MacDonald grew up in the Congregational Church, with an atmosphere of Calvinism. But MacDonald never felt comfortable with some aspects of Calvinist doctrine; indeed, legend has it that when the doctrine of predestination was first explained to him, he burst into tears (although assured that he was one of the elect). Later novels, such asRobert Falconer and Lilith, show a distaste for the idea that God's electing love is limited to some and denied to others. wiki

he burst into tears. when you are a believer in Spirit and come face to face with this 'theology' ... you feel it as if it is your very own soul, even where you know you have not been denied. I started with ayn rand this morning moving into cs lewis and it was george macdonald finally catching my eye. lewis once called macdonald "my master" for it was george ... through his writings that brought lewis to a place of restitution and faith in a God of creation. and if you read more on macdonald you will see that his preaching at trinity college on "God's universal love" fell flat ... where he was then brought into having to make money in other ways ... directing him to the use of fantasy to create for the reader a vision of God ... the teachings. interestingly, he was not in agreement with augustine of hippo. he was more in tune with the greek fathers of eastern orthodoxy ... origen and gregory of nyssa, and the like. 

ah, I see the connectedness, and know well the movement, and why I was drawn to use fantasy for the work; also, I had written book one of the OPHELIA TRILOGY: Ophelia in the Beyond before experiencing eastern orthodoxy as a school, a theology or  ... 'church' ... but it was my research for book two that brought me to read constantelos and ... 

anyhow ...


"Dog," corrected Ophelia with an amused smile. "Argus is a dog, not some ferocious creature." Ophelia chuckled softly. "But since you brought up the subject of good and bad, what about you? Are you good, or are you bad?"

"Well, uh ..." began the man with hesitation in his voice. He thought for a moment then said, "I am good---at least I think so. No one has ever actually said that I am good, but I would think that if I am not good, I would not have been chosen for this mission." from Chapter Two The Man and his Mission, Ophelia In the Beyond, Book One

I started to change "with hesitation in his voice" to "with hesitation" but I saw a need for the word "voice" to stand out as instrument for the hesitation. we know Q (a nonhuman character in the story) is speaking, but 'in his voice' creates a vision of something greater than mere hesitation ... much the way gnosis (gnostic appeal) creates a vision greater than mere christianity. in ESSENCE, we pick up where cs lewis left off ... one might say, which will help the reader begin to understand what they think at first is a language deficit, but is really a creating of  ... a proving or bring forth of ... Spiritual Art---our artesian well. 

also, one can see the OZ and alice in wonderland-ish exchange here (are you a good witch or a bad witch?). I was not aware of alice in wonderland while writing book one. it was later when I sent a copy for a self-published book judging that I received my "grade" and the judge from Writer's Digest said the work reminded him of Alice in Wonderland, which he loved. 

allow us to share something on rand:

In ethics, Rand argued for rational and ethical egoism (rational self-interest), as the guiding moral principle. She said the individual should "exist for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself."[113] She referred to egoism as "the virtue of selfishness" in her book of that title,[114] in which she presented her solution to the is-ought problem by describing a meta-ethical theory that based morality in the needs of "man's survival qua man".[115] She condemned ethical altruism as incompatible with the requirements of human life and happiness,[9] and held that the initiation of force was evil and irrational, writing in Atlas Shrugged that "Force and mind are opposites."[116]

Rand's political philosophy emphasized individual rights (including property rights),[117] and she considered laissez-faire capitalism the only moral social system because in her view it was the only system based on the protection of those rights.[4] She opposed statism, which she understood to include theocracyabsolute monarchyNazism,fascismcommunismdemocratic socialism, and dictatorship.[118] Rand believed that natural rights should be enforced by a constitutionally limited government.[119] Although her political views are often classified as conservative or libertarian, she preferred the term "radical for capitalism". She worked with conservatives on political projects, but disagreed with them over issues such as religion and ethics.[120] She denounced libertarianism, which she associated with anarchism.[121] She rejected anarchism as a naïve theory based in subjectivism that could only lead to collectivism in practice.[122]

Rand's aesthetics defined art as a "selective re-creation of reality according to an artist's metaphysical value-judgments." According to Rand, art allows philosophical concepts to be presented in a concrete form that can be easily grasped, thereby fulfilling a need of human consciousness.[123] As a writer, the art form Rand focused on most closely was literature, where she considered romanticism to be the approach that most accurately reflected the existence of human free will.[124] She described her own approach to literature as "romantic realism".[125]

Rand acknowledged Aristotle as her greatest influence[126] and remarked that in the history of philosophy she could only recommend "three A's"—Aristotle, Aquinas, and Ayn Rand.[127] In a 1959 interview with Mike Wallace, when asked where her philosophy came from, she responded, "Out of my own mind, with the sole acknowledgement of a debt to Aristotle, the only philosopher who ever influenced me. I devised the rest of my philosophy myself."[128] However, she also found early inspiration in Friedrich Nietzsche,[129] and scholars have found indications of his influence in early notes from Rand's journals ... wiki

in this one can easily see a religious parallel with infallible doctrine. if a group is of one theology, philosophizing (which we view in these instances as "engineered philosophy" rather than episcopal philosophy or overseeing prelature), it stands within its own self-belief. this may be critique but is not a judgement. it is observation based on extensive writings  ... not bubble wrapped religious sequestering. rand is far more religious than she understood, but her right to ... her right of ____ and for ____ ... is contained within her vision of what is ... or what is right. it has little regard for those not like her. it carries itself wherever it goes and expects itself to exist regardless of what exists outside this. life does not grow on pine cones alone. her seduction would result in terror. why? fierce aptitude. * we will get into this more

I quickly read an essay on post-christianity and the need for healing over judging. we have been expressing the need for healing since SPIR was up and the movement SPIRREALISM out. healing is the manifesto of this movement, but what so many do not understand about that healing is the necessary chastising ... the necessary critique and the necessary cleaning up. an infection cannot slap on a bandaid calling itself HEALING and not do anything about the cleansing. adding on signatures to causes or movements that do not address  the in-house sickness and criminality of mind cannot heal itself let alone those outside itself. bloggers, politicians, essayists thinking they are saying something about this by way of old wineskin preventing the new (the papal governance and recent rah-rah) is NOT seeing/hearing the gurgling and the bubbling and the festering of the infections. like rand, he thinks to put on a wig and dance the jig is going to get people well is in a distorted theology of liability. he preaches narcissist venue. 

a child knows its mother and will not be caught dead following these legions ... for his walk is in the wealth of attrition. that sword is THE WORD spoken in the Writings ... worn soft for pliability not rigidity causing cracks. and one must step out to WITNESS the prosperity of Light.

if no one says anything about the deception, the manipulation ... the whitewashing ... THE CRIMINAL HISTORY ----EVIDENCE OF SIN, falling short of the great need for healing ... if no one uses the Verse as an active cleansing in the Essense of the Spirituality of that Christ that so many claim but detain then what is received is the bastardized liberation of centralism via system ... system according to a bubble made insignificant. pop. all gone .... pricked and removed ... by something far more provocative. now, ask what you want to be its replacement? history will repeat ... so, what is it that you desire? 

adding ... 

in the movie MISS CONGENIALITY, gracie (sandra bullock) is onstage being interviewed on her desire for the world ... if I am remembering her lines correctly, she says something like: tighter gun control laws, stan ... (there is a long very 'loud' silence) and gracie "finally" adds, and world peace. stan, the contestants and the audience give a collective sigh of approval and applaud. 

saying world peace because it's what everyone wants to hear, and reading off of scripts written by people out of touch with the realities of what's really happening in the world and what is needed for peace of any capacity does not come anywhere near the process of cleansing. gracie has it correct, for a start: tighter gun control laws ... and ...
and the list is long, beginning with the corruption in the force(s)---those controlling laws, governance of any form ... including theology itself. if you are a believer in Christ, you are immediately aware in how any theology/philosophy pairs with the Word of God. in the case of george's upset over predestination, what is missing from the understanding of that "elect" is the cleansing process. the process of renewal and where and how this brings one into view: God (God being aware of you). if you are out of sight you are out of mind---the mind of God, and man does not know the mind of God, therefore, he cannot say that day or that hour. and again, where theology misses the mark: God shows no partiality. so, wouldn't it make sense to step out of these "conditions" that deny Spiritual wellbeing that one might realize his need for not only the chastising ... but the deliverance, which comes in the form of cleansing. he does not know what he does not know, and any scientist knows this ... or should.

In the movie, THE MARTIAN, I was impressed with matt damon's ability to pull the metal spike from his abdomen and staple the wound. in real life, the pain and the 'fear' is too often an overwhelming condition and unless instructed, skilled, trained  ... it's not possible to proceed effectively, especially with many other antagonizing parts in play. 

In OUR BRAND IS CRISIS (sandra also), which I just read is being judged as a misfire for Warner Brothers because it has not fulfilled the money expectation ... shows us a similar fall out as the failing to address the corrupt theology of governance. getting the criminal candidate voted in teaches nothing about deliverance. people believe what they are told ... go by the wig wearing image of something they think is new or different, but had they been doing their homework, or had they been instructed in the ability to see the truth from the lies or the misdirection, and the dishonest practices, they would not have voted as they did. so much more could have been done with that movie, but what I was left with and what I still believe is that OUR BRAND IS CRISIS was not meant to be a blockbuster but a statement hinging on something ... you know that subliminal messaging but not so subtle in statement ;) if you know anything about another george ... he is sending a message. if the movie feels like you were dropped off in bolivia and left to fend for yourself ... this is likely the image and the experience they wanted you to engage in. the comedy, not really a comedy (black comedy?) leaves you hungering for a way to get eddie (young idealistic bolivian man) out of his surrounds and into something more fitting his gifts ... which we only see glimpses of, but its enough to understand the depravity of them versus you  ... them versus us ... this verses that ...

and ayn rand doesn't give a damn about them, but she is honest in her proselytizing ... as honest as she can be in her theory bubble, which she chooses in earnest because ... because to believe that mommy and daddy and sister ... brother cannot come to her city of lights, and must stay in an oppressive environment may be too much for her to bear ... tis easier to increase in self rather than loose ... or face the loss or inability to change the rules. 

recall the quote: I must decrease that God might increase ...? but it depends on your understanding of God. if God to a man is an ideology stuck in a monastery type existence, celibate and not desiring apart from the formula fed to him day after day ... how can he be of use to a God in motion? a God impartial ... a God fostering Gift? 

to continue ...
if I was in charge of a very large diocese somewhere where the larger world could not see my dealings and a number of my staff molested/raped ... sexually abused a number of children ... let's say, 85 ... 85 children of all ages, and some repeatedly ... OVER AND OVER AND OVER ... and family and friends came to ME with information about this ... heartbroken, afraid ... sincere and needing help, but also feeling very strongly that these abusers needed to be stopped from continuing the awful crimes ... and let's say, it is 50 members/staff ... 50 molesting, sexually abusing children (not speaking of women abuses just children) ... and I did not believe some of them so I ignored their pleas ... and some I knew were telling the truth, but I did not do anything about the abuse and instead hid the evidence, partly by moving these members/staff to other provinces and even other countries ... although some had already been moved because of complaints to other members of my institution ... and I had never admitted these crimes nor did I address the severity of these crimes and my part in allowing these crimes to continue UNDER MY WATCH---WHILE I WAS IN A POSITION OF AUTHORITY AND CARE OF MEMBERS, would you consider me worthy to be a frontman for peace? justice? HEALING? 

I certainly hope not! and yet, what are we seeing in the world of christianity? what are we seeing on blogs, written in essays and ... religious news articles? has the mind of the majority of these spokespeople turned demented? has their ability to reason faithfully, consciously, compassionately, realistically and rationally been sabotaged? what goes through the minds of people who tout a criminal as a type of savior? a leader for the world of believers in a loving God? he can't even save himself.  so, you see, men and women of these carriages cannot be trusted, and we look at these as not believers but thieves and liars ... dishonest and reckless ... that they should ignore the concerns and promote something errant and criminal ... is NOT of the Christ---not of truth and not even of a safe vocation in a civil and just society. these people should be called out and tried.  we are not talking about a man who messed up on his taxes or a man who got drunk and set fire to his loft not injuring anyone ... or a man who made inappropriate  comments to a woman in his youth or even had a few 'on the side' (adult relations) while pretending to be a faithful servant of celibate standing ... we are talking about children here ... raped children.

has society lost its mind? there is no question they are not in touch with their heart, but have they lost their minds? is this a "new" christian thing: bowing to the abuser of name brand? 

no, thank you, no ... if that is what you call christianity ... let it be removed once and for all, and those christians who have not spoken out due to laziness, ignorance and denial---too bad. you snooze you lose. 

God does not know you people ... God cannot possibly know you while you advocate for evil. Recall it said: I never knew you. away from me you of lawlessness! Do you think God a derelict Spirit? something you can turn off and on like a light switch? really? those of you having supported the regime of dishonesty and abuse will be tried according to your part. yes. and those of you playing it safe to keep your reputations intact will lose those seats. you can count on it. 


ah, no ... unless the judge is demented ... and if this judge cannot determine the right and wrong in this case ... judge should LOSE THAT SEAT ... are you getting the picture, folks?

I am astounded that the women had more children... there is something seriously wrong with our society that five years was enough for being an advocate to the evil that occurred: murder 3X
that woman is no mother and is not mentally stable to raise children ... why? you wonder? no one drowns her 3 children and heals from this sickness through 5 years in a prison. it sounds to me like this woman is in denial. 

how many people are in denial on the abuses of children? how many of religious sequestering are in denial because they still cannot grasp the concept of this crime? 1. it's not possible for HOLY men, Christ's representatives to commit these crimes, so there must be some deception on the part of the accusers 2. oh, that's all over now ... we can get on with our lives 3. the other institutions are worse than us so ... ... ... 4. our institution is God's mouthpiece and cannot be wrong---does not err ... AND WHAT ABOUT THE ABUSES? (no answer). 

ayn rand is a pussycat to the maize of corruption and derelict duty on the part of writers, lay people ... my faith in man is very small. thank God I have greater hope in the wealth of Humanity ... but I may never really see [this] in my lifetime, not in a way that carries the cross as a theme of timelessness. rand, from our vantage point, was hiding inside herself. a woman of immense thought and creativity, but a frightened kid ... hiding behind a starched philosophy, not all hers as she seems to want to believe as there is EVIDENCE of others in the same seek mode oozing out at every twist and turn ... 

now ... think; think ... what do you desire? what would be the better if you wanted to be alive and working, for others, for your family or for yourself: investing your money in healthy fields, free of pesticides and proper handling of crops grown by careful farmers, or a city full of lights dependent on food but not in the least interested in how or where it is grown? 

again, children suffering and dying because of criminals minded parents


the woman is in denial ... and the judge made the right decision