read previous posts before this post ... in order to understand the topic's deluge. 

if muslims and evangelical christians (as understood by the media/journalists/politicians of today) are signing a pledge to disavow or silence "bigoted" commentary publicly ... they, along with their constituents, need to address the HYPOCRISY as well as the motivator of their actions. 

the hypocrisy can be found in their own faith---what is released in the form of beliefs and practices, such as:

-denying women vocations of interest 
-denying women equal status in the workforce
-denying there is bigoted messages and teaching as well as demeaning and degrading language and practice coming from their faith. these harbor inappropriate behavior, misconduct in a civil and democratic nation, and injustice, and possibly evil behavior should it cause the position of female---her gender---to return to the dark ages. must she become "gay" in order to receive the attention and the rights being given to the gays? who are also often demeaned and degraded by the faith of imperialistic religion ... which leaves female to become as men to RECEIVE fair and just means ... and rewards.

hmm ... seems there is gnostic literature directly to the point on this ;) could this be what was prophesied all along for the female? so, the question we could ask muslim and evangelical christians: which would you prefer, women becoming gay (female states she is gay in order to receive fair treatment in a 'democracy' of the US) ...  or go through an operation, drugs, therapy to change sex from female to male in order to receive what a citizen is entitled to in a fair and honest democracy or ... have them BECOME like male, but not be men in the physical sense, not claiming to be male?

pot meets kettle? muslim and evan christians and those like these signing pledges to silence or disavow language they feel condemns their faith and beliefs must be prepared to understand that rather large speck in their own eye.


was just about ready to post on the political stage and voting when I read this by a commenter on one of silk's articles

samuel johnston


Evangelicals control large regions of the political countryside, but not anywhere near enough voters to counterbalance the large population centers of the coasts. They have long become accustomed to a persecution mentality, because they have failed to gain the national power that they crave, and think they deserve. They are the mirror image of the Progressives. The majority of voters are not interested in “causes”. They just want competent, effective government. Because the two party system cannot provide that, we are overdue for a third party sweep to power.

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yes, yes and yes! here's why ... 

just like the vatican synod outcome---no change ... a lot of sugary glaze, but no change, and what is truly sad about this is they even have men out preaching a modernist view, giving inaccurate accounts of what really went on. "let's say it differently, much less ugly sounding" (this kind of rhetoric) ... but this is dishonest, because what they are not telling you is NO CHANGE just glazing to try to lure you and your children back into their creepy dogmatic, indifferent, callous, patriarchal, misogynistic, senseless (SPIRITUALLY IRREVERENT and questionably relevant in this DAY) theology, where there is immense scandal and coverup of hideous acts. if you know anything about the picture framing industry, glazing is putting glass on an image, and there are different types of glass ... one is non glare glass which people seldom use today ... but it dulls the clarity of the image and is one reason why people did not use it very often. the vatican uses non glare yet still demands they be hung in a place of relevancy  ... 
okay, we will put you in a museum where you now belong, because you are something to be viewed, studied ... even investigated. 

the political stage ... where and how are the religionists relevant? if they are deeply dug into their sandpile ... how can they be of an impartial place of worth? to them it's "our way"!  if this isn't a form of dictatorship what is?!

as I have shared several times, I will not vote for a roman catholic for the position of president of the US, nor will I vote for a muslim ... a mormon ... or any candidate espousing religious creed and theology latent and disingenuous ... ineffective in the Spiritual Worth of Light as well as demographically dishonest. and don't ask me to go into it again, because SPIR and OWA blog are overflowing with sense and reason on this issue!

but a third is NECESSARY in this time of change ... 


hilary has bill preaching in her ear ... I don't trust this, and there are still unanswered questions regarding her 
kasich wants 'mother' teresa on a coin ... he hasn't done his homework ... good grief
bernie can't make up his mind whether he believes in God or not, but he is a fan of the pope so how do we know he won't suddenly convert to rome catholic theology? check out their catechism ... and look at what obama did! what he did was wrong ... offensive to those demeaned and degraded by the patriarchal establishment of these organizations, not to mention the climate of abuse ... he broke laws is what he did, and showed himself not impartial but partial.
look at all the roman catholic candidates and carson ... look where he sits ... who is left?


regarding a very heated topic that has our candidates loopy

Re: “Muslim fears that Israel seeks to lift its long-standing ban on Jewish prayer at the site …”

Just a couple questions: First, what’s the evidence this will happen? What makes them so certain of it that they’re willing to kill and be killed over it?

Second, how exactly would allowing Jews to pray there automatically prevent Muslims from ever doing the same? Why is it a zero-sum game?

There’s a simmering subtext to this story that isn’t overtly visible. The Palestinian attackers are acting on assumptions that, as far as I know, are unfounded. But they’re responding to them nonetheless, which suggests there’s a lot going on that we in the west aren’t aware of. Are they acting in concert with a propaganda campaign? If so, who’s behind it? Why isn’t it being reported?

Note, I’m aware there are lots of problems at play here as well, such as Israeli police & IDF excesses. So there’s plenty of blame to go around. Let’s uncover it all.

yes, yes and yes! as a citizen having to ENDURE within this confusion ... and how it affects you and your family/loved ones ... you have a right to know---TO BE GIVEN RELEVANT INFORMATION---THE TRUTH!

you have a right to know where taxpayer dollars are going ... which nonprofits, charitable organizations and targeted organizations ... ARE THESE ORGANIZATIONS SUPPORTING A US ECONOMY OF THE RIGHTS AND EDUCATION OF ALL ITS CITIZENS OR ARE THESE ORGANIZATIONS SUPPORTING THEIR OWN PEOPLE AND THEOLOGIES? theologies that very often run counter to the importance of moving into a more healthy, safe and honest mentorship for the citizens of the US as well as itself as mentor to other nations. do you really want to be a military dictatorship---a military power house? a patriarchal dominionist society---a society demeaning and degrading to feminine place? a bigoted and partial voice of dissemination? constantly paying into and supporting ever tom, dick and harry crying woe is me? without a willingness to get up off that mat-pew-self-agenda-cause and MOVE ... for the health and wellbeing of ALL people!


wow. check out the carson ideal ...

richard! I almost forgot about you. thank you for the following ... I have not read more than the opening sentence and said, oh, sh** ... this guy just lost.
and that I consider for the best

good grief, this guy must be inhaling some serious drugs to be so callous. you will know them by their fruits

"and possibly evil behavior should it cause the position of female---her gender---to return to the dark ages."

allow me to address this. we shared this story several times ... three children were at a mall with what appeared to be the dad. this ... a muslim family. two boys and one girl---all very young. the boys were getting wet at a fountain. the girl tipped her head in to get it wet and her dad started smacking her. my friend immediately called security. 

what is obvious here is that the girl was not permitted what the boys were permitted. and if the girl had for some reason not been permitted to get wet other than being FEMALE in a religious belief where female is treated differently from male ... there was no need to begin SMACKING HER. if this is what a muslim dad does in public to his young daughter, what does he do in private? was does he do to his wife? 

are we to tolerate this on american soil? is this acceptable behavior because it is religious and religious have the freedom to beat their females? are we to withhold speaking out against this conduct because these men have the right to abuse female? because they are PROPERTY of male and permitted hitting of female? (read what is of the islamic married contract) I for one will not stand idle while man abuses a child. you may think it none of my business, but I will not stand idle. YOU---ALL OF YOU--- ARE WARNED ... if I should see this happen, or if someone should share again with me a story of this kind ... the abuser, regardless of his belief system, will not only know MY NAME ... but he will know the name of law enforcement in his area, because I will see that he is INVESTIGATED ... and if law refuses this, THE WORLD WILL KNOW OF IT. you better pray ME or SOMEONE LIKE ME IS NOT NEAR YOU WHEN YOU DECIDE TO ABUSE ... and let me tell you this ... the time is coming that your derelict and abusive ways in both home and institution will not be hidden. the time is coming ... for all of this behavior to be investigated ... all organizations ... all religion. 


and you can pretty much expect there will be a reaction to the movie SPOTLIGHT coming out next month (november) and I wonder where the vatican, their lawyers and the laity will be during all of this. hmm ... hiding?