I read something in JOY (see previous post) having to do with the stock market crash ... on NYC, Joy Davidman writes,"This City!" and Santamaria continues ... But the stock market crash of 1929 silenced the Jazz Age, the city lost its luster. Suicides supplied headlines for morning, afternoon, and evening editions of New York newspapers.Husbands shot their families and themselves, demoralized because they could no longer provide; others drank poison, leaped from rooftops, dove off the Brooklyn Bridge, America was no Fairyland after all. "Our schools and newspapers taught us to love [America] because she enriched us," Joy later wrote. "Our love of country, the upshot proved, was often no deeper than any other kind of cupboard love. In 1929 I believed in nothing but American prosperity; in 1930 I believed in nothing."

I went to sleep wondering whether most having committed suicide and having murdered their families were God believers or not. what is the percentages on this? just a few minutes ago, I started to research this but my first read, a blog, got me wondering on something else ...


this is where the RELIGIOUS NEWS discussions need to move, without what I call hit and run histrionics. there needs to be ongoing dialogue in a reasonably argumentative way but fostered ethically. no blanket assertions or dizzying intellects *mine is not dizzying in case you were thinking of me ... I just happen to view catholic mindset as being of most of  man (mindset), claiming catholicism or not (read the blog, the author mentions catholic). whatever ... we need to stop wasting time on pope puppets and agendas ... arenas for stylized methodology and realize the realities. these are where the discussions turn productive.

the blogger did a decent job in sharing his view ... an interesting take ... but ... we are sure there is much to add and discuss. who will be the News Service to accommodate this stream?




I just read a really OFF comment ... Jesus Theology is Liberation Theology. don't know what "jesus' she is talking about ... very possibly her theological upbringing or mentoring taught her this, but if she is referring to the Christ ... absolutely not. the commenter is wayyyyy off. after all this time and in their desperation to make a statement they come up with this? yo, you will always have your poor ... and your gods will rule in marxist fashion because they NEED the poor to survive! think, people! do these people ever bother to actually READ the Writings? or are they stuck in their catechisms ... or some being paid to make these types of statements? they want a revolution? hmm ... a war?

okey-dokie ... they will get their war

think about it ... an institution that will not allow anyone but their own specially chosen members to deal with the issues, concerns, crimes, and abuses ...  is saying a hell of a lot .... yes? whatcha hiding in there, big boy? carefully scripted words from their head ... censored articles, carefully worded  ... 

quite telling ... and we are to lap up this hooch? nooooo, thank you ... take your wares somewhere else, because YOU ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. you are dishonest and cruel

Added: so what's going on?
another attack with a knife at a school


and it will increase ... there will be more attacks and more incidents like a young woman driving into a crowd of people

more suicides ... more of all this really awful stuff 

do you know what is going on with the youth?


You can not simultaneously support the idea of surrogacy for gay males and believe in the importance of biological mothers.

A child who quite literally enters the world searching for its mother’s scent and for its mother’s breast and for the voices it has heard throughout its entire life in the womb, cares nothing about how much some stranger wants it or how financially well prepared the stranger is to take it away and raise it. It wants its parents, and has a right to them if it is humanly possible.

I posted the above because it has been on my mind off and on. I am not interested in the ongoing saga of ssm , the arguments and yada yada... but I have wondered on what Shawnie is commenting here. adoption is always a choice. there are always children in need of a loving home. please, please PLEASE keep this in mind ... and please do not USE women for your own fantasia. thank you. the studies on the search for mom---dad should be front and center but unfortunately, they are not and people desiring children need to understand the inner nexus of life. there is something mankind has yet discover regarding his manhood. too soon to speak on this ... it will be a while before he gets to this point.