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In the Philip Gospel it states:
A Hebrew makes a Hebrew, and such a person is called a convert? A convert does not make a convert. [Some people] are as they [are] and make others [like them], while others simply are. 

again, a convert is a looking back to see within self ... a turning from the old to the new through a process ... that process has everything to do with

this verse needs to be understood in the Spiritual Way, otherwise it makes little Sense, especially to a non believer in God, or ... one behaving within his culture and beliefs, not knowing of what {this} is. this is not saying Spirit has not been Spring within these ... it is saying the Winter is now passing and the Autumn is within reach. And yes, IT IS A REVERSAL  ... as spiritual conversion is of understanding within this. also, if you look at the INNER compass ... it is read:

South West North and East ... so, we now enter the East of the Spiritual Verse. 

Peter's vision of the sheet written in Acts is showing us this very work. The EVENT happened 3 Times ... (each "Time" is a "Woman" ... also see the story of the Samaritan Woman at the Well: 4 husbands >father, son, husband, gift ... and the fifth is PORTENT, which is not a husband: what allows for Mina/Talent to not be buried< *note: the husband referring to 'duty' within a male dominated society, as daughter, wife and mother were engaging in these acts ) ... the 3 is read in the Language as: South, West, North and we now enter the East ...

where you will see. the animals (kill and eat) having to do with the portraits of man ... removal of beast, which is the falsity of man-the dishonesties-failing systems ... that man might move into human then ... then Spirit (the East), where human sees "what is". (babylon or beast is the anti-christ, btw ... false doctrine or systems harming or failing the movement into well being: humanity moving toward Spirit Nature)

It is quite spectacular and not limited as it resists partiality.

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