:D listen to the story … the nativity was not to be set up for another couple of weeks but due to confusion on the plans they had it up ... but without the figures? am I reading this correctly? no Jesus child, but Mary and Joseph? we are not told if these two were there or not … 


yesterday I had begun a response to WHAT WOULD JESUS DO … samuel's comment to the vatican leaks and arrests of several in connection with this, including the two authors having written books on the scandal and corruption in the vatican/institution. 

and so I continue in this response …
Nove. 30, 2015

"This is not normal. We can't let it become normal," a frustrated Obama said.

"If we truly care about this ... then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them.

"Enough is enough."---------president obama's response to the pp shootings.

and what of the clergy/staff child sex abuse, and why the favor … to the roman pope? what is truth and what is pandering, president obama? you have convinced no one with the currency of the WRITINGS. gun control … yes, but you haven't addressed the baby does of the nation … the abusing fathers and stepfathers and moms deceived----MANIPULATED---into believing her child is possessed by demons. and what of the woman who dropped her infant out the window recently and … the women who left their children in a house with an avenging 8-yr-old, to babysit them all … who beat a one-yr-old to death. obama, when do you stop closing those ears and covering those eyes to the reality of death and the high-fives on favoritism? 

the movie SPOTLIGHT comes out and all we read in the "bib" news is the pope in africa … does anyone see the hype at one end while the other is sorely ignored? it is the same old smelly game played by these political-institutional nests---the insulated quadrant … THE GOD BUBBLE bull. did any hear a word from the pope about the movie SPOTLIGHT? hmm … closing his ears and covering his eyes? the spirit of deception and manipulation … is rampant.

holy or hell? 

what is normal in a world of hypocrisy? where and how does one know who lies and who denies, and who is being honest …. what is truth? how can the religionist or the politician know who he can trust? iran's leaders? turkey's leaders? putin's leaders? vatican city's leaders? in the midst of scandal and disease where those who speak up and speak to be heard to warn of these atrocities that use and abuse millions, even billions for their own game, is silenced, imprisoned. the pope is showing not only his spiritual immaturity but his partiality … to protect his own leadership and its head base.


and the US government? where is this on that table? 

answer: the question of TRUTH is not ON the table … it has been replaced with grooming, sweeping under, ignorance and out right favoritism … and dishonesty. so few actually understand what is Christ, and even fewer believe. if you are a believer in the Christ YOU DO NOT DENY TRUTH … you marry into {this} … but when has roma and its descendant, government, shown impartiality? market street east in philadelphia has been changed to jefferson station … someone somewhere loves leaders with slaves, having sex with them, like the "good" little diplomat he is … someone honors this table as their truth and transparency, using others for pleasuring "see" and self satisfying. the cherry-pickers to suit agenda? yes, jefferson had his own set of rules.

JEFFERSON STATION … was this in preparation for their king and prophet--- the roman catholic church? 

when the current pope took office I wrote to a "learned" roman catholic to warn of the pontiff's spiritual immaturity. do you want to know what he wrote back? like the "good" little manipulator and obedient catholic that he is, he called me bi-polar and paranoid. he tried to make me out to be mentally ill! this is a man who knows that the vatican is full of disease … as I read many of his posts over a period of time … and now, what do we see? a pope who uses "the tribunal" to attack writers trying to break the silence of the lying dynasty of something claiming itself infallible and God's spokesperson … of course through use of force, often bloody and torturous … and ever manipulative. 

what is called into question here is THE RETURN. churches, where are you? recall it said:

you of lawlessness … depart from me … I never knew you.

it matters not to THE LIVING GOD your credentials, ordinations, titles, and those many doctrines, creeds, clubs and communion sacraments, including governance in party favoritism … if you are not in reflection of repentance ON who and what you have supported and paid into, you cannot be known by the Spirit Holy. why? you simply are not there-----where you NEED to be in that day and that hour (Lord says to Elijah: Elijah, what are you doing here? … he was needed elsewhere, not hiding in a cave after the murdering of the prophets of _____ *wouldn't  believers like to understand the teaching on this in REAL TIME) 

children are loved and children survive mankind's dynasties and all the misuse and abuse … denial and disease … those serving spirit insolence and indecency rather than the seeking of humanity in the wellness of Light. all the whining and gnashing of teeth mean nothing to the Living God. were you not called to repentance? were you not called out of the desert of the golden calf to the living stream?  The HOLY SPIRIT cannot be contained in your church sacraments and lifestyles. man cannot ORDER THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD!!! given this forced ignorance and wayward parading of self in institutional malaise and callousness showing not awareness and alarm in the bastard practices of "fathers" and bishops following a diseased head trip … SPIRIT cannot be manipulated within these sacraments. THIS IS NOT TRUTH no matter how golden-glazed it is manufactured! this is part of the coercing and manipulation of what? the spirit of ignorance? willful ignorance?

did you not hear it said that GOD IS SPIRIT? and {this} is to be in TRUTH not lies, not deception and certainly not partiality. God is no repeater of persons, and popes and politicians are nothing in the realm of the Spirit of the Living God as these show arrogance on the Light of what? impartiality :D

come on people … GROW UP … you are with the flu … a feverish mental state of ignorance and denial. 

the child placed in the nativity …

wouldn't it make a story---a REAL story---if the world learned that ordained priests from that very parish in queens are raping young women and the babies coming into the parish are their own children …  

some way to build them their numbers. 

interesting these last few years … the youth of intellect, foraging not in the titles and creeds but of the art of the sciences, the yearning in growing … knowing … not falling for the old wineskin histrionics, including political gain … not racing to compete with peers, demanding allegiance and credential---that forced folly on what is intelligent and aware---are waking to the malpractice. it's slow but apparent. they once trusted obama but feel his leadership has been compromised by establishment within party policy … a breaking of oaths: why has he favored roma? why does he pander to religions that deny female her rightful place in the carriage? like the rcc and islam? (are you hearing this obama and co?) hilary is no longer their focus, either … as she represents much the same obama favoritism and what is of this "establishment".  the waking know that gandhi had his self-pleasing mates, and like jefferson, is not their "father" or doctor or prophet or king. they don't want these golden calves. they want to breathe free of the histrionics of these old skins and come into something igniting. they walk slowly, waiting for their time … they listen and they ask questions.

but who/what is out THERE with honest answers? to assist as mentor? in honest and ethical practices? not pandering to his own lethargy and negligent parenting … or, policy agenda. 

do the youth want prophets having taken advantage of them … at age nine, ten … thirteen, fifteen … having used them for self-agenda, self-satisfying … for institution or … discriminatory morality
 moldy and mismanaged? 

so, where are you?


what do you remove? life or death? are the hierarchies advocating death … death for neighbor? seducing your children to bleed for them in their hero word worth? they love the martyr syndrome system where you and your children bleed and die for them. and they do not hesitate to use the poor for this … then toss them aside, bruised and battered … to fend for themselves. what of your children? are you proud of their death camps and their zeal for war? will they kill innocent, ignorant and unarmed for the establishment? rape these to show power … and to build them their numbers? who rapes children? who uses children for its own self pleasure and desire for control? and who covers its eyes and plugs its ears because it lives in denial AND or … spiritual immaturity and spiritual indecency? how much more evidence do YOU need to see the truth on these systems of belief? a thug of a pope and his corrupt masonry pretending at holy? while silencing the real journalists? silencing the children? threatening those bringing forth the truth about these practices? calling them paranoid and mentally ill? how many people have they used that trick on? well, it does not work in the NEW, folks! the deceivers and the manipulators are FAR from Truth … and they will be REMOVED. 

where are you ? sidling up to thug pope and his henchmen to try and salvage a rusted can? lol … get over yourselves … as Lord is saying, your legacy? what is that? I never knew you! depart from me idolators … 

sounds very much like LORD does not want your sticking dogma anywhere near his gifting  … to the youth. remember, one cannot put new wine into decayed, cracked, rusted and melted old diseased and moldy vessels. so, what's a believer OF Spirit to do? many are called few are chosen … as for the rest? 

hmm …