and the african big wig is still touting rome. rome? you ask. what else would you call it? his depiction of THE CHRIST and WHAT "marriage" in the Writings represents is not the same. he can say and do what he wishes, if the catholic members permit this (remember the movie ANTZ?) ... and if GOVERNMENTS permit this, but we advocate gnostic appeal ... to assist ALL believers in the Christ to belief of Truth. 

when do people realize they have been conned? and that dogmatic hierarchy is not God? not PNEUMA! with the exception of religious dogmatics, often of prestigious schools of doctrinal thinking, often wallowing in self-rightness, religious man will not get people---ALL PEOPLE (recall God is no respecter of persons)---believing roman catholic marriage. allow us to paint a picture:

a man lives in marxism. this is his family, his bread and butter ... his focus and his friendship. suddenly, he sees something other. in a mysterious partnering, he "sees" another world---another worth (recall saul? blinded that he might see?) ... for himself and his family. his food changes. his vision changes. his friendships change and he divorces himself from marxism. he DIVORCES himself from something dry and disingenuous for his health and wellbeing and the health and wellbeing of all people. LIFE is no longer about his own ideologies ... his own ideas ... his own opinions and emotions borne from his visions---WHERE AND HOW HE SEES. LIFE becomes ... something other. gnosis is not academic but values academia in its time and place. gnosis is not dogmatic but understands the streams within these experiments. gnosis is not systematic or borne from rituals, but realizes these concepts contain morals ... but not ethics. not ethics. ethics is a distinctly different partnering. morality co-habitates within credential and title, unleashing its 'faith' (beliefs and practices and written architecture) through these caps and gowns. a raped 9-year old who becomes pregnant is of no mind to process motherhood, or even parenting and giving birth. physically she is inept ... emotionally, socially and SPIRITUALLY she cannot ENDURE in this exercise/experience and yet, morality of a certain sect dismisses the "reality of her place" and demands she endure. this is a sin. this is a sin foisted---FORCED--- on child, and she must be upended and ridiculed and denied her childhood as well as her ability to become ... naturally and holistically. the rape was-is a bad enough act to endure ... but to then pounce on her with all fours in the insolence of male dominant agendas is placing burdens too heavy to bear. we should think rational---reasonable---sensible and compassionate people of medical and health schooling would pounce on these dogmatics and remove the ignorance but no ... what looms is fear, foggy portent and dangerous liaisons. muddled expenditure and irresolute parenting (mentoring). we are not talking of pro-abortion we are speaking on ethics. 

ETHICS IS SCIENCE ... knowing of something to act within knowledge---a portent borne from SENSE AND REASON. to the catholic dogmatic, pregnant 9 year old is a formula. she is not a person, and 'what' grows within her belly becomes subject to her distress, which formulaic mind cannot see, denies himself and refuses knowledge and understanding

abortion is an offense to one like me but the life of the child is the greater wealth in my stream AND ... and I believe---know---spirit of unborn is brought to renewal---something other ... possibly the "mysterious partnering". 

rome or roman catholic hierarchy does not know where the Spirit of the unborn is ... he does not know where flesh ceases and life begins! and he is grazing in folly to pedestal himself in these issues of what is marriage and what is divorce for the believer. he speaks on sectarian ways and means---the worldly orders of society and not on God's Truth. 

the Writings are clear enough throughout on the marriage of God ... even as Paul says he has given milk verse. 

Now it is time for the Knowing ...


turned away from the heavily populated areas ...

Ask what is saving millions of lives ... borne from Knowing