that gun … and you? 

allow me to put something out there … 

what if it came out that adam lanza had been raped by teachers and or staff at one of his schools as a child? would you feel differently? what if your child had been born with differences and the health professionals and teachers could not define or decide how best to deal with these? what if you and your spouse grew increasingly antagonistic with each other causing your highly "sensitive" child to become irritable and frightened, possibly even aggressive … ? 

sometimes I wonder what goes on in the minds of people that lack compassion … that have that infallible headset on telling them they are the superior race and … can do no wrong, at least not what they are willing to admit. 

do not underestimate the mind of those thinking they possess the gift of truth. if they are given an inch they are INCLINED toward taking that mile, despite what is going on around them. history has show the world this time and time again. what haven't we learned? 

the word "devout" does not exist in my Faith. when I was young I was devoted to my children as they were in need, but I did not allow them everything they wanted, nor did I allow them to do anything they wanted, not only for their own safety but the safety of those around them---here and there. when they grew older they grew out of that devotion ... and as they show repeatedly that they are responsible, they are given freedoms, and they certainly do not need me to tag along. but prudence is a much lost art these days. to be prudent has gotten lost in the politically correct in our societies. why do you think this is? I trust my children but can I trust society? I trust my children to be responsible but can I trust our governing factions to be responsible when it comes to my children? and the children of others?  

does a president know when he needs to know and when he doesn't? is his staff aware enough to alert him on what's of importance … where and how? or are they pushing their causes .. agendas … policies … to gain votes and are willing to risk loss of many for that one party they believe is superior? this is a dangerous liaison. cookie cutter metronymics.

death rises from the ashcans of discontent. how do you wish to see this go down?


I cannot always say what I would like to say as there is much bashing going on in society. stalkers … mean-spirited, those looking to ridicule and demean, most often without knowledge or understanding. they take flight with talons at the ready on the slightest provocation, not realizing that the purpose might be to assist in growth … evolution … movement. they have not learned the meaning of impartiality. they are proud of their devotion to cause, opinion, belief, practice, politic (city), and supportive of those thinking the same within it. one must be careful how to write and when one understands how this builds one comes into understanding on the Writings of Spiritual Symbolism. one cannot judge and condemn me in the writing as I write not like man. this is of purpose for my worth and work … as well as my safe keeping. try and attack me and see what happens. in time, attacker gets … well, silenced. why is this? it is of the way. when the time is for gain in the new, the new prevails … over time. tricky wording? if you understand what is TIME in and of the Spirit, you understand the purpose … and know that it cannot be detained.

we are beginning to hear people complaining that the RIGHT and the LEFT are a bit goofy in their analysis regarding islam … because one is overreacting and the other under reacting. if you had to choose one, which would you choose regarding islam? it would be hard without understanding their purpose. hmm? what is their purpose? I believe there is purpose in everything, and I believe God does bring good from the wreckage, but let's say you do not believe in God, or a God. where do you stand on islam? one would have to ask the islamists what is their purpose----right? it would seem fair to ask those of this sect what is their purpose? they are a religion of deep waters … ancient creeds … what is your place here or there, islam? if they say that their purpose is to convert all to islam because they believe this to be truth … then it would be prudent to ask how they intend to do this. history gives rise to the methods in large and fast growing groups desiring universal belief. this is not just with god believer groups, btw; there have always been and there will always be fast growing groups desiring universal thought … and belief. we see it playing out in america very loudly … the democratic process conflicts with the beliefs and practices of this institution or that institution and this group or that group and … 

let's walk around this a bit … under and over and in and out in a nonthreatening, nonracial manner. it is known as 8. 8 is a SPIRIT SYMBOL for: the inside is out and the outside is in. the up is down and the down is up. do you see it? {this} is actually a NAME. it can be known but never spoken. so, let's use 8 here. 

non muslim asks muslim why he is here. muslim responds by saying he is to convert all to islam as this is his purpose in life. how will you go about doing this, asks non muslim. we are many, says muslim, and each has his work. we are all one body and all parts act as one. non muslim asks, so, those claiming islam that murder are not really of islam? 

let's just say that the muslim answers, we are all one in islam, some of course behave badly. how do you chastise the bad? asks non muslim. 

we are waiting for that reply.

in the meantime, there are right and left reacting. in addition there are many other concerns, problems, crimes … 
now, ask, where might devout muslim fear? let's say he is a minority, but a growing minority, in an area where there are other sects of a similar belief and practice who desire to convert, or are merely of a welcoming stance as this is expected of him in a society that will blame and shame him if he doesn't. let's say there are stories floating around, even evidence and cinema to prove these stories true … online reports and people sharing … where and how might these muslims who are very likely to be super protective of their kind look to remove? what might they see as a threat in more ways than one?

another question: barack, are we doing business with saudi government? :(

IS THERE SOMEONE QUALIFIED TO NEGOTIATE A TRADE OF PRISONERS? if the poet is not true islam as he must die then maybe we can make a trade … hmm? A TRADE? you know trade, governments …  yes?

getting the poet may be one way to get that answer we are waiting for …………………………………………


so, a person born into a family of muslims has no choice … but to remain muslim, or he will be murdered. well, we wonder how the devout will manage their tribunals in the US with their judges. freedom of religion? maybe this will answer jacob's question at RNS … some don't know they have a choice. if a person is taught that only THEY are the chosen people that receive COMMUNION in the form of Jesus' blood and flesh, and that this is essential to getting into heaven, they may remain out of fear rather than faith … pride, being ostracized and condemned … there is a host of reasons, jacob, that have less to do with actual faith and more to do with intimidation and coercion.  

the movie SPOTLIGHT is a movie to see. at the end when the numbers of sexually abusive clergy and the countries showed up on the screen, I heard a few gasps … and somewhere near the end of the movie a women a couple of seats from me was crying. yes, it is difficult but it is not over, folks … it is really now just beginning.

comment to the "splainer" article above:

Robert Jay Lifton is mentioned within the article regarding his book “Destroying the World to Save it.” about the doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo led by Shoko Asahara.

Lifton also wrote a paper published at Harvard titled “Cult Formation” that explains the three core criteria that compose what can be seen as the nucleus for the definition of a destructive cult.

Lifton listed the following three characteristics:

1. A charismatic leader, who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose power.

2. A process [is in use] call[ed] coercive persuasion or thought reform.

3.Economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie.


Lifton’s book “Thought Reform and Psychology of Totalism explains how authoritarian groups gain undue influence over people through a process of coercive persuasion.

See http://culteducation…

we said this before, if an institution is without CONSCIENCE… allowing CHILDREN TO SUFFER AND DIE---WOMEN TO SUFFER AND DIE (through these sordid beliefs they have half the world convinced is noble, even somehow Godly because THEY ARE SPECIAL MEN) … operating to keep itself alive … powerful-powerful-powerful (when you see the movie SPOTLIGHT and what happened not just in Boston but practically the entire world) … THINK, what wouldn't it do to keep itself powerful and its evil hidden? what is it capable of? you people do not know the half of what went down … and is going on.  

Read the following comment from dominic, a staunch roman catholic:

Dear Holy Father,
Please refrain from off the cuff answers to doctrinal issues, since your willingness to please seems to outweigh your intelligence and the exalated job you hold.
Time and again you have inferred a monumental change of infallible doctrine with sweet, loving quips that could never truly come to fruition.
Let this woman convert to Catholicism and view Communion as the Transubstantiated Matter it becomes at consecration. Do not allow her to hope for a gift that she has not the right to receive.
Catholicism is nothing to be ashamed of.

Thank you.

now ask: is he of the white better than black or the blue eyes better than the brown eyes or those with symbolic religious gesture a lesser communion? the one not with the ROMAN CATHOLIC ordained priest a lost and heretical covenant? BECAUSE ROMA'S DOCTRINE OF MAN SAYS SO? … those not converting to roman catholic are LESSER people---lesser believers? false faith? anyone can say anything as HITLER IS EVIDENCE OF THIS---HE, AN EXAMPLE NO DIFFERENT FROM THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH BECAUSE IT WAS FROM THIS ORGANIZATION HE FOUND HIS GUIDE … his strategy for this "pride of race" … 

GOD knew and knows of man's sin of these prides and is why it says in the Writings:

God is no respecter of persons … and is why the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH set itself up TO BE GOD.

are you seeing it now? how many more times will this be shown to you before you realize the EVIL of these acts? that you have been deceived ...


someone send cardinal timmy dolan these reports that he might satisfy his holy father's call to SERVE THE POOR ;)