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no matter where you look, there are articles about ssm. at times, it is amusing ... of course, not where the right for homosexuals, or gender, is refused something others in society are permitted. it is not a just feature within the laws of the society and one looks to the force or system behind this refusal to understand its beliefs. the establishment of old says that ssm is not a reality in "x" teaching, and 'x" teaching has been the 'norm' of society---you cannot change it, they say---it goes against the 'foundation' of what is of God (their understanding of what is God ... and oh, I get excited even just writing {this}: WHAT IS GOD ... for it opens windows all over 'the house' ... and breath of the Most High can enter ... unseen ...)

now ... to understand even just a little of where we will go with this, it might be a good idea to read the previous.

at times I have asked, why would the gay man desire traditional marriage? he is free of this constraint ... and in the US and many other countries, he can live together, work together, even raise children together without the "brand" of marriage---why choose it? of course there are valid reasons. our society is set up to placate the traditional marriages of one man and one woman ... even when these are the absolute worst partnering and children suffer in their midst. but our government has so often looked the other way on these abuses------because they are gone from the CARE GIVING ... busy in AFFAIRS elsewhere, and this shows not only adultery, but also very poor parenting. they are slow to react to the violence and the abuses within their own national placement (and this includes races and religious sects and systems of belief). it does not matter if they say, we are democrat or, we are republican, WHO/WHAT is seeing to the health and well being of the people, especially, the children and those most vulnerable? they allow religious sects to GROW OUT OF THE ABILITY TO MANAGE DECENTLY, SAFELY AND EFFORTLESSLY---THEY ALLOW MANKIND IN HIS INSTITUTIONS TO BURDEN THE PEOPLE, OVERWHELM, AND ABUSE ... even raping these ... as BUSINESS IS PRIORITY, so they busy up themselves elsewhere, either willfully ignorant  ... lusting after another  ... reckless in caregiving ... illegitimate in their approach due to allegiance in another room ... station ... or religion. 

we are not foiled by their chagrin. Esau had it coming. 

ssm will have its trials, as it fosters no differently from the traditional marriage, and government has not the ability to see its woes. man is man. to deny this is to allow ignorance a namesake---its own. is this 'what' man marries himself to? it matters not what you claim as god ... if "this" rendered itself ignorant on the facts ... looking the other way, trying to lay the politics card to avoid scrutiny, that politically correct nuance ... it fields in negligence and poor parenting. to ignore the rise of religions oppressive in theology---a mind feeding in the archaic---using these to lay each other ... is what is the defiling self in the man bedding with man. these are symbolic TEACHINGS ... but can play out in a very real sense. it is seen as DISHONEST to use another for your own personal gain---and when men use each other to get what they want to satisfy their lusts ... (self-agendas/part agendas/religious agendas ...) ... these fall ... these fail ... for what arises becomes problematic. 

continues ...

immigrants fleeing ... what? in steps men to do what?
human trafficking ... people die ... women and children are sexually abused ... disease is born from these conditions ... 

"a lucrative business"

but who/what is causing and SUPPORTING this? look to the system's that cause this flood of refugees ... who feeds into this? who benefits from this? who/what uses this as a political make-over?