madly in love with the redhead …

That's a really sad old trick, to cry racism/anti-Semitism whenever someone disagrees with your political position! Barak Obama was a big beneficiary of that old ploy during his first term and much of his second. It was better than Teflon . . . the few honest media people held back on asking hard questions of Obamacare or pointing out the obvious lie, "If you like your insurance/doctor, you can keep your insurance/doctor!" It was more than proportional, as his half-blackness made him completely immune from criticism or hard questions from the mainstream media.

Obama was smart in a self-serving way: he built on that with rhetoric that showed his delusion of being the conscience of the whole world. At first the Europeans cheered, before growing tired of the hot air and finally calling him a little wind-bag. (Bush was considered an idiot, but during his tenure we held a better place in the world, particularly among our sworn enemies, out to destroy us.) All the high-sounding rhetoric hid a gutlessness by this little utopian idealogue who was clueless about the projection of American power in the world. Thank God his tenure is coming to an end. Regardless of who is elected America will be lucky to ever recover the place we once held in the world in the next 10 years--if ever.
___ honestly, we love it when people write with bold temperament. even if we do not agree with where they are SPIRITUALLY. we can see and understand their honest place of belief. now, we are not referring to the extremist … the unwavering devout. for even the reeds hiding and securing the baby moses did bend for the winds, the rain, the moving of the waters.

this is why the ultra orthodox have little to bear in our reality. or the devout of romanism and islam. they can please and beg their way to the banks of the nile, and buy it with money born from the backs of the people … but it says nothing to us about TRUTH. if you are not willing to make room for the one ready to bear fruit, you have wasted a rich and revealing, not to mention highly nutritious, harvest. the child called JESUS was born in a barn and you demand the Gardener's share? the Gardener must feed many. why do you steal from the mouths of babes?

___so after all the sermonizing from those that control the nation's interests, we get to actually hear more from the [UNEDUCATED?] trump supporters, and gee whiz … physically attacked by so-called inclusive, nonviolent, moderate, tolerant DEMOCRAT, or should we just call them demoBRATS, also gay?


hmm … wasn't expecting this social gospel. I was laughing at the beginning because of the play with words … but the point is well made.

we are mere pints in the breath of these oceans. the jobs are just waiting for an opening … in dealing with our huge messes. 


now I can post this as there is commentary regarding the atheist's view: to be specific.

first, I would like to say that what edward shared I agree with. it is very nice to have the author ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, even if not directly asked … to address the lingering questions. thank you, author. because ... it HELPS give insight into where the author stands, as opposed to being just a pawn for a news service, or being owned by big corporation/big establishment, paying journalist/author to say what IT wants ITS writers to say. IOW, it helps to cut through the bullsh**, the dishonest practice (like biased media … and trump's "rigged election" just may ring quite loudly in the ears of many demobrats and unknowing non republicans, when a NEW source on those wikileaks reveals the TRUTH … the whaler truth, nothing but the truth. yep, it is coming to your house). I recall asking two questions of a pope pleaser author at RNS … he did not respond. he ignored ME. remember "CHRISTIANS", claiming yourself a believer in the CHRIST … it just may be that one is send in to check the vineyard. you ignore her, or treat HER with contempt and disrespect HER … what are you really? a misogynist? a denier? paid to misinform and mislead readers? an abuser? deceptive? 

do you betray the people?

politics is religion. 


if you or your institution must cheat, lie … deceive … dishonor and disavow (as romanism and its offspring did of gnosis) … twist truth to suit your ideal, USE AND ABUSE WOMEN AND CHILDREN … TO BUILD YOUR ARMIES, YOUR POWER_MONGERING STATUS in both church and state, as a RELIGION of political attire, as a lawmaker of RELIGIOUS ATTIRE … you are an EXTREMIST, and there is no place for you or your establishment in AWARENESS< the heaven spoken on Earth (the Writings). and if you deny and abuse Earth, knowingly, in willful ignorance and denial, you are a product of anti-christ. you are counted among the dead in the ethic of truth. 


jews, is this your messiah?

or is it another AD for hillary R Clinton? for PATRIARCHAL BIG< FAT ESTABLISHMENT discussed as a woman? lol. the irony!  this woman's view of HRC is IDENTICAL to what she seems to be in conflict with!  HRC as BIG GOVERNMENT, controlling the people, dishonest and … biased, owning much of the media … big donor play cards using the people as puppets to fill their purses and … orchestrate peer medallions in high places. huh, is this jew unaware in the clinton activity, including those emails WITH MORE BIG BOLD ONES to come? such high contrast, the myriad of offenses by bill and hillary and co to what the author praises her for …  her antagonist IS the BIG GOVERNMENT establishment in america!. oh, dear ... sitting in a seat of peer does not clinch the debt.  

wow, it looks like the clinton's media has the majority hoodwinked. I do feel sorry for them when the truth comes out. I was shown it would be a severe blow. and this is not something to laugh about. it is very, very bad. very bad. 

you know the story of how it was often the tribal chiefs that sold 'his' own people to the spaniards and those following in their footsteps. betraying his own members? many refuse to believe this bad news, but it's true. it does not excuse the horror of man's acts but it's man in his desire for 'something' apart from GOD, Spirit of the Living. in LIGHT of that … history does repeat, maybe not exactly the same … but it does repeat. 

who do YOU idolize that betrays you? who-what do you bow to that IS betraying you? who-what deceives you while you hand it the clothes off your back ? who has your back in these acrid affairs? 

hey. I AM not giving away … my shot. no, I am not giving away … my shot. Clinton and trump are both NO-NOs in my Book. 


let's say you are a type of robin hood minus the fat friar, and you tried to get a political system to do the right thing and admit its lies and abuse, theft, deception and really awful acts, but it would not budge on the topic, instead growing bigger and fatter, until it was a near untouchable system with a LOT OF POWER … (a power that is like an "off with her head" power) much like a dictatorship wearing a nun's habit and people would not---could not see its false initiatives, or get it to move, or loosen its grip over them, and so many, often in ignorance, or for the scraps of bread tossed to them, bowed to it … sometimes out of fear and sometimes out of delusional loyalty, and some FOR profit, personal gain of power and money… so robin that you are, or hood that you are, you have resources and an ability to go in and get information that you believe should be info the people under a false dictator should know about. the personal stuff like she had sex with her best friend's husband stuff or he drank too much beer last night and it's given him gas … you leave or set aside but the stuff relevant to THE PEOPLE, that people have a right to know … you allow them to know. you take from the rich and share with the poor. 

do you as a citizen of any country believe this to be wrong?