pastoring is not creed. creed is esoteric ... in its own form based on man's version of something he desires OF ... something. he grouped for grounds in this version. men of similar like and model, often very far removed from people ... assembled within like mindedness for 'written' text to explain an element that cannot be pinned down to the truth of belief in the SPIRITUAL. the truth of belief is belief based on limited knowledge and esoteric understanding. it quits being mysterious the minute it stages itself as commander and chief for ... not TRUTH, as TRUTH is not seen but heard in the dynamics of motivation (revolution) within the Essence of ... 

creed is what PAUL speaks of in that passage having to do with the tablets of stone verses the heart. the heart is an unknown entity until it reaches ... metamorphic aims. EVOLUTION> Prophesy is this and it involves man evolving in and through Truth: GOD. why Prophesy? GOD IS PROPHET> acting in and through human stream to navigate the war. and the war is not seen by men. we speak of the spiritual war. God is not war; God is light on the truce within the warring. one can SEE the fruits through Sense(s) Spiritual, which becomes not a visual manifestation but a hearing acclamation. the book of REVELATION has this portrayed as JOHN remained to establish the stream. he is of water and SPIRIT. this is a language unknown to man. he moved far from this for many eons. 

ET ... great story. the little creature was trying to get back to where? believer is of this same resolution. so, why does he demand that his worth align in the secular---the worldly exploits? why does he sit in the seat of Pilate and the presidential offices to commandeer? ET did not take a seat in government and make law. he did not sit in the ordination of religion and make law. man should be pastoring to grow the grain not secure the stain.  

a nonbeliever does not know of what I speak. in his mind there is nothing wrong with him, and according to his "creed", there is nothing wrong with him ... and, pastors, he is not wrong ... until he is shown to be wrong. like science on a subject. a discovery proves the previous discovery wrong. does he except this? not always---scientists argue and fight and have different claims and different experiences ... as do believers. if one is not versed in a language, he cannot understand its value or its worth. the truth is, nonbelievers experience truth. they can experience the Essence of the Spirituality of Christ but do not know its Source. the feminine as ESSENCE is the ability to reason through many art forms, including science. fiction stories ... fantasy for children ... poetry and paintings can be of symbol. symbols higher than man's intellect. a child can be a wellspring of truth where an educated man can be a fool. I recall my youngest at 3 1/2 drawing and painting with markers at around thanksgiving time ... a hand-turkey with a thought bubble erupted from its head and in the bubble was a girl. it wasn't the girl thinking of a turkey, but a turkey thinking of a girl. :D

more to come ...

nature and man are bound to each other, whether they realize this or not ... experience this or not; they are bound to each other. when man does not respect nature, nature does not respect man. look at the abuse of the land, seas and the plant life and animal life trying to exist and thrive in this noise, stench ... toxins and disruptions. excess. can you just imagine for one moment what the air and skies are experiencing with the constant flight patterns of planes ... and the disruption in the seas and the waste everywhere ... man overpopulating and overindulging. and for what? who? if one wanted to get historical in fiction one might write a story about NATURe suffering ... and in an effort to cleanse itself---rid itself of insolence that was a cause of the suffering---it created a big hurricane to destroy and wash away a part of the insolence ... something that is excessive and unforgiving, selfish and ignorant ... dangerous to the health and well being of life.  as the hurricane approached its destination, an instrument of true earth and sea, sky and ...  stepped in and said, turn, go the other way. the hurricane groaned, its voice windswept and deep  ... having erupted from the sands of time, a creaking ship on the water, almost growling, "do the people belong to you?" and the instrument on truth answers, no, they do not belong to me, but I cared for their wellbeing. and the hurricane turns and goes the other way.  

the story continues ... and science steps in stating the speed of the wind when it hit land, the mountainous terrain and the the narrow corridor is the REASON for much less damage and little to no loss of life. people are happy and continue in their merry way. the scientists are correct in the evidence brought forth ... but they have not explained that it took a different route. 


ah, someone answered a question we put out some time ago. with all the talk about this current pontiff as the green pope, praising him for his encyclical, and we asked several questions about it: what does he know about climate change? when did he work in these fields that he should write on this. telling the world what they should be doing? what has the vatican done about climate change-global warming and the destruction and excesses? it appears as if this current pope is being praised for some things that are really done by others ... jumping on the coat tails of others ... is how I think we put it ... now, this:

Betty Clermont


Less than two weeks before Pope Francis was elected, National Geographic called Benedict “the Green Pope.” “One of Benedict’s lasting legacies might be how he steered the global debate over climate change … making environmental awareness a key tenant of his tenure. Benedict delivered homilies and speeches asking world leaders to take seriously the harm being inflicted on the planet … The influential Pontifical Academy of Sciences, released a report on climate change recommending that world leaders cut carbon dioxide emissions, reduce existing pollution, and prepare for the inevitable impacts of a changing climate.” Benedict installed solar panels, “enough to power the lighting, heating, and cooling of a portion of the entire Vatican.” He had the Vatican Bank carbon credits. He used a partially-electric popemobile.
Just more selective and biased reporting by RNS for not crediting a less popular pope.

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okay, life does not live in a vacuum. pope is not GOD ;) ... and there are still questions, questions like: could it be that the previous pope, more a theologian, spent his time with his nose in a book until he could no longer ignore the clergy/staff child sex abuses? it was upon him to act, but did he act in a manner expedient and revolutionary? no. and neither has this current pontiff. they seem as one ... speaking with a forked tongue ... 

the rcc could have set a new stage and acted in a way that signaled momentous change in the dereliction of duty, the child abuse and the secret societies of groups making money off of these abuses/criminal activity (not referring to SNAP and those of this caliber) ... they could have hollered fowl, brought in intended physicians and experienced investigators with honest and just purpose and blown this right out into the open for the world ... attacking child sex trafficking and the like. they could have been the leader on this front ... instead, they continued to foster dereliction of duty and continued to shuffle priests and continued to hide these ... protecting institution, name brand and reputation of titles. they did some things but nothing revolutionary and why are the victims still pleading? ask these questions ... go to these so-called tribunals, demand VOICE ... and ask why the secrecy and the dragging of feet? 

people may even ask why all the money was spent on upgrading the vatican housing while the catholic peoples in roman catholic countries were being abused ... starving ... raped, trafficked, threatened ... drugged ... selling drugs, crime so insane the people are fleeing and have been fleeing for a long time ... from catholic country ... while vatican and their assembly sits looking scientific and relevant ... up to date? seriously?