man is not wired for cooperation … sorry to burst the god bubble here. he is "taught" to be within a nonviolent state through what? knowledge and understanding on … on … what is truth, or in the case of religion/government policy, "his" truth, which does not always mend fences nor does it part the waters to free the slaves … 

but let's first recognize that religion and politics are two brothers of the same nurse. once you have that figured out you enter a widow of non parliamentary means. who/what cares for her? the branch that understands the bitter herb (Miriam/Mary/Eve … samaritan woman at the well). you can claim to be god or god's spokesperson … use and abuse, which includes stealing the widow's last wish: heaven for her children … as she gives the religionist her house, car and last dollar while bedridden in the house of another. one might ask, what happened to her will? while weak and undernourished was she seduced into believing she would gain points? but wait, who was paying for her extreme care in the other house? the bedridden house? ah, how cooperation gets so buddy-duddy in its politico correctness---ITS rite of passage … but JOHN in Revelation was telling of the REAL rite of passage, and I can just see the wizards of high tower squirming in their seats for allowing that book into the bible :D  … because already, it has them …

anyhow, cooperation for who/what? what purpose and for whom does corporation abide? check the numbers … 

how many "jews" (of judaism) abandon mom? leave her to the corporation? how many moms of judaism (light) abandon child to the system? let's check the numbers, shall we?

are you picking up on the patterns here? stubbornness and obstinate nature aside, where might you find the widows? or should we ask, windows … of opportunity. savvy pope they got going there … smooth moves to lure in those ladies … in deceptive co-o-p-e-r-a-t-i-o-n. ain't that right, mark silk? silk, is it? yep, we can see the writing on the wall because we have been checking those n-u-m-b-e-r-s. y'all going to be investigated for theft and more … 
poor bastards …

anyhow … WHERE WERE WE? 

hmm … if God said, ___, choose a religion to remove from society, but in return, you must carry another to the bridge that he might cross safely … honestly, and with careful steps … what would this be? roman catholicism gets removed and to be carried to that bridge? it would have to be zionism, not a religion. SPIRREALISM, also not a religion, is a platform for the bridge … not another for safe passage. it is an instrument. zionism is the mentor (not Spirit) for art of significance in fostering truth … such as the sciences to better understand the violence … where and how it breeds and … 


you see, we don't want "all nestled and snug in their beds while visions of sugar plums dance in their heads" … what is needed is the people to move. they can dance if they wish, but they need to move and not just dream of moving, or waiting for their messiah to come or waiting for their messiah to return. there must be the gathering of children and the walking. the time is nowwith uncandied fruits becoming known (writing this while I eat dark chocolate covered raisins :D 


what to make of this? 

people are upset … look at the comments. is the libby left going to condemn the whole lot of them for being miffed at government spending on this after negligent peace keeping? seriously? AGENDA SEEKERS … AH, RINGING THE POT AND THE KETTLE BLACK. 

it's always prudent to conserve and treat the earth and seas with respect, but who/what is jetting around the world making deals? spending loads and loads of money, for special p-r-o-t-e-c-t-i-o-n. I can tell you that it's not me. who/what is advocating lots and lots of breeding? I can tell you that it's not me. and is the earth cooling here while heating there? and will this change? yes … it will change, but man needs to change his ways … his piggy cultishness. 

the youth we are talking about is wayyyy ahead of mankind in these waters. they are not advocating militancy, on either end. you might say pacifism runs in the family, but they are not without vibrancy and buoyancy where needed. and, don't let anyone think they can come in and take these youth for prostitution … for their institutionalizing agendas … no, no, no … no, you do not want to mess with Arkimnel. these are of her "pride" … and she WILL take you down with one hand if it means protecting {this}. let this be a warning to those desiring spiritual rape … molestation … misuse and abuse, theft … you will be left without a paddle and you will be most definitely feel this sting. think me delusional? ask alfie about Arkimnel :) no, you do not want to mess with Her. 


" … a subculture of evil that had to be cured." 

so, what happened? jP2 knew of the disease and did nothing but pat his favored criminal, another diseased man, on the back, embracing him, luring people into the evil fold … and still, STILL … nothing is done. we believe the delusion rests within man himself, and what spurs the violence, the terrorism and the abuses is where and how man nestles himself in corporate ideology---his theology of truth … no matter the cost on and to others. he may USE the poor, the child, the vulnerable, the sick, the angry and the arrogant and the sexy and the callous ,,, whatever serves his agendas and protects and builds him power and control. so no, he is not capable of cooperating unless he is taught right from wrong and it seems that mitchell was taught something about doing what IS right  … meanwhile, the rcc, including many of its members continue to silence victims! abuse and misuse, and their savior and the savior of so many religionists, jew included, does not take the bull by the horns and do what needs to be done! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A F-ING DISEASE HERE---AN EPIDEMIC THAT HAS FOUND ITS WAY INTO MANY INSTITUTIONS … why? who made it the cottage industry? who makes money off of these hideous crimes? WHO/WHAT REFUSES TO MOVE? who/what whitewashes the system and lies to cover its bloody-f-ing tracks? are we angry? ARE WE ANGRY? yes … and what will come down on those who support and pay into this industry will send a tsunami into the industries of the world. 

YOU CAN COUNT ON IT! the real question: where will YOU be standing when this comes?

oh, and here is ass-max the ignorant militant atheist and his sick rants

As if
“Execute them in front of me” (Jesus, Luke 19:27)
was somehow a humanitarian message! LOL!

he will be the first to get hit … and those supporting his agenda … including any at rns