your DOG may get skunked. actually, you can count on it. was up very early (a second time), say around 4:30 or 5 while it was still mostly dark ... I let out gracie, my jack russell, to do her tinkle. she does not have much hearing left, but clapping loudly seems to get her attention ... but not this morning. yelling her name of course did nothing and clapping like a maniac did almost nothing ... the deed was underway---she got sprayed. she just had to follow the darn thing and investigate. she wasn't acting aggressively ... just a bit excited, and very curious. I know she knew I was clapping, because she glanced my way several times trying to decide ... 

anyhow, how it all began ...

I let her out, grabbed my tazo tea, my B12 and vitamin D and sat down at the computer but decided I should let the dog in first. I opened the door and saw white moving by the stoop leading to the door. gracie is white. I was about to go out and get her because she seemed distracted by something near the door. I started to step out onto the stoop when I realized that gracie did not look like gracie. what's that on her? I wondered. oh wow, that's not gracie; that's a SKUNK! close call ... I quickly shut the door ... but, where is gracie? then I saw the drama unfold. I don't need to go into the rest. funny, usually when there is a skunk in the yard, I can smell it ... and I do not let the dog out, but there was no smell. there is now ... most of the downstairs and especially the bathroom where I immediately started the washing in the tub ... even feel like the smell is clinging to me. I have a slight headache and I almost never get headaches. she received two baths and I know she will need a third. I was online in the middle of all this looking for the best solution and I did find one ... I just have to look for the ingredients and start the process, but I think I need a coffee first ;) my main concern initially was to get the worst of it off of her face---her eyes ... mouth ... wherever it was causing discomfort. ugh, the noises she was making after she got hit was disturbing. not screams or anything like that but a gagging sound ... understandably. my poor baby.  1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda and liquid detergent.

and listen to this ... a few days ago I was in the food market and went down an aisle I rarely go down---the juice aisle. I saw a bottle of tomato juice and I distinctly remember staring at it for a little while. I like tomato juice but figured I would never finish it and it would go to waste so, I did not buy it. which is good, because I read where it really doesn't work. also, just before getting out of bed this morning I was shown that gracie should have a bath, and that I should comb her out. and brush her teeth which I try to do every other day. as a matter of fact, I was seeing this in my mind ... that bath ... 

sometimes it takes three baths to get the stench off the coat ;D

the kettle is on to heat water for my coffee (a comfort food because it's mostly decaf) ... and it's now going on 7:30 ... the rooms still smell, esp the dining room which is directly where the skunk sprayed outside ... but the bathroom is much better ... and I don't stink anymore (it was my hair as my hair is very long and I had gracie up against me with the towel to keep her warm after her baths). tip: instead of liquid detergent I used AUBREY Chamomile Tea Shampoo which has a fresh clean smell. I just happened to have it and hardly ever use it for myself ... but it works. also, after the sun rose and I could see better ... gracie had a yellowish stream still running down the side of her snout. it appears she was hit directly in the mouth, or at the mouth because her lips, nose and a little of the fur around this area esp on the left side still smells. I gave her another shampoo just in that area with baking soda then trimmed the hair around her mouth. that'll do for now ... I want my comfort drink :0 

*meanwhile, I thought I ruined my brand new bar of Maria Evora spanish sea salt and carob soap as this was the very first thing I grabbed after wetting gracie. it has a rich deep aromatic smell that I love and not perfumey as I dislike perfumey smells. the bar is black in color and big---a big oval-shaped bar (pricey, too ;) the smell of skunk was so intense and the soap a kind of lingering almost sensuous smell, I reacted to try to cut the odor ... but I'm good, no ruination.


I checked in on the news, finally ... and saw an update on the vatican leak and pope's intent for reform. the following comment (first and only) made me laugh, and I needed a laugh this morning ... but what is also interesting is that before waking and seeing that I would be bathing the dog, I had a dream about president obama ... whoa!

Richard 15 minutes ago

I guess the leaks came from him, or his camp, in an effort to promote himself as the guy that is trying to clean up the church. 
I think there are more politics in that church than in DC.

ah, the art of camouflage ... did you know that it was franz marc that created the military camouflage that is so popular today? beautiful artist ... ruined. taken by war in the first year. he was of the BLUERIDERS MOVEMENT ... and where we saw the spring of SPIR ... and SPIRREALISM was then borne from this. 

the art of camouflage is an interesting scepter. early this morning while discerning on my dream I was shown the mark of putin. seems putin is competing with pope and obama. yes, tis true. he is a man of cordiality and a man of thrones. he can't allow pope to rise to the top creating a legacy of peacekeeper, sergeant ... drama teacher ... nor obama with his nuclear iran deal and ...

yes, the egos of man and how they camouflage ... think about it ;) legacies are a very big deal with these types. many die in the name of legacy ... man is stubborn, too, and does not want to admit when he is wrong ... or has misstepped and where and how he has been dishonest.