angering egypt who depends on the tourism

egypt can be as angry as they want and maybe this will become a wake-up call to ALL  ... who/what can you trust. we spoke on this in the previous post ... no matter how much an institution, city, nation ... leader, politician or ... tries to make things appear safe ... crime, abuse and terrorist acts under control ... there are people acting on the reality of the situation and previous evidence and events. colleges cannot promise a student won't snap ... does not have hidden agendas ... does not have anger brewing about someone or something and no school, church ... institution anywhere can honestly say things are safe where they have people coming and going that they do not really know. the larger the more public the more concern for these political, sometimes religious, sometimes drug or alcohol related ... mental instability and  ... disasters can and will occur. THEIR BRAND IS CRISIS. know this ... and it is not saying we think any one group, sect, individual is determined to create disaster---commit crimes or abuse ... we are aware of the loose ends and the fact that it's a very large industry in all facets of society and unless you are truly protected ... you are at risk. your children are at risk and your friends are at risk.  look at the travel epidemic ... look at the increase in incidents at colleges and churches ... some do not even involve a bomb or a gun or a knife but a driver ... here, there, everywhere ... so, ask yourself, what is this about?

at risk. a woman gets pregnant in a country where no abortion is permitted. under no circumstances is an abortion permitted. the woman goes into labor ... the doctors, nurses, hospital staff watch her die. this is mental instability, and society weeps over the loss of lives on a plane that was likely targeted, gets angry, even scared ... makes changes in security, but does society weep, get angry and scared, and make changes in the hospital that refuses a life-saving abortion? at risk. a young boy in a poor neighborhood goes into a parish for classes and to work, his parents trust the priest, the staff, the bishop of the institution ... still. why? because no one informed them that this has been a problem. no one showed them the records. no one confessed to the crimes and no one investigated the crimes and no one removed the risk. no change. because the "tourism" is the more important, along with the reputation. and public and private schools are obviously a place for abusers and rapists to find their targets. their victims. at risk. 


what of this in chile?

knowing the abuse has been covered up and molesters/rapists moved ... and the abuse continues ... protecting titles and brand names tells you what? it can happen again, and again and again and it does happen and is happening so ... why are the writers/journalists not SPOTLIGHTING the real story? why are we not reading a more researched article? we are reading the same statistics over and over and somewhere someone or some group is blocking the way to the truth. who/what puts the children at risk ... the women at risk ... you at risk? and you are at risk if you are in a position to do something and you do nothing. people in their desperation ... their anger ... their fear, find you at fault. the landlord at a facility doing drugs and abusing minors ... the organist practicing during the sessions with altar boys ... one didn't leave when the others did ... a neighbor knowing a child lives at a residence but never sees him go to school, or play outside or even sit on the porch. that's strange ... what's up with this? why didn't that boy leave when the others boys left? why is he going with the priest to ... (not to be a meryl streep in DOUBT, but hey ... better safe?) any person not willing to be OPEN about things ... is to be doubted. evasive answers ... no answer. answers that just don't add up ... "for your own safety, fr ___, don't sit in the dorm alone with ___ ... it puts you both at risk." 

at risk. 


was going through my business photo library a few years back when I saw a picture of someone who used to attend the schools in the town where I live. it startled me. what the heck is she doing in here?  every photo in the library is related to OWA and SPIR/SPIRREALISM ... mostly images of art and a few of me and a couple of my dog, which I used in SPIR. it was very strange. the teen was wearing a bright red gown ... and she was smiling---braces on her teeth, pierced ears .. sandals and a long string of off white pearls around her neck. I knew her more when she was younger and attending the elementary school up the street. she was friends with a younger girl who was very close with my youngest. the girls lived in the same apartment complex. I would stop and pick them up on occasion, especially during the winter months and drive them to school. one day, I recall the girl running in the wet snow and ice, no gloves on ... trying to make it to school on time. I stopped and told her to get in and I drove her to the school. it never would have occurred to me then that if something should happen to her and she disappeared, it might come back on me. my youngest was not in the car with me at the time I drove my neighbor, as she was a neighbor at the time, because my daughter was already at school. 

the girl really had no live in "parents". she lived with an older brother or sister or both. her mother I was told was not able to care for her. her father was suffering from agent orange ... another type of fall out. I met him once. she introduced him to me and she was beaming from ear to ear to have him for the day, or part of the day. he died not long after. and so did she ... and is why it was so startling to see her in my photo library wearing that bright red gown, smiling happily. she died on the sports field one hot day while in the middle of a field hockey game. I won't share the details, but I do remember feeling as if there was more to the story that wasn't being told ... all very sad.

why was she in my photo library though? how could she end of there? after she moved out of the apartment complex, I did not know where she went or who she lived with, and did not even see her in the high school. it was as if she had disappeared from my life then---wow! here I am! look at me ... more grown and heading to the prom ... or wherever ... 

but how did she get on my camera .. to be loaded into my library? my WORK library? not entertainment and family events photos but my work gallery? surely there is some unusual circumstance that explains this but what is important to me is that she is saying something, and it is for me to discern and learn what this is. in my field of work and worth there are no coincidences. 

*after posting this, I asked my youngest if she recognized the image---where-what? she says she did not take the photo, but she remembered seeing it from something at school a long time ago. she says it looks like it is from SPIRIT WEEK at the school. 

ah, yes, could very well be ... that explains the gown looking out of date and a bit large for her. but how did it end up in my gallery? she does not know, and I was never at their spirit events inside the school. 


when I was reading the theology of the orthodox church, I read that the church was the hospital ... what happened?


curious how many have tapeworms living inside them ...


and what it sounds like:

religious freedom? abusing religious freedom? 

the truth is, there are people that want to use this type of freedom being given to the muslims to stick it to the christians. I have read this on forums for almost two years now. they do not care about their own religious freedoms being lost (voice) or the freedoms of their children and grandchildren ... they care only about sticking it to the "fundamentalist" christian. you will seldom read more than two or three comments by these same on mainstream articles such as RNS accusing or judging islam's beliefs ad practices in the US but you will find many comments attacking the christians ... and yet, what do we see in the THEOLOGY of islam? what are their beliefs and practices, and what will they be demanding? and are currently receiving? ... it is quite clear what is happening in the government offices and the politics of this day. ah ... well, those with unjust and dishonest intent will be stripped of their rights ... they will lose voice altogether, and they will wish they had not been the feckless hypocrites they are.

personally? I do not want to listen to this prayer 5X or even 1X a day. if my area becomes populated with muslims that demand this loudspeaker calling them to prayer (instead of a headset that alerts them to this) ... I will leave the area (kick the dust from your sandals---yes?) oh, and btw, do employers have to pay their muslim employees while they are at prayer or is this part of their lunch break? be honest now, government, you are being secretive in your dealings ... 

really ... does anyone think this "new" faze will take off? and do the muslims think their step over from the door to door (which should NOT be allowed either as no one preaching should be trespassing, esp with the gun happy folks so amorous these days) ... to the LOUDSPEAKER antics of prowling to recruit for their so incredibly "just" and "nonintrusive" theology ... esp FOR THE FEMALE ... will make it in the US? no ... once the investigations begin in the manner they should have ages ago ... those with improper and insolent intent will high tail it out of this nation. 

so there.

oh, and when the muslims begin there jobs that require them to "accommodate" ss marriages and the like ... will the atheist-leftwing hypocrites speak up? can't hear you? what was that? huh, no answer ...

and this:

man has free access to the female in exchange for being taken care of ... properly in their eyes. in their eyes ... ah, yes. women are vaginas for the men as they need or want it, with kids to add to the stream of the same. no change. hey, and we are not advocating any form of sex here ... far from it ... 

 cannot respect what does not RESPECT ME. all religious with their thorny tails can go back to the bogs as far as we are concerned ;)

now ... getting to ON THIS ROCK ... 

any religionist thinking female is not permitted the portent of the Christ is stuck up on fleshly existence. they are advocating in flesh mindset which is c-a-t-h-o-l-i-c . it holds to the regiments of male dominion.  what then do we mean by on this rock---how are two equated? ONE in Word---SPIRIT. the two made one is not talking about the marriage of man and women in the flesh but male OR female and Spiritual Deliverance ... which comes in and through God, what is God. how does man not get this? how does he reduce female to something less parenting in this? less clarifying and less climaxing? universal is a manmade pattern of secular interests. repeating man's goals and attributes ... his demands and his desires. whatever man says is what man is and does. it is universal to his word(s), if man says, woman must lie at the foot of the bed until I call for her to engage in sex ... this becomes universal practice until someone decides to change it. look at the traditions of mankind. he believes within his mind that these speak only to him about what should be ... based on how he read and interpreted the writings he calls relevant to him and his life choices. at some point a male realized he could mate with a female and wow ... and wow, what's this? a big belly? a baby? did he experience sexual desire in all this? hell yes ... this drove him to sex. I highly doubt there was anything like large breasts or slim thighs that enticed him ... but an inner drive. it became a universal pact. as times changed so did the IMAGEs and the fashions, and soon, it was universal for man to want women looking this way or that way ... but why should this matter? the health of the female should be the more important. and her SPIRITUAL WEALTH and HEALTH are not universal. God as Spirit does not conform to man. lol ... God is Spirit is not every man's whim or desire through the ages. WHO is not really a place in Christ. WHAT is ... What is God ... What is Spirit is One. man ignores that the angels of God are ... and use man just as the angels of evil are ... and use man. there is a realm in the SPIRIT. it is at war! so, no the god of islam is not my God. the god of roman catholicism is not my God. no, thank you. 

on this rock I will build my church is a foundation man cannot see. he cannot see he cannot manipulate he cannot put into law he cannot demand obedience he cannot claim authority he cannot place female under him ... for it is a "pride" of truth. not pride like man's pride of institution or his trophy wife or his pride of principles ... God cannot be redundant or leviticus. it is a pride of interior fierce and catastrophic relevance for movement ... an evoking determinator in light. science can test its strength ---yes! yes, this can be done! when man agrees there is God. God exists. and it will come... man will agree God exists but ... what comes will be an astronomical fall out on what is SPIRIT.