"even jesus was illiterate"

have you read this yet? atheists and theologians often say/write things inconceivable ... 

Jesus was more than literate, but why would men unknowing and very possibly unknown ... believe and have the audacity to write as if by proxy ... that Jesus was illiterate? who made them AUTHORITY? 

check out the ESSENES 



men saw that the loggerhead (a beer?) sea turtles while mating spent hours at it so they thought by eating their eggs they would add an extra bit of manliness to their sex?

lol ... would that be like the religionists eating the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus they get an extra bit of Spirit?

I have shared on several occasions that if this be the case, wouldn't we have a lot of "angels" walking down that aisle?

shhh ;)


the question one might ask: what kind of angel?


people think that you can turn God on and off like a switch ... that Spirit is somehow garnered by force or creed or aligning with this or that institution and its teachings. in this mindset a person/group articulates badly and steers indecently. any organization using code manipulation and excessive demand in its desire for obedience and or requiring others to manifest gifts or spiritual understanding under these courts (of law) is duly deceived.

if people should enjoy the gathering and find ways to share in worship that is understandable. there is value in these gatherings and the bonds that form, along with the charitable work should there be one ... but do be aware of the silencing of gift and the silencing of others as you grow and build stronger, larger bonds ... especially where and how they deny and categorize unnecessarily ... label others, judge others and behave unsafely ... dangerously ... for institutional agendas. fixating on promotion of your own is not of the Christ. did Jesus choose from the elite and the jewry of that day? where did Jesus go and how did he encourage Spiritual Gift? and gifting? this was to encourage MOVEMENT ... He was well aware of the ignorance and the unjust means used in his day. this is NOT illiteracy. do not be fooled by the ignorance of others ... the determined stand of others to confuse and deny.

NATURE IS IN ACCORD WITH WHAT IS GODLY ... however, if you feed nature poorly, it will respond poorly. also, do be aware of the continuum ... the constant ... the ongoing ... it is of nature to react to what is of imbalance or threatening to itself. it is of nature to try to rid itself of what is unnecessary ... unfounded ... unwell ... and reacts/responds rhythmically to remedy the situation. 

once you begin to understand this you will begin to understand the premise of Prophesy ... evolution of God and Man ... and what is prophet


regarding that recent pledge signed by some muslims/evangelical christians opposing religious bigotry

a-max responds:


The part of the pledge which refers to censoring religious ‘bigotry’ is a misstep. Of course bigotry is horrible. But arguing against a religion is not bigoted – the pledge goes to far in that regard. Religions are just ideas.

An open argument against religion is a necessary opinion. And to forbid opinions (as this pledge does) is devious, counterproductive and wrongheaded.

+++++++++++++define bigot. what is a bigot?

a person who is intolerant toward those holding different beliefs?

reasonable questioning:
WHY does one speak out against opposing beliefs? against those holding opposing beliefs

this brings us into an area of trying to define oppose---where and how it obstructs justice and degrades or demeans 

a few examples where people speak out:
EVIDENCE of bad behavior, evil behavior ... inappropriate behavior such as...

--covering up clergy child/staff sex abuse is bad and inappropriate behavior, might even be classified as evil behavior. the sexual abuse itself is evil ... and citizens should have the right to exercise conscience and speak out .... the opposing acts are born out of concern for victims and potential victims and the violation of existing laws. laws that define safety and are designed to protect/serve ALL citizens ... but especially the young-vulnerable who are not given choice and cannot leave dangerous and potentially dangerous environments ... and this includes an entire nation as well as the world as all children are vulnerable where 'adults' are choosing for them.

ADVOCATES SPEAK OUT TO ENCOURAGE PROPER INVESTIGATION AND ADVOCATE FOR CHANGE WHERE THERE IS EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING CREATING UNSAFE ENVIRONMENTS ... in this process, to just state sexual abuse of minors is evil and the covering up of abuse bad/ evil is not enough. clarifying the reasons where and how is necessary to better understand the environment, which is often steeping in religious belief and practice  ... and is of concern, therefore, cause for investigation is warranted as EVIDENCE (including admission of wrongdoing) shows "practice" suspect ... as it may be encouraging the wrongdoing and evil acts. to not permit voice on this and to not allow for evidence to come forth shows favoritism toward the inappropriate.bad.evil actions and not serving those laws that are designed to protect the vulnerable. denying the abuses  ...  to ignore the need for proper and immediate attention on these abuses shows EVIDENCE of a dereliction of duty. 

--use of funds inappropriately for the promotion, advancement of religion or a specific religion for party agenda could be considered bad behavior if there is violation of laws(s). citizen should have the right to exercise conscience and speak out against the inappropriate use of funds and violation of law

--denying equal rights in the workforce. citizens should be free to speak out against inequality. for example, if only male surgeons are allowed to operate in hospitals of religion X despite EVIDENCE of surgery performed appropriately by females in other religions shows injustice.if religious practice forbids female vocation based on theology alone ... based on interpretation coming from boards made up of primarily males in religious vocation denying female work in hospitals X  stacks the deck and is EVIDENCE of inappropriate acts and wrongdoing as it demonstrates a disservice and unjust service to the female ... in a democracy (supposedly) advocating equal rights on the grounds of citizenship *in the case of the nation USA, it has to decide on this advocacy regarding RELIGION ... it cannot continue to use taxpayer dollars to uphold the rights of discriminating religions

--murder . citizens have a right to speak out where they see EVIDENCE of murder. this goes hand in hand with abuse and misuse of practice, funds, vocational/public services ... (this leads to questions on what constitutes having committed murder---what is the definition of murder? where and how is this an act of of evil-an act of mercy-an act of protection). citizens have the right to speak out on what they believe to be murder ... and citizens have the right to speak out on things like war where murder applies 

so far, none of the above SPEAKING OUT ... demonstrates BIGOTRY. religious or not---belief in a designated SUPREMACY or not---these opposing actions are not evidence of bigotry. 

added: and we did warn the atheists that if they used islam to attack christianity they would lose voice